Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hump Day Hook: Leader of The Pack

Once again I bring you a snippet from Leader of The Pack, book three of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy. If you want to check out other Hump Day Hooks, head on over to http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/, it's well worth it!!

Looking at him with concern, she surprised him with her question. “You haven’t been sleeping well, have you?”
“How did you know?” he asked with a slight frown on his face. He sat back, allowing Krissy to face him and prop herself up on her elbow.
“Come on, Derek, this is me we’re talking about. The past few mornings you have been awake early with heavy eyes and withdrawn. It takes you a while to get close to your usual self. Crawford re-entering your life has thrown you out of balance more than you’re willing to tell me about.” Krissy sat up properly, legs crossed. “You try to hide your thoughts but every now and then I catch a stray one and I know you don’t want to worry me but I’d rather you tell me that this is bothering you as much as it is. That is why I brought you out here. No distractions, with only me for company so you don’t have anyone asking questions or trying to make you decide one way or the other. It isn’t a light decision to enter in to but you shouldn’t be left to yourself. I told you on the drive up here that if you need to talk then talk!” She leaned forward and cupped his cheek with her hand. “I am here to help you decide. You don’t have to do this by yourself.”