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Promo Monday with Xavier Harrington

This Monday, I'm welcoming Xavier Harrington to The Naughty Pages. He's here with a story of his, History Made Interesting. I've had a read and I must say, it certainly would be an interesting History class! Have a read of what is here, but you'll have to visit his blog to read the rest... 

Every college student knows that history classes can be rather boring, unless you’re a history fanatic.  I must taken a good two or three classes in my time in college, all taught by the same boring professors who just read the book without any sort of creativity.
I had to take “Interpreting the Constitution” with a professor Gina Matthews; a younger history intern, but she made the class interesting.  It wasn’t quite what she said or how she taught that caught my eye, it was how fucking gorgeous she was!  The funny part is that you don’t expect history professors to be in any way attractive; they’re either middle-aged men, or these older ladies who probably lived through most of what their teaching.
What was even more amusing was that this intern must either have a knack for The Constitution, or most just end up fixated on her gorgeous body.  Psychology would say that the more attractive someone or something is, the more you’re likely to pay attention to it.  We were lucky: Not only was she gorgeous, but she also engaged the class.
Like any good student, I asked questions when I was confused (which happened often), and met with her during office hours when I needed to bring a topic up.  I’ll tell you, when I met with her during office hours, it was damn-hard to keep the conversation on class.  After five or six weeks of classes, I had been visiting her during office hours, that we’d nearly formed a great student/teacher relationship – god knows that I would have loved for that relationship to escalate further, such as my cock in her pussy!  One could argue that students and professors aren’t supposed to have intimate relationships, or even anything beyond the classroom, but she’d declared that she was an intern.  Open season in my book!
Luckily, I was able to check her out during class while paying attention to her lectures.  She usually came in dressing professionally, although her t-shirts were high-cut where you could see some skin, but not overly slutty.  She was 32 years old and living in the area; about 5’7, medium build, curly blonde hair and what looked like 34Bs.  I was able to maintain a high C+ in her class by studying my ass off and going to see her for extra help, but I also needed to hook up with this one; she never wore a ring and she never spoke of a boyfriend in some our chats, but there are days I got the sense that she noticed my eyes on her.  I hadn’t really thought about it, but I was in her office at least once a week going over material – especially when tests were coming up.  Either other students were copacetic with the information, or they just didn’t give a shit either way; at least 3 of our office visits went beyond the normal course of office hours, and neither of us cared.  A fly on the wall would suspect that there was something going on between us, but as far as we were concerned, she was helping me with test material and I was fantasizing about fucking the shit out of her.
Around six weeks until the end of semester, I had been checking my school email and I’d gotten an email from a “” with the subject “are you available later?”.  I opened it and read the following email:
I’m sure you know this by looking at the email address, but this is Gina Matthews from the ‘Constitution class’.  I would like to meet with you at some point before the end of semester.  I’ve got something I want to chat with you about and it’s not related to class.  Talk to you soon.
Once I got the call, I looked up her office number on the college directory and gave it a call.  It wasn’t the usual day for a class to meet, so I was taking a chance that she wouldn’t be in her office.
“Professor Matthews”
“Hi, it’s Mike, from class” I responded with enthusiasm.  It was fortunate that I was the only ‘Mike’ in class.
“Hi Mike”, it was met with some silence, “what’s up?”
“I’m responding to your email from this morning.” I think she was surprised that I replied by phone instead of email.
“Ahh, okay good.  Are you free today, to meet up?”  Her voice sounded rather insistent.
“I can do that, where and what time?”
“My last class gets out at five, then I have office hours until six.  How about six’ish, just swing by my office.”

“I can do that.  Is there a problem – you sound very anxious about something?”
“It’s just been a long day, and I didn’t expect you to respond by phone.”
We ended the call by confirming the time and location and hung-up.
Around six-o-clock
The door to her office was shut, so I knocked.  The door opens and she whispers “I should be done in a few minutes.  Wander around and I’ll leave the door ajar once we’re done.”
I shot a thumbs-up and walked away.  When she spoke those words, I caught a quick glimpse down her shirt – a nice lacy bra.  To say I fantasized about what was under those lacy bras is an understatement.
As I watched her door from a distance, nobody appeared to come out.  I looked at my watch: 6:35.  I was getting a little worried that whatever she wanted to meet me about wasn’t going to happen; most professors (unless they have late classes) don’t stay much later than they need to.
Ten minutes after thinking about it, her door opens and out walks her student.  He looks over his shoulder and motions that I should head in.
I knocked on the door and is met with “Mike, come on in!”


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