Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cranberries and Spice Giveaway - Seasons Greetings and Help Each Other

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The holidays. The Silly Season. The Festive Season. A time for festivity and merriment, family, friends and good memories. For the most part. There are many, however, for whom the holidays are a dark time. I know our Christmas last year was a rough time. This year isn't exactly easy either, but we don't have it as bad as others. We are working it so that there are some presents, we have family, a roof over our heads and, most importantly, we have each other. So in the grand scheme of things, as grim as I feel with the impending holidays and forced cheer, we are lucky.
I especially feel lucky, not just for having my small family, but for my writing family. I know I can always count on help of some sort from one or more of my writing family. And writing itself is something I can always turn to. The publishing community, as a whole, is a great society to be part of. As with any group, there are those only out for themselves, who do play dirty or won't do a thing to help their fellow authors, seeing them only as competition. That's quite sad, and I've unfortunately come across quite a few. However, overall, I've found it to be such a wonderful community to be part of. Blog hops like this serve all who get involved. It's a network of authors, often not all know each other, linking their blogs to help support each other. And with the holidays coming up, what is just fun for some, is deeply meaningful to others.
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So I guess my point is this. Don't take anything for granted. What may just be light entertainment for you might just mean the world, or be quite painful, for someone else. Celebrate the holidays in your own way, but take some time, even just a moment, out of your busy festivities to shine a light for someone who might not be feeling the merriment. You'll make them feel so much better, and it'll brighten your own holidays as well.
May you have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Saturnalia, Happy Yule, and a joyous festive season, whatever way you choose to celebrate. Stay wicked and naughty in the right ways, and I hope to see you all again!

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