Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tantalising Tuesday - Last for 2014!

Courtesy of Flickr User Ben Gun
Ash gasped as pain radiated through his body, originating from the gaping wound in his gut. He’d been in plenty of battles before but had never felt such pain. When the towering woman knocked his head, he just about passed out. It was the beauty in her otherwise ordinary looks that kept him conscious as she snapped the shaft of the arrow protruding from his body. 

As the rightful heir to his country’s throne, he shouldn’t have even been in this fight. He knew Bronsen, his valet, would not approve, but Ash was not his father, King Leonhart. Ash wanted to fight for his people. The comradery of the soldiers, the feeling of being just another man, was worth any chiding he might receive when he got back to the palace. Defending his people, however, was the main reason he fought. It was worth any risk to his life. And now, by fighting in this war, he’d found his queen, this strong woman trying to save his life.

His hair fell across his eyes, matted with blood, dirt and sweat. Ash’s strong muscles burned and his usually keen eyesight dimmed from pain. He was in trouble. 

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  1. Ok, I currently can only see Doris' comment. For some reason the other comments aren't showing up. However I did read them in the email notifications, so can reply lol
    Thanks, everyone. Luckily, this is one of those ones I'm definitely continuing, and I even have a title for it: The Winds of Destiny. I can wait to see what's in store for Ash and Althea (the woman standing over him)!

  2. This was a very forceful tease. I hope this is a WIP or soon to be one. So few words and you have painted a kingdom, a braveheart, love in the line of battle and looming tragedy. Is that all you could manage??!! Wonderful. xo

    1. Hahaha yeah, I suppose I could have also tried to squeeze in his beloved pet, favourite relative and why his people are at war as well ;)
      Thanks Muffy. It absolutely is going to be a WIP. I've been aching to write stories like this. It just took a while for me to gain to confidence

  3. Excellently written tease which has left me wanting more.