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Final Promo Monday of 2012: Naughty Nights Press

The one and only Naughty Nights Press, as you all know, gave this newbie author her first break. And I'm pleased to say that edits have just been completed on The Wolf in the Neighborhood, it has a cover, and now we're just waiting for final approval, so very exciting news! Anyway, here is a bit about this awesome publishing company that is rapidly taking the online book world by storm, and is taking many of us authors with for an exciting ride!

Pushing The Naughty Limits And Taking Our Readers To A New Level Of Eroticism! We don't promise to be good. In fact, we guarantee we will be naughty and it's gonna be great!
NNP is a small, independently owned, ePublisher of just over a year. As we continue to grow, adding more eBooks from our wonderfully talented authors each month, we are attempting to serve you, the readers, in the ways more important to you. 

Although we would not be able to respond to each and every email, we do appreciate feedback from our readers and we do take any/all comments and/or recommendations into consideration. If you would like to let us know how we are doing, or where you feel we could improve, please feel free to send us an email at feedback at naughtynightspress dot com

Naughty Nights Press's blog and site user friendly, and the authors are all friendly. So if you're a reader or an author looking for somewhere new, then head on over to the NNP blog and site and take a look for yourself. NNP books are available at all the usual spots, but the site also sells them directly. The great thing about that? No middle man, so the author gets more of THEIR hard earned money. So what are you waiting for? Go on, check them out!

And stay tuned for more promo in the new year.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

For Christmas Eve, I bring to you Secret Cravings Publishing; the publisher for whom I proof-read for. I've had a great experience with them so far, and a company I would recommend. Stay tuned next week for the publisher that I hold in great trust, and are very dear to me, Naughty Nights Press. It is with this team that I will see out the year 2012!

Secret Cravings Publishing; where your cravings are free to find what satisfies them with some of the hottest selling authors in romance today.
Secret Cravings Publishing opened it's doors in January 2011 and is owned by erotic romance author Sandy Sullivan who has written for several publishing houses herself including Siren-Bookstrand, The Whiskey Creek Press and The Wild Rose Press. After getting tired of being treated like she didn't matter as an author, she decided to open her own publishing house and give authors a place where their input into their own work is an essential part of how they do business. They now are the home of over 75 authors and have already published almost 300 ebooks and prints to date with more quality books being released five days a week.Secret Cravings Publishing strives to give every author the chance for their work to shine with some of the best editors and proofreaders in the business. Each and every one takes pride in helping the author mold their story into the best fiction piece on the market today.Their brand new monthly ebook club, The Cravings Club is growing rapidly so check it out and see what's new at Secret Cravings Publishing this week.

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Hump Day Hook: Leader of The Pack

Once again I bring you a snippet from Leader of The Pack, book three of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy. If you want to check out other Hump Day Hooks, head on over to, it's well worth it!!

Looking at him with concern, she surprised him with her question. “You haven’t been sleeping well, have you?”
“How did you know?” he asked with a slight frown on his face. He sat back, allowing Krissy to face him and prop herself up on her elbow.
“Come on, Derek, this is me we’re talking about. The past few mornings you have been awake early with heavy eyes and withdrawn. It takes you a while to get close to your usual self. Crawford re-entering your life has thrown you out of balance more than you’re willing to tell me about.” Krissy sat up properly, legs crossed. “You try to hide your thoughts but every now and then I catch a stray one and I know you don’t want to worry me but I’d rather you tell me that this is bothering you as much as it is. That is why I brought you out here. No distractions, with only me for company so you don’t have anyone asking questions or trying to make you decide one way or the other. It isn’t a light decision to enter in to but you shouldn’t be left to yourself. I told you on the drive up here that if you need to talk then talk!” She leaned forward and cupped his cheek with her hand. “I am here to help you decide. You don’t have to do this by yourself.”

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Release Day for J. S. Morbius, Top of the Class!

 And what an ass! On the cover, that is. Shane Willis does it again, providing a brilliant cover for what promises to be another tantalising release... er... book from J. S. Morbius. Naughty Nights Press is proud to present another saucy Naughty Hot Shot!

Have you ever had a teacher so hot you just couldn’t concentrate on the work? Were you in need of some “special” after-class instruction and discipline, perhaps?

Julian’s grades used to be at the top of the class in Psychology, but the new lecturer was the most distracting teacher he had ever encountered. Instead of concentrating on his studies, Julian spent his time in her class dreaming of all the things he wished he could do with her.
Ms. Hamilton also knew why Julian’s work had slumped, and keeping him back after class she dished out her special brand of punishment designed to teach him more then just a Psychology lesson.
Only, Ms. Hamilton was hiding a secret; a secret she knew she had to reveal. She just didn’t have a clue how Julian would react.

What is Ms. Hamilton’s secret? Will Julian’s grades improve? Find out, as Julian begins a journey that reveals as much about him, as it does the beautiful, yet mysterious, Ms. Hamilton.

Oh this does sound delicious. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy now! And don't forget to stop by The Crypt to see what else J. S. Morbius is up to!
And how about you readers? Do you have any university lecturer crushes to share? Or even just a hottie teacher in high school? The Naughty Pages are here for all your naughty little secrets... ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hump Day Hook: Leader of The Pack, Book 3 of Wolf Smitten

His breath sounded harsh to his ears as wind whipped past his face, feeling different somehow. There was less of a stinging chill to it except where it hit his eyes provoking tears. Trees blurred as he ran past and he almost tripped over a large rock he didn’t see until he was right on top of it. Screams around him in the woods frightened him and his heart pounded. A growl emanated from his lips, rumbling through his chest, agitating and angering him. The confusion won over and he whimpered, glancing around wildly as he tried to gain his bearings.

What had happened? he thought to himself. All he remembered was music, the roaring fire and joking with his school buddies. A sharp pinch in the back of his arm had him spinning around and he had come face to face with a familiar looking face. He couldn’t remember the young man’s name, but he knew him from somewhere. Before he could think on it more, screams and animalistic snarls erupted around him. Flashes of fur out of the corner of his eye made him turn to the left, ducking just in time as a strange creature leapt for him. He ducked in time but as he crouched, something odd came over him. Fur sprouted on his arms and his face suddenly felt as though someone was pulling his jaw and nose, stretching them. He stood up, turning in circles as he tried to make sense of the rushing bodies, catching glimpses of other hairy humanoid creatures.

Hump Day Hook Participants

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Promo Monday with Gemma Parkes and her Christmas Delights

Today, on the second last author Promo Monday for the year, I'm pleased to welcome back Gemma Parkes, this time to talk about her own Christmas anthology, Christmas Delights!

Thank you for having me over today!

I want to tell you about my new release ‘Christmas Delights’. As you know, l love to write Erotica and as Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it seemed a perfect opportunity to combine the two!

I have written five short stories with Christmas as a theme guaranteed to warm up the coldest of winter nights:


Christmas is a time for giving. One of the most important things we can give is love, how we express that love is up to us. In this anthology, Christmas is expressed through erotic journeys of lust and discovery, making it a very special time of the year for all the characters within. Lie back and enjoy these five erotic tales of Christmas written from the naughty pen of Gemma Parkes: 

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear lingerie that really made you feel beautiful? Danielle is reluctant until she feels super sexy in her present from Michael. A story bound to warm even the most reluctant of lovers.
  • A Christmas shopping expedition to England’s capitol city ends up with a visit to a live sex show. An erotic author and her boyfriend are about to view the action from very close quarters. Will it be everything they expected, or more?
  • Leanne is bored with the commercialism Christmas invariably brings. Will new employee Mike encourage her to get into the spirit of things by allowing him to spend the season with her?
  • Adventurous couple Clare and Jake have wonderful imaginations that run riot around this time of year. Even the dullest of Christmas decorations can become erotic in the extreme. What else do they have hidden away in their ‘Naughty Box’?
  • Penny is listening to Christmas Carol singers outside her window, when Jack arrives to spend the night. A lazy preparation of finger food won’t be enough to satisfy either of these passionate lovers.


Penny sat beside the fire and muted the sound from the TV. She could just make out the faint voices singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’.

Jack would be calling round at 6pm. She could hardly wait and closed her eyes to think delicious thoughts about what the evening might entail.

Penny had prepared a meal of sorts, finger food her mother would call it whilst her best friend Zoe called it ‘lazy’. There were chicken wings, spicy and plain, sausage rolls and three different quiches, some breadsticks and dips and a few other nibbles, crisps mainly.

Anyway Penny didn’t want to spend the evening eating, it had been a difficult week at work and her stress levels were higher than usual. She was planning on an evening of unbridled passion and had prepared the bedroom accordingly with warm red sheets and scented Ylang Ylang candles waiting patiently to be lit. All there was left to do was immerse herself in a deep bath of softening, sensuous bubbles that would guarantee velvety skin just begging to be stroked.

At 6pm Jack arrived wearing a huge grin and holding out a bottle of chilled chardonnay.

He gathered her into his arms almost immediately, placing the bottle down on the nearest surface so that his hands were free to roam over Penny’s warm body through the silken robe she was wearing. Her curves yielded to his touch as his mouth found hers covering it with his full, soft lips and drawing from her a low groan when he eased his tongue inside her receptive mouth.

“I’ve waited all day for your body.” Jack muttered against her lips as he started to ease the robe from one of her silken shoulders.

“Good.” Penny murmured in response and her fingers set about undoing the buttons on his pale blue shirt.

They backed up into the room, their lips still searching and nibbling, Penny’s robe was left behind them in a pool on the floor as Jack’s hands explored every soft inch of her body with wide palms, stroking and squeezing her sensitized flesh.

Jack turned Penny around in one movement and bent her forward with her hands against the wall as he loosened his trousers, pulling them down to his knees along with his under shorts.

“I love your ass,” he breathed, “God I love your ass.”

Buy Links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Author Biography.

Gemma Parkes is a freelance writer from the UK who specializes mainly in Erotic fiction. Her writing covers a variety of sexual genres.

Previous publication credits:
Anthology inclusions:

Train Whore - Girl fever – Cleis Press
Access all Areas –Back Door Lover – Ravenous Romance
Cassandra – A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve – Naughty Nights Press
Scarlet – Behind Stone Walls – Yellow Silk Dreams

Pleasing Mia – Rebel Ink Press

Plus many self published titles, including:
Making Waves
Park ‘n Ride
Submit to Me… and many more.
You can contact Gemma by visiting her blog, following her on Facebook or Twitter:!/parkes.gemma

Have a wonderful December everyone and a hot, hot Christmas!

It shall certainly be with this read!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review of Kim Faulks’ Emergence. Book 4 in The Fire and Ice Series

For the first time in quite some time, I'm finally doing a review again. Don't expect too many, as I don't have much time these days with everything going on, but from time to time, The Phoenix will once again post a review. Today, I'm thrilled to have reviewed Emergence, the fourth instalment in Kim Faulks' Fire and Ice series. So, if you will... 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]
Natalie Sommers is left to die in a filthy alley in the middle of nowhere.

Her body broken.

Her soul gone.

Her captor Kaige had one last parting gift for Natalie, the taste of Vampire blood in her mouth.

Natalie survives, and as the Vampire blood takes hold chaining her to Kaige for her immortal life something else happens.

Something that no one could have ever thought possible.

With the fire of her lover Malik in her heart, and the Ancient power of Makkah in her veins Natalie leaves humanity far behind and becomes not just a danger to others, but a danger to herself.

Can Natalie find a way back to her humanity? Can she find a way back to love?

Emergence is the next heart pounding chapter of The Fire and Ice Series by Kim Faulks

Kim wasted no time getting straight to the action in Emergence, with Malik and Alexander hunting for Natalie, trying to catch up to her. When they do find her in an abandoned church, she is not the Natalie they remember; she is crazed, and powerful, violent and wild. Chills rush down my spine just thinking about the opening scene. For those who have read the first three, it’s a haunting image that will jump out at you, but you won’t be able to stop reading. And frankly, who would want to stop?
It’s nice to also get a look in to Grayson, who returns from Reclaimed, though he does cross Natalie’s thoughts in Seductive Sands.  He’s a strong character filled with complexities, and it’s great to see a bit of their history.
Although I did spot a couple mistakes, the published copies don’t have major errors and considering it’s self-published, I take my hat off to Kim to have so few.  What little errors there were did not detract from the story, and I found myself reaching the end way too quickly, because I became so absorbed in the plot and characters. 
Once again, Ms Faulks delivers, never failing to surprise and astound a reader and hook them in.  And to leave a snippet of her Hells Angels series, one of which I’ve read, is just a tease, but utterly wonderful. Now comes the eager wait for the next installment.  I am impatient to find out what happens when Vampire Mistress and Vampire meet once more…

You can buy your own copy of Emergence here.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Special Friday Post: Promo and Public Safety

For a special post today, I want to take a different road, so to speak. Craig Hodge was an officer in Victoria for twenty years, investigating fatal road accidents. He's recently released his own book, Road Kill, which talks about his experiences investigating these accidents, and is something that everyone should be aware of. Please, consider your travel plans, make sure you stay safe on the roads, and never take a risk. 

"It has been the best part of 12 years since I investigated a fatal accident and dealt with grieving relatives. It has taken me 12 years to have the strength to write about it, to put pen to paper and record what has caused me so much grief and anguish."
So writes Craig Hodge, one of Victoria Police's leading investigators of fatal road accidents. A police officer for 20 years, eight of which he spent with the Accident Investigation Section (now the Major Collision Investigation Unit), Hodge attended the horrific scenes of more than 350 accidents that resulted in deaths and serious injuries. In Road Kill, Hodge recounts harrowing investigations and details the processes involved in finding out the causes of such tragedies, which often led to prosecutions. His story is a cautionary tale in which responsible driving messages loom large.
Road Kill also provides a poignant account of the emotional and psychological impact such carnage has on all involved, not least of all on investigators like Hodge, who struggled at times to find a balance between being sensitive to victims and their families, while also trying to remain emotionally detached for his own sanity and wellbeing.

About Craig Hodge
Craig Hodge is a 47-year-old divorced father of three living in suburban Melbourne. He was a member of Victoria Police from January 1980 until he resigned due to ill health in January 2000. He was an integral part of the Accident Investigation Section from 1990-96 and 1998-2000.
Road Kill is his first book.

Buy Road Kill here.

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Hump Day Hook: Persephone

So those who follow me know that Persephone is the story I was working on for NaNo. I've talked about her, but I haven't yet given anyone on here a glimpse of her. So now, I'm here to do such a thing. She's been a WIP for only a short time, but both her, and her true love Adrian, have grabbed my heart. I hope they grab yours, too...

Do not have artist's permission, but this is
the picture that inspired Persephone.

By the time he returned to Adiron, Adrian’s horrible gut feeling had all his nerves wracked to snapping point, but he still couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was bothering him. He was unsettled, and decided not to push it. He’d back a bag with the excuse of going hunting for a few days. It wasn’t out of character for him, so he didn’t think he’d raise suspicion.
He paused in his room for long enough to jot down a note for Persephone, should anything happen. Adrian had already told her to head for the ocean but he wanted to explain some things further, and this feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach told him that he needed to write this letter.
With clothes packed, some food supplies and the dresses his mother had purchased for his bride to be on his behalf, Adrian loaded Gypsy’s saddle bags, tacked her up and mounted. He couldn’t wait until tonight to leave, and was regretting telling Persephone to go home. He’d packed the dresses because he didn’t intend to give her time to pack her own clothes. There was no time to wait, they had to go.
Mounting the grey Hanoverian, he nudged her forward, pausing to look around Adiron one last time before riding in to the forest towards Mythosandria at a canter.
It was only a few minutes later that he heard the shouting. Reining Gypsy in, he listened for the direction of the sound. He didn’t get time to pinpoint it, however, as Persephone came in to view, only a few steps ahead of an angry mob. Kicking Gypsy to a gallop, he quickly closed the distance and he pulled her up behind him. Before they could escape, the crowd began to surround them.
“I think I’m missing something,” he whispered to Persephone.
She was panting, trying to catch her breath but managed to reply. “They think I’m under some sort of spell.”
He tried to turn enough to look at her, and she took the hint to explain further.
“Malechai. He convinced them that the man who interrupted… you know, he convinced them that Daniel was a dark magician, perverting girls with his magick and that I was one of his victims. They”, she nodded towards the villagers pressing around them, “have instructions to bring me back alive, but they won’t be easy about it and will probably try to hurt you to do so.”
Gypsy whickered uneasily, side stepping and turning as she tried to find a way out. Adrian patted her neck, trying unsuccessfully to settle the mare. He scanned the mob, seeing no openings and so decided to try to forge his own path. As he approached a small group of people, a rock was thrown from the back of the crowd. He ducked and it sailed harmlessly over him. The next rock struck Persephone hard on the temple, and she was knocked off the horse. Adrian swung down to her side while Gypsy stood over them protectively. He held Persephone in his arms as blood gushed profusely from the wound on her head. The lucky shot that was surely aimed at him would have devastating results.
As her life blood drained from her, he knew it was time to reveal the truth to her, and if this crowd of people knew it too, then so be it. He didn’t care about rules anymore. Adrian lent down and kissed her near the wound, a long kiss that would give her everything she needed. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to tell you,” he whispered. “And I’m sorry that it’s going to be like this, but I won’t let you die.” As a tear ran down his cheek, he kissed her lips one last time.

For other blogs participating in Hump Day Hook, check out Kerrianne Coombes' blog! And don't forget to leave some love!

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Promo Monday with Delena Silverfox's [Of] Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune

Firstly, I must apologise for this being so late. It was a particularly hot day here on the Gold Coast, and I was also quite distracted with study. But here we are, just before I go curl up in to bed in front of a blasting fan, I welcome Delena Silverfox with her release Of Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune!

She was the spoiled only child of a wealthy country lord, with a reputation as "used goods." 

After rumors of her running wild at night with a commoner in taverns, Anya is drugged and forced to wed the Duke of Eodel, the wealthiest and most powerful Lord in the kingdom. When he strips her naked and whips her through the streets of Eodel for the marriage procession, she is humiliated. After weeks in his dungeons, her defiance is exhausted and she despairs at her fate. Once she is delivered to her nuptial suites and locked inside, Anya comes face to face with the darker side of her new husband.

He is a cynic and a sadist.

More than his reputation was on the line when the Duke of Eodel wed the lowly Earl of Allimor's strumpet daughter: untold wealth was his for the taking. All it would cost him would be to wed a wild, spoiled brat in the habit of throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way. In his cruel instruction he finds the pleasure he always derived from a woman's pain as she slowly broke beneath his ministrations, but with Anya he finds something troubling. As she goes deeper into her own surrender, her beauty and passion move him...

She glared at him with skepticism. He merely raised a fine, arched brow at her to make her do as he asked. With that same feathered touch he'd used to handle the parchment, he placed sweetness on her tongue. Anya tried to close her mouth but his finger was still there. She felt awkward standing there with her mouth open. Her cheeks began to burn. Yet he held still and she could not close her mouth.
         The flavor of the sweetness melted on her tongue. Her mouth began to water and she conclusively swallowed, closing her lips around his finger. He left it there a moment, and then inched his finger further into her mouth. As slowly as he had pushed into her mouth, he drew out his finger. The intimacy didn't stop there when he traced his moistened finger along her lips and down her chin.
         The sensation was new and strange. Stranger still, she found that small gesture had left her breathing in small pants. Down there, that place between her legs, throbbed for long seconds.
         'It's called chocolate', he said, shattering the heavy silence. He offered her another. 'Hurry', he whispered, 'before it melts.' He brought the chocolate closer and she opened her mouth lest he smear it on her lips. The thought made her throb hard, once between her legs. This time when her lips closed around his finger, he lingered in her mouth. Only very slowly did he draw out his finger, then pushed it back between her lips once more. The sudden gesture made her swallow in reflex, causing suction, and she heard him choke on a gasp. 'Marriage does not have to be so droll,' he told her, cupping her face. She trembled. He smiled. 'And the dram of distilled occa weed in your chocolate will assure you come to the altar placid as a lamb in spring.'

I'm 33, and I live in Indiana with my toddler, fiance, and a quirky orphan kitten I adopted who is still quite nameless at the moment. I moved here recently after twelve years in Portland, OR. It's where I learned about freedom, sexual expression, and the kink community. All my life I'd secretly wondered if I was just a freak, but it turns out I was just a long lost kinkster looking for my people!
I started writing some of my fantasies and other erotic stories online, and after a lot of encouragement and positive feedback, finally got the guts to shop my stories. Naughty Nights Press picked me up, and I've been having so much fun there! I was raised with a bit of literary snobbery --if it wasn't Poe, Shakespeare, or something else printed before 1900 I wasn't allowed to read it-- so romance was scandalous trash that would've made my mom faint, and then run for the rosary and a priest after she woke back up. 
Currently, I'm working on the full-length sequel to Of Hallowed Fiends, as well as a new trilogy.

Where to find Delena and her Hallowed Fiends:

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Release day for Kathleen Grieve and The Doctor's Deception

For a special post, I'm pleased to welcome the lovely Kathleen Grieve to The Naughty Pages with her new release, The Doctor's Deception.

A visit with heart surgeon, Dr. Stone Lassiter, a character from The Doctor’s Deception. 

Christ!  What’s happening to me?  I feel as though I’ve lost focus on what matters most in life.  Has that ever happened to you?  And all because of a tall, cool green-eyed blond nurse, Faith Daniels.  Whenever she’s around, I can’t help but annoy her in a way that ends up with her pursing those sexy, plump lips in a way that gets my dick instantly hard.  If we get into a good old fashioned verbal sparring, her emerald eyes flash and her generous breasts heave with her exasperation.  Yes, I find myself fantasizing.  I can’t help myself.  I may be a doctor, but I’m a man who does have a healthy appreciation of the female anatomy—especially Faith’s.  Oh, yeah, hers is something special.
But here lies my problem.  The nurses think I’m an ass.  And maybe I have been—whatever…but that’s beside the point.  Faith is the only one I can turn to for help.  The other nurses will listen to her.  She wasn’t crowned  Nurse of the Year for nothing.  Desperate, I’ve told a little white lie I’m not proud of.  A little stretch of the truth that is currently sitting like a weight on my mind all day long.  Now I need to get myself out of this mess.  Seriously.  I need to either find a time machine to take me back to before I let my dick run my mouth, or I need to find something else—something that negates all of this crap I am currently in.  Stat! 
Have you ever deceived anyone because you had good intentions?  If you have, what happened?  I’d love to hear what happened.   Jesus, I’d love to hear that I am not alone in my stupidity.  Is there hope for me and Faith? Or have I screwed the pooch?   
I’m Doctor Stone Lassiter, and, well, this is my story, The Doctor’s Deception….
The Doctor’s Deception Available now from Evernight Publishing 
Hard-headed, straight-laced Dr Stone Lassiter is one heart surgeon about to lose everything he’s worked his entire career for.  He is locked in a battle of wills against the nurses of the surgical intensive care unit of Deerborne County General.  At first, the new doctor was definitely drool-worthy.  Sexy or not, the nurses have had enough!  Their secret weapon? Unsuspecting SICU nurse, Faith Daniels, a cool green-eye blonde that turns Dr. Lassiter’s head every time she’s near.   Poor Faith has the “worst luck” in drawing the short straw and is forced to work with Dr. Lassiter repeatedly. Will the nurses’ plan to have Dr. Lassiter fall in love with one of their own work in softening him toward the nursing staff? Or will the little white lie Stone tells Faith to enlist her aid to obtain his goal destroy the fragile bond of love that has developed between them?

Teaser Excerpt:
Faith moaned and woke to the constant chiming of her doorbell and pounding on the front door.  The wonderful, erotic dream of Stone painting her with melted chocolate burst. 
She lifted her head and glanced at her clock. 7:00a.m. Groaning, she pulled the covers over her head and rolled onto her stomach, trying to recapture her fantasy.  Maybe whoever it was would go away if she ignored them.
Ding-dong… Ding-dong… Ding-dong…
“Oh, give it a rest already!” she yelled, climbing out of bed.  The cool morning air hit her bare legs and arms, and she shivered.
She reached the front door and yanked it open. 
Stone Lassiter stood on her step, hand in air, ready to pound the unrelenting wood again. 
Staring, her fogged brain tried to wake up.  Hadn’t he just been in her room? 
No, that wasn’t real you nit-wit!   
You!  What’s the big idea?  Do you realize how early it is?  It’s my day off!” 
Not to mention, I was in the middle of the best dream of my life.

Thank you for stopping by and meeting Dr. Lassiter.  A random name will be drawn from a hat from all who comment for your chance to win your free e-book copy of The Doctor’s Deception! Please make sure there is a valid email address! Good Luck!

My links:
Twitter: @KathleenGrieve

About Kathleen Grieve

Full time nurse, amateur cake baker, writer, and zombie obsessed, Kathleen draws a lot from the real-life medical drama she experiences as a RN for her novels. Writing romance is a creative outlet where she can effectively deal with the daily stress and sorrow, adding levity and humor to situations that provide a happily ever after when there isn't one.

Well how can you resist that? Leave a comment, and you could be the winner of this latest release from Kathleen Grieve!

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Promo Monday with Xavier Harrington

This Monday, I'm welcoming Xavier Harrington to The Naughty Pages. He's here with a story of his, History Made Interesting. I've had a read and I must say, it certainly would be an interesting History class! Have a read of what is here, but you'll have to visit his blog to read the rest... 

Every college student knows that history classes can be rather boring, unless you’re a history fanatic.  I must taken a good two or three classes in my time in college, all taught by the same boring professors who just read the book without any sort of creativity.
I had to take “Interpreting the Constitution” with a professor Gina Matthews; a younger history intern, but she made the class interesting.  It wasn’t quite what she said or how she taught that caught my eye, it was how fucking gorgeous she was!  The funny part is that you don’t expect history professors to be in any way attractive; they’re either middle-aged men, or these older ladies who probably lived through most of what their teaching.
What was even more amusing was that this intern must either have a knack for The Constitution, or most just end up fixated on her gorgeous body.  Psychology would say that the more attractive someone or something is, the more you’re likely to pay attention to it.  We were lucky: Not only was she gorgeous, but she also engaged the class.
Like any good student, I asked questions when I was confused (which happened often), and met with her during office hours when I needed to bring a topic up.  I’ll tell you, when I met with her during office hours, it was damn-hard to keep the conversation on class.  After five or six weeks of classes, I had been visiting her during office hours, that we’d nearly formed a great student/teacher relationship – god knows that I would have loved for that relationship to escalate further, such as my cock in her pussy!  One could argue that students and professors aren’t supposed to have intimate relationships, or even anything beyond the classroom, but she’d declared that she was an intern.  Open season in my book!
Luckily, I was able to check her out during class while paying attention to her lectures.  She usually came in dressing professionally, although her t-shirts were high-cut where you could see some skin, but not overly slutty.  She was 32 years old and living in the area; about 5’7, medium build, curly blonde hair and what looked like 34Bs.  I was able to maintain a high C+ in her class by studying my ass off and going to see her for extra help, but I also needed to hook up with this one; she never wore a ring and she never spoke of a boyfriend in some our chats, but there are days I got the sense that she noticed my eyes on her.  I hadn’t really thought about it, but I was in her office at least once a week going over material – especially when tests were coming up.  Either other students were copacetic with the information, or they just didn’t give a shit either way; at least 3 of our office visits went beyond the normal course of office hours, and neither of us cared.  A fly on the wall would suspect that there was something going on between us, but as far as we were concerned, she was helping me with test material and I was fantasizing about fucking the shit out of her.
Around six weeks until the end of semester, I had been checking my school email and I’d gotten an email from a “” with the subject “are you available later?”.  I opened it and read the following email:
I’m sure you know this by looking at the email address, but this is Gina Matthews from the ‘Constitution class’.  I would like to meet with you at some point before the end of semester.  I’ve got something I want to chat with you about and it’s not related to class.  Talk to you soon.
Once I got the call, I looked up her office number on the college directory and gave it a call.  It wasn’t the usual day for a class to meet, so I was taking a chance that she wouldn’t be in her office.
“Professor Matthews”
“Hi, it’s Mike, from class” I responded with enthusiasm.  It was fortunate that I was the only ‘Mike’ in class.
“Hi Mike”, it was met with some silence, “what’s up?”
“I’m responding to your email from this morning.” I think she was surprised that I replied by phone instead of email.
“Ahh, okay good.  Are you free today, to meet up?”  Her voice sounded rather insistent.
“I can do that, where and what time?”
“My last class gets out at five, then I have office hours until six.  How about six’ish, just swing by my office.”

“I can do that.  Is there a problem – you sound very anxious about something?”
“It’s just been a long day, and I didn’t expect you to respond by phone.”
We ended the call by confirming the time and location and hung-up.
Around six-o-clock
The door to her office was shut, so I knocked.  The door opens and she whispers “I should be done in a few minutes.  Wander around and I’ll leave the door ajar once we’re done.”
I shot a thumbs-up and walked away.  When she spoke those words, I caught a quick glimpse down her shirt – a nice lacy bra.  To say I fantasized about what was under those lacy bras is an understatement.
As I watched her door from a distance, nobody appeared to come out.  I looked at my watch: 6:35.  I was getting a little worried that whatever she wanted to meet me about wasn’t going to happen; most professors (unless they have late classes) don’t stay much later than they need to.
Ten minutes after thinking about it, her door opens and out walks her student.  He looks over his shoulder and motions that I should head in.
I knocked on the door and is met with “Mike, come on in!”


Here you will find a hot collection of erotica that combines depth of character, hot sex, and situations that one would not normally expect!
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Blog Tour with DeeLicious, Derek and Maks Inked Heart

Author: DeeLicious - Derek and Maks – Inked Heat Series Book One

Author's Bio:

An avid reader of paranormal and erotic romances since college, she has always dreamed of becoming an author. Joining a role play group gave her the window to write that she’d been looking for and the final push she needed to sit down and write her first short story.


What happens when your single, forty-something mom brings home her new boy toy and it’s the hot stud that gave you your first tattoo; the one you’ve been fantasizing about for the last few weeks since turning 18? Will Bianca finally have sex with a real man and not some clumsy high school boy? What will she do when presented with not one, but two, hot muscular men who co-own the tattoo parlor? Turn the pages to find out.

Excerpt one:

It was Friday night and it was official; her life as she knew it was
over. Caput! Fini! Bianca Lucas sighed as she fidgeted in her seat at the dining room table. Her mother Jane, or Jade as she’d officially changed it to, stood there introducing her new boy toy, Derek. Derek was the tattooed 30-something dream god who’d inked her first tattoo, a sunburst on her left ankle, a little over six weeks ago when she turned 18. She’d been fantasizing about the hot hunk, ever since. Bianca tried to sit there keeping her composure, but from her seated position if she turned her head to look at Derek, she’d be eye level with the serious bulge at his groin since he was still standing behind the chair next to hers and had not yet taken his seat. How could she possibly maintain her demeanour if she was forced to look at that mouth-watering package? Would her mother just get on with the introductions and tell the walking sex god to sit...PLEASE!

Excerpt Two:

Derek scrubbed his hands down over his face and spoke with a lethal tone to his voice. “You know cuz, I think the lovely Ms. Bianca deserves much more than a fuck on this bench for her first time. Let’s move her to the couch in the office.” Suddenly she was lifted in Maks’ arms, his face loomed over hers as he bent his head, his lips capturing hers with a groan, and her arms wrapping around his sturdy neck. Her back met supple buttery leather in just seconds as Maks deposited her on the couch in the office they were in earlier. In seconds Maks’ mouth devoured her own, his tongue delving past her lips to twirl  sensually with hers. She knew it was Derek’s full masculine lips that suddenly ravaged her bared pussy, his blond head pushing between her spread thighs. His tongue was wicked as it probed her gate and sucked on her clit.



Where to buy:




Barnes and Noble

Now don't forget, this is a blog tour, so it will be running for a few more days on other blogs! It kicks off here today, then travels to a few others.

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Special Release Day Promo

Master Sweet’s discipline leaves Natasha feeling enlightened. But old habits die hard, and she soon doubts everything about Submission Therapy. And that’s when the real test begins.

Bitches, Bastards and Bad, Bad Behavior

Whether it’s in books or in movies, so often the characters we remember are the ones we love to hate. They also seem to be a lot of fun for actors to play. And they’re certainly a whole helluva lot of fun to write.

The James Bond franchise has been a goldmine in this regard. Bond himself, though usually played in a sexy way by a sexy man, is really more your “solid and dependable” kind of womanising alcohol-abusing cold-blooded killer. But his arch-enemies show far less restraint. And this is what makes them memorable. The Batman franchise is another which pushes these same two extremes at us. The good guys aren’t all that good, but at least they keep their emotions in check!
With “Submission Therapy”, Katie and I crafted a character who, let’s face it, you would probably run a mile to avoid. Natasha Blakely, billionaire CEO, is a slave to her work and addicted to stress. To her, every person around her is either a stepping-stone or a roadblock.
Or, as one reviewer said:

“...she is mean mouthed, arrogant, full of her own importance and very


This comes from a very positive review (4-stars out of 5), and it was very pleasing to read that comment. This is exactly how we designed Natasha to be. In order for her to make a personal journey through this series, we needed to put her all the way over there, where the bad folk are.
She’s not a bad person, but she is certainly badly-behaved. And a lot of her behavior comes from the same source as Tiger Woods’s. She behaves badly because she can. Because nobody has convinced her she needs to stop. No-one has stood up to her. That is, until we introduced her to Master Sweet. He acts as the antidote to all Natasha’s poison. He’s the strength that she’s never felt. His will is law when they’re in session, and he gives to and takes from Natasha exactly what’s needed.
And now with the second book in the series, “Occupational Therapy”, we see Natasha flailing against all the power Master Sweet wields. In the tradition of the most hammed- up movie villains, when she gets scared she gets loud and desperate. But she has her reasons, and readers will learn quite a bit more about her in this story.
And of course, Master Sweet knows how to deal with that kind of behavior!

Natasha’s experience at the hands of Master Sweet has left her both drained and enlightened. Wanting nothing more than to curl up against him for as long as she can, she is dismayed when he sends her home to dwell on all she’s learned.
But being a creature of habit, Natasha’s stubborn and rebellious nature leads her back into her old patterns, threatening to undo all her progress. When her symptoms return in full force, she begins to doubt not only the effectiveness of Submission Therapy, but also the motivations of her Master.
Learning of her disobedience, Master Sweet brings forward Natasha’s next session. But recognizing her behavior for what it is - a cry for attention - leads Him to change His approach dramatically. If Natasha thought her first lesson was hard...she’s in for a real eye-opener.
Does the embattled billionaire have the internal strength to earn back her Master’s trust? And how will she handle it when his intentions suddenly become even more serious?


I heard her walking away for a moment. When Chloe returned she pushed my feet wide apart. She clamped something around my right ankle, then my left. I risked a glance down between my legs and was surprised to see padded cuffs connected to a three-foot steel bar. I shivered as Chloe secured the rope to an eyelet in the center of the bar.
No matter how much I tried to squeeze, I couldn’t bring my knees together. My most tender parts were not just on display; they were completely vulnerable. If it was Master back there I didn’t think I’d mind at all. But of course, it wasn’t.
“Raise your face. Look at me,” Master commanded.
He sat on the edge of the bed, His crotch swollen so much that it was impossible to focus on anything else. It was right there, only inches from my face...but completely inaccessible to me.
“You like what you see.” He mocked me with His taunting tone.
Hell, yeah, I did. I flicked my eyes up to catch His for a second. He held my gaze with those penetrating blue eyes, but reached His hand out towards Chloe, who scurried over to take it. She kissed it, placed it on the back of her neck...and started unfastening His leather pants!
I ground my mouth around the smoothness of the ball gag. The red-headed minx was touching my Master! My body trembled with anger, the way it did when assholes tried to fuck me over in the boardroom. But at least in business I could speak. Here I was mute. Because He willed it.
Why? Why wouldn’t He put me over His knee again? Why, when He knew how wet it made me, how sweet it would be when He drove His cock inside me?
Chloe finished stripping Master and walked back past me. He sat back on the edge of the bed, His cock at half-mast, pulsing with every beat of His heart.

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons.  She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, She still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.
 And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…
Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

Willsin Rowe falls in love with a scent, a playful expression or an act of casual intimacy more easily than with physical beauty. When confronted by any combination of those elements he is a lost cause. He has done many things over and over, done even more things only once, and half-done more things than he cares to admit. He loves to sing and doesn’t let his voice get in the way. He is intelligent but not sensible. He is passionate but fearful. He is not scruffy enough or stylish enough to be cool.



Christmas time in Brisbane is always so hot and muggy you could drink it from a bowl.

Brett Freeman feels the heat like anyone, but for more than 15 years it’s been nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with Corinne. Only one thing stands between Brett and his perfect woman: her husband, Darren.

Despite that stumbling block, Darren and Corinne consider Brett their best friend. They’ve watched in despair as he’s tossed away good relationships simply because, in his mind, no woman could ever compare to Corinne.

Then, one muggy Christmas Eve, a friendly visit takes a bizarre turn. Secrets are shared, an incredible present is offered, and for Brett, life will be changed forever.

Every beginning comes from an ending.


The Three Day Hump

Luther has a solid career as a lawyer and is married to a famous lingerie model. His life has grown comfortable, and he can’t remember how it felt to truly want something…anything.

Opal is young, debatably single, and has lived a life poor in everything but experience. She exudes a lush darkness and it draws Luther to her.

He suddenly remembers desire.

Their flirting turns physical; lust turns to obsession, obsession to addiction. They can’t see a future, but they can think of nothing but the present. They don’t know how to stop, they only know they need to.

An urban myth tells that three days of abstinence will break the back of an addiction. They hole up together in a hotel for a long weekend.


Can their addiction be beaten? Maybe. But first, they need to make it over the three-day hump.



From the fun and frivolous to the poignant and deeply personal, this collection of flash and short erotic fiction has a little taste of everything. Tales of crossed paths and crossed lines; of fate and fancy; changes, chances and choices.

With flash stories boiled and brewed until only the essence remains, and longer works that simmer and spit, you’re sure to find something to tickle you right where you need it. And with author commentary before each story, you could call this the director’s cut!