Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thursday Taster - Welcoming in the New Year

Courtesy of DeviantArt user Shades of Lethe
“Arabella?” Silas’ voice jolted her back to the present. “You faded out on me for a minute.”
“Sorry, Silas. I was just remembering times in this house. I didn’t realise how much I missed it, but now that I’m back, I couldn’t dream of leaving ever again.” She sat at the table and poured a mug of tea for herself and her dearest friend, grateful when he joined her.
“I wonder how long the rest of the coven will keep celebrating,” he grinned over his mug as he took a sip.
Arabella chuckled, almost choking on her tea. “Unless Harland has anything to say about it, which you know he will, and which you know they’ll probably ignore at first, they could go on for days.” Placing the mug down, she sat back with a satisfied but tired sigh. She looked around the room, eyes coming to rest on the pillows and blanket on the floor. A look back at Silas sent a chill down her spine.
“I’m not like him.”
Keeping her breath in check, she merely dipped her head, acknowledging his statement.
“I won’t seduce my way into your heart and on to the throne. I don’t want the throne, I only want you. But I will not force the matter.”
“Sharing my bed for tonight to rest will not be forcing the matter,” she carefully spoke. “It would be more comfort from a friend, rather than the proposal of a lover.” She stared him down, making it clear that she was fully aware he was not like Baylock, nor would she back down. “I refuse to let you sleep on the floor.”

They continued to stare each other down, but Silas finally looked away with a smirk reminiscent of their teen years. “I see you’re going to be just as firm a Queen as your grandmother.” Staring into her eyes again, he continued boldly. “I look forward to pushing the boundaries with you. Not just as subject and Queen, but as a man might, to establish what type of relationship he is in with the woman he loves.”
Arabella’s heart leapt, but she managed to keep a cool head. “Make no mistake, the boundaries you push as subject will be vastly different to those you push as a man in love. And they will be met with vastly different reactions.” 

As this year draws to a close, and the next rushes to greet us, I decided to share this snippet from The Coven, as it is also about saying goodbye to the past and embracing the future. Please enjoy. And check out this link for other participants for this week. 


  1. Truly a piece that is having me hook to read. I'm looking forward to more. Great work!

  2. So thrilled, thank you both :) These two are so much fun to write!