Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hump Day Hook: Leader of The Pack, Book 3 of Wolf Smitten

His breath sounded harsh to his ears as wind whipped past his face, feeling different somehow. There was less of a stinging chill to it except where it hit his eyes provoking tears. Trees blurred as he ran past and he almost tripped over a large rock he didn’t see until he was right on top of it. Screams around him in the woods frightened him and his heart pounded. A growl emanated from his lips, rumbling through his chest, agitating and angering him. The confusion won over and he whimpered, glancing around wildly as he tried to gain his bearings.

What had happened? he thought to himself. All he remembered was music, the roaring fire and joking with his school buddies. A sharp pinch in the back of his arm had him spinning around and he had come face to face with a familiar looking face. He couldn’t remember the young man’s name, but he knew him from somewhere. Before he could think on it more, screams and animalistic snarls erupted around him. Flashes of fur out of the corner of his eye made him turn to the left, ducking just in time as a strange creature leapt for him. He ducked in time but as he crouched, something odd came over him. Fur sprouted on his arms and his face suddenly felt as though someone was pulling his jaw and nose, stretching them. He stood up, turning in circles as he tried to make sense of the rushing bodies, catching glimpses of other hairy humanoid creatures.

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