Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Heat Blog Hop - Take care this holiday season

Over forty authors and bloggers have joined together to provide some great posts and giveaways at most every stop, The Naughty Pages included. There are even prizes on the main blog for awesome goodies including jewellery! For the details, just follow the link here, and go win yourself some awesome prizes!

I'm getting a little crazy with activities at the moment. I guess the holiday crazies are hitting me early, as I'm currently involved in two blog hops! This one, and Cranberry and Spice blog hop. But it's all in good fun, and is about supporting other authors, gaining new readers and bringing in the holiday season with cheer. 

So while I discussed how to help others in my Cranberry and Spice post, and asked people what their favourite part of the holidays is, I think here I'll talk about how busy we can get, and how important it is to take a moment, step back and try to remember the little things, in our rush to make this year the perfect year. Really, all we need for a perfect year is to be with those who are still with us, who can be with us, and remember those who can't, and celebrate what we have while we still have it. It's so easy to get caught up in the planning, the shopping and all the excitement. But make sure that you do take a moment to step back, appreciate what you have already, but most importantly, just breathe! Stress is another thing that's rampant this time of year. Try to avoid those holidays blues with some quiet time to yourself, breathe, and let your mind relax. Just a couple times a week, not even for more than 5 minutes if you're that pressed for time. Just be sure to do it. And even in the low temperatures currently hitting America with winter time, keep up your fluids, and don't skip a meal just to save time! It may be the silly season, but
we still need to look after ourselves!

So, on that topic, tell me: what is your favourite way to relax during the festive season? Reading is an all time favourite one of mine. Something I don't get to do anywhere near as much as I'd like to. Reading with a hot cup of tea or coffee (even in the often crazy summer heat we get over Christmas in Australia!), maybe some chocolate, and some peace and quiet. Or some of my music. Can't be beaten. Though swimming comes a close second!
Two lucky commenters will get a copy each of one of my books; The Wolf in the Neighborhood, or The Return of Their Master. Winner's choice. I would also love it if people could go like my Facebook pages, Phoenix Johnson and The Naughty Pages of The Phoenix. If I can hit 400 likes on Phoenix Johnson then I'll be giving another randomly chosen person a copy of their choice of one of my titles as well. So plenty of giving with Christmas just a month away!