Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review of Kim Faulks’ Emergence. Book 4 in The Fire and Ice Series

For the first time in quite some time, I'm finally doing a review again. Don't expect too many, as I don't have much time these days with everything going on, but from time to time, The Phoenix will once again post a review. Today, I'm thrilled to have reviewed Emergence, the fourth instalment in Kim Faulks' Fire and Ice series. So, if you will... 

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Natalie Sommers is left to die in a filthy alley in the middle of nowhere.

Her body broken.

Her soul gone.

Her captor Kaige had one last parting gift for Natalie, the taste of Vampire blood in her mouth.

Natalie survives, and as the Vampire blood takes hold chaining her to Kaige for her immortal life something else happens.

Something that no one could have ever thought possible.

With the fire of her lover Malik in her heart, and the Ancient power of Makkah in her veins Natalie leaves humanity far behind and becomes not just a danger to others, but a danger to herself.

Can Natalie find a way back to her humanity? Can she find a way back to love?

Emergence is the next heart pounding chapter of The Fire and Ice Series by Kim Faulks

Kim wasted no time getting straight to the action in Emergence, with Malik and Alexander hunting for Natalie, trying to catch up to her. When they do find her in an abandoned church, she is not the Natalie they remember; she is crazed, and powerful, violent and wild. Chills rush down my spine just thinking about the opening scene. For those who have read the first three, it’s a haunting image that will jump out at you, but you won’t be able to stop reading. And frankly, who would want to stop?
It’s nice to also get a look in to Grayson, who returns from Reclaimed, though he does cross Natalie’s thoughts in Seductive Sands.  He’s a strong character filled with complexities, and it’s great to see a bit of their history.
Although I did spot a couple mistakes, the published copies don’t have major errors and considering it’s self-published, I take my hat off to Kim to have so few.  What little errors there were did not detract from the story, and I found myself reaching the end way too quickly, because I became so absorbed in the plot and characters. 
Once again, Ms Faulks delivers, never failing to surprise and astound a reader and hook them in.  And to leave a snippet of her Hells Angels series, one of which I’ve read, is just a tease, but utterly wonderful. Now comes the eager wait for the next installment.  I am impatient to find out what happens when Vampire Mistress and Vampire meet once more…

You can buy your own copy of Emergence here.