Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tantalising Tuesday

Courtesy of DeviantArt user Sandara
She drifted through the forest aimlessly, touching a flower here, brushing the bark of a tree there. She was just happy to be in the cool peace of nature. Fairies fluttered along next to her chattering incessantly in their tiny voices. Persephone tuned out, letting them argue about whatever it was they were bickering about this time.
She thought about her dearest friend, Hecate. The two women were complete opposites, one of fire, the other of water. Yet never had anyone understood her, the way Hecate understood her. Usually, when she went walking in the forest, Hecate was beside her, keeping watch as Persephone tended to the vegetation and encouraged growth. Today, however, she hadn’t been able to wait for her friend, and instead left by herself. She’d never actually needed protecting.
The snap of a twig set her heart aflutter as the fairies disappeared into nearby bushes. Persephone instantly regretted her impatience as a dark figure stepped out from behind a large tree. She recognized Hades, lord of the Underworld. His black cape waved gently in the morning breeze.

Despite all the warnings against him, she found him beautiful. She reached out towards him, then all she knew was black. 

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