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Promo Monday with Maggie Nash

Thanks so much Phoenix for having me here today. I’m so excited – my story KINKY BET is released today!  It’s definitely got a lot of sex scenes in it!

Who knew losing a bet could be this much fun?
Erica Nielsen agreed to a bet with her best friend, but she never imagined losing would involve a weekend of punishment at Dangerous Liaison, a BSDM retreat. But was it really punishment being trained by a sexy Irishman who takes her on a sexual journey of a lifetime?
Conal Brennan agrees to help a young woman find her submissive nature. He always enjoys being the one in control, but one look at the Nordic blonde he calls 'Fire girl' and he’s not sure who’s controlling whom.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM, spanking, bondage, voyeurism, group sex, public sex, M/F/M, some F/F action and a whole lot of kink!

EXCERPT from Kinky Bet

©2013 Maggie Nash

Erica’s head was spinning a short time later when she found herself standing in a group of gorgeous people, drinking and laughing more than she’d ever done in her life. Maybe it was the new look her friends had thrust upon her. More likely it was the third margarita she was sucking through a straw like a Slurpee. She’d discovered that she didn’t even have to say all that much when half her boobs were hanging out of her blouse. Funnily enough the men were falling over themselves to speak to her. Considering she wasn’t showing any of her usual reticence, it must have been at least in part owing to the margaritas, but she really did feel different.
What the heck, she was having fun. She tapped Nicole on the shoulder, gesturing for her to join her in a recently vacated booth.
As Nicole sat down opposite her, Erica grasped her hand. “Thanks for a great night, Nic. You’re a good friend, you know that?”
“Hey, no worries, sweetie. You deserve some fun.”
“Yes, I am having fun. Who would have thought?”
“Yeah, who woulda?” Nicole giggled, as they clinked glasses. “I always knew you had it in you, and not just because of the margaritas. Just make sure you hold on to the new attitude, okay?”
“A few exotic drinks and letting my hair down on one occasion doesn’t really count as a life change, Nic, so I can’t promise I won’t go back to my old boring ways.”
Nicole gave her a wicked smile. “Not to worry, my friend. I have an idea that will blast those boring ways out of the water for good. Are you game?”
“Stop smirking at me, you’re making me nervous!”
“C’mon Erica. Play along, it’ll be fun.”
“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this,” she said before picking up her glass, draining the last of it and slamming it down on the table. “What did you have in mind?”
Nicole leant back against her seat. “For this to work you have to promise me you won’t back out on me.”
Erica laughed. “Now you’re really making me nervous.”
Her friend’s expression was serious. “You’ll just have to trust me. Would I ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself?”
A large flock of butterflies took up residence in Erica’s stomach, but one look at her best friend’s mischievous grin and she couldn’t refuse her. Not this time. Besides, she’d had fun so far tonight, hadn’t she? “Okay.” Gulp. “I think.” As her mother used to say— in for a penny in for a pound. She took a deep breath and spoke quickly before she changed her mind. “All right, let me have it. What do I have to do?”
“I was thinking of a little wager.”
“What? You mean a bet?”
“Bet, wager…the results are the same.”
“But why a bet? Why not just get me to do some little task?”
“Because a bet raises the stakes. Win or lose, it has more of an impact. Don’t look so worried. It’s just a little more incentive for you, sweetie.”
“I don’t know about this.”
“Oh come on, Erica. You can’t back out now, you agreed.”
She couldn’t resist her when she showed her that little girl pout. “Fine. So what do I have to do?”
“I’ve decided to add a bit of competition into the mix now that I’ve got your attention.” She checked her wristwatch. “Your task is simple. Okay, it’s nine thirty p.m. You have until ten thirty p.m. to pick a man you’ve never met before, grab him by the collar, and kiss him senseless.”
The blood rushed to Erica’s head until all she heard was the pounding of her pulse in her ears. Had Nic really just asked her to get up close and personal with a complete stranger? She reached out to take a sip of her drink, but her hand shook so much she gave up, putting her traitorous limb on her lap under the table. Breathe. Just breathe. “What happens if I don’t do it in time?”
“Oh this is the fun part. If you don’t make it in time, then I get to choose a suitable punishment.”


I’m Maggie Nash and I write romance novels. Some of them are suspenseful, some are pretty hot, and some of them are a little bit kinky, but what they all have in common is a fun, romantic ending.

I started writing more by accident than design when one day I ran out of books to read so I started writing one myself. And boy am I glad I did, because writing has become a huge part of my life.

I live with my family on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales in Australia. You can find me most days having a cappuccino at the beach!

Sounds fantastic, and with a cover like that, I bet it'll be flying off the cyber shelves!

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Promo Monday with Karenna Colcroft

And so the lady returns with her latest hot release, Beta Block, which she talked about on Friday on her first Author Chat. 

Unlikely Heroine

People often look for romance heroines who are strong, confident women who have their stuff together and can handle their own lives. Sometimes they look for heroines who are weak and shy and need the hero to “save” them, though fortunately that type of heroine seems to be less common. Nothing against
them, mind you; they just aren’t my thing.

When you say “heroine” most people might not think of someone like Brianna Wright, the heroine of my latest heterosexual paranormal novel Beta Block. Brianna—whose name is Candace at the beginning of the story—was introduced in my M/M paranormal novel Try the Tofu (MLR Press July 2012). She fled her original werewolf pack in New Mexico when a strange wolf came to the territory, abused Brianna, and turned her pack against her. The Anax, ruler of all werewolves in the United States, sent Brianna to Boston, where she found a home in the Boston North Pack.

Brianna is scared. Suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from repeated abuse beginning in her childhood, she has learned to manipulate those around her to keep herself safe. In Boston, she hopes to find a new life with people who don’t know the worse side of her, but it isn’t easy to shake her habits. Fortunately, she has found her true mate in Carlos Garza, Beta of the neighboring City Pack, and although she doesn’t believe she deserves someone as amazing as Carlos, she’s willing to try to be the mate he should have.

That isn’t to say Brianna isn’t strong. She has to be to have lived through everything that’s been done to her. She is flawed and believes she’s weak. But she’s still a heroine.

Beta Block is available from Passion in Print Press. You can find out more about Karenna Colcroft and her books on her websiteon Facebook 
or follow her on Twitter @KarennaColcroft.

One commenter on this post will win a PDF copy of Beta Block. To whet your appetite, here’s a blurb and
short excerpt:

Candace Wright is new to the Boston North Pack and to Boston in general. Stalked by rogue werewolf Saul Hughes, who victimized her in her previous pack, Candace just wants to start a new life, beginning with a new name, Brianna. The moment City Pack Beta Carlos Garza meets Candace/Brianna, he knows he has found his mate. But can he help her overcome the demons of her past and escape from the control Saul Hughes still has over her?

The ringing of his phone finally pulled him out of bed at nine. As soon as he saw Brianna’s number on the display, he started smiling again. He had dreamed about her all night, including some dreams which had him hoping they would move their relationship along a little faster than they had been.

“Good morning.” He lay back on the bed with the phone.

“Good morning.”

Her tone, flirtatious and a little seductive, sent a thrill of desire through him. “Doing okay this morning?”

“Yeah. Trey’s awake, and Tobias did something with the pack.” She paused. “I feel like I’m actually part of the pack now.”

“I hoped that would be the case.” He was relieved. Having a stronger bond with Tobias would help her feel more comfortable in the pack. It would also help protect her from Saul.

“I’m sorry I didn’t—crap. Apologizing again.” She started to say something else and cut herself off too quickly for Carlos to figure out what it was. “And now I’m trying to apologize for apologizing. I think you might have a point about me saying sorry too often. I wanted to call you last night, but I felt kind of weird. Not about calling you.”

“Building a bond can do that.” Her aborted apology and subsequent babbling were adorable. If she’d been with him, he wouldn’t have been able to help hugging her.

The thought of holding her body against his did nothing to decrease his desire. “Yeah, I talked to Suzannah and she said it was normal. Anyway, I wanted to call this morning because…well, because I missed talking to you yesterday.”

“So did I.” He didn’t want to admit how much.

“The other night, we talked about having another date. I’d really like to see you today, Carlos, if you aren’t busy.” She paused. Sensing that she wasn’t finished, he waited instead of answering. She took an audible breath and said, “Today and tonight. I think—I don’t want to wait anymore.”

His heart raced. She didn’t have to say it right out. He knew exactly what she meant. Tonight she would truly become his mate. She wanted him. She was ready to be his, and for him to be hers.

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Author Chat Friday welcomes Karenna Colcroft

Please welcome a new addition to the roster, Karenna. She's been here with Promo Mondays, but now is your chance to actually get to know her a little better!

Ta-da! I’m here!

*Clears throat, looks around* Nice place you have here!

Oh, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Karenna Colcroft, and as of today, since 2009 I’ve had 40 romances published, including freebies and a few short stories in anthologies. I’ll tell you a little more about today’s release in a minute. I also write young adult fiction under the name Jo Ramsey, and soon my seventeenth YA will be released.

One of Karenna's romances. Looks
like lots of fun, going from the
I started writing erotic romance in 2006 when a friend, who had been informally counseling me as I tried to cope with some demons from my past, challenged me to put my writing skills to work and write something that showed “sex in a positive light.” He knew me well; I always take challenges as long as it doesn’t involve anything illegal or anyone being hurt. So I wrote a scene and was actually kind of impressed with it. I kept going.

Later that year, I left my first husband (long story, but he was a big part of the reason my friend was counseling me) and joined an online dating site. I didn’t get a lot of dates through it, but I had a few short relationships, including one to a man who challenged me in 2007—yep, another challenge—to start posting my erotic stories on a certain free story website. I took that challenge too, and that’s where I found my first publisher.

My first erotic romance e-book was released in March 2009. The numbers I mentioned above are all since then. It’s been one heck of a wild ride! I got my start writing heterosexual erotic romance; nowadays I write more male/male but still some hetero as well.

Today’s release, Beta Block, is one of my hetero romance novels. It’s paranormal; both hero, Carlos Garza, and heroine, Brianna Wright, are werewolves. Brianna has one hell of a horrible past; abuse, rape, and being thrown out of her previous pack. But with Carlos’s help, she can begin to rebuild her life. Beta Block is from Passion in Print Press,, and I’ll be visiting Phoenix Johnson on Monday to share more about it.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here on the third Friday of every month, and I look forward to hanging around and getting to know you!

40 published romances, wow! Looking forward to having that much experience under my writing belt! Well done, Karenna, and welcome to Author Chat Fridays! Looking forward to your promo spot on Monday, and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next time on ACF!

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Something different

This Wednesday, instead of doing Hump Day Hook, I would like to tell you about Authors Database. You all know IMDb, right? The database of movies, actors and tv series. Well this is like that, except for authors. I've recently joined up, as has Naughty Nights Press and a few of the other authors. It's a fantastic site to browse through authors, see who's new, who writes what and even see author services such as editing and publishing services for those aspiring authors out there! 
You can even leave reviews for services you have used and leave some comment love for your favourite authors. So what are you waiting for, head on over and check it out! Start with my page here!

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Welcoming back Kate Belle!

Hey Pheonix,

Thanks for having me over again. Last time I visited my post was all about sex toys. Today it’s about forbidden love. Is there a pattern emerging?
It's a fun pattern!! ~Phoenix

Today I’m here to celebrate the release of my debut novel, The Yearning. It’s a dark, sensual tale of forbidden first love and its consequences. It’s more a tragic love story than traditional romance, loaded with eroticism and page turning drama.

Step back into the 1970’s, the time of Sandman panel vans, Pine-Lime Splices, flares, and coconut oil sun lotion (yep, we used to fry ourselves fuchsia, Puberty Blues style). A time when the world’s boundaries were shifting and country Australia was still a place of innocence and predictability. Or
was it? Oh the Sandman panel vans were awesome! And the Splices are still delish. ~Phoenix

It’s 1978 in a country town and a dreamy fifteen year old girl’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of the substitute English teacher. Solomon Andrews is beautiful, inspiring and she wants him like nothing else she’s wanted in her short life.

Charismatic and unconventional, Solomon easily wins the hearts and minds of his third form English class. He notices the attention of one girl, his new neighbour, who has taken to watching him from her upstairs window. He assumes it a harmless teenage crush, until the erotic love notes begin to

Solomon knows he must resist, but her sensual words stir him. He has longings of his own, although they have nothing to do with love, or so he believes. One afternoon, as he stands reading her latest offering in his driveway, she turns up unannounced. What they choose to do next will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Having grown up in a sleepy country town in central Victoria, I know how easily a scenario like this happens. Thirty plus years ago, student teacher relationships were scandalous, but not uncommon. In The Yearning I explore the impact of being young and falling hopelessly and completely in love with the wrong man at the wrong time, and how that experience affects expectations of relationships for the rest of your life.

Teenage youths are powerhouses of budding sexuality. They are just becoming aware of the incredible power their youth and allure holds over the adult world. My protagonist has no idea of the effect her erotic words have on her beloved Solomon, all she knows is that she’s in love and she desperately wants him to love her back. And all Solomon knows is that he’s tempted, tempted, tempted by what he knows is wrong. In the end the question is, who’s seducing who?

The Yearning, published by Simon & Schuster, was released as ebook on 1 April and will be released in print on 1 May. For an extract check out The Ecstasy Files blog here.

Buy links:
Collins, Dymocks, Eltham Bookshop and other local independent bookshops: True Local

Kate Belle Bio

Kate is a woman of many passions who juggles her pens with the rest of her life. She holds a tertiary qualification in chemistry, half a diploma in naturopathy and a diploma in psychological astrology. Kate
believes in living a passionate life and has ridden a camel through the Australian desert, fraternised with hippies in Nimbin, had a near birth experience and lived on nothing but porridge and a carrot for 3 days.

Kate lives, writes and loves in Melbourne, juggling her strange, secret affairs with her male characters with her much loved partner and daughter, and a menagerie of neurotic pets.




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Author Chat Friday with Phoenix - More Questions Authors Don't Like

So once again I'm back to discuss three more questions authors don't like being asked. These three questions are suggested by fellow author Dy

"You must be good at sex."
Obviously specific to romance and erotica authors, this question is extremely confronting. An author's ability and confidence to write hot sex scenes is no reflection on their skills in the bedroom, and in fact it's quite rude to ask. It's natural to wonder, of course. But to actually ask an author such a personal question, or make the statement, is a little bit more information than an author usually likes to provide about themselves. The fact that an author writes about steamy sex scenes doesn't mean that they're asking for such questions, either. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't want people asking about your sex life, don't ask other's about theirs. Even if they are a writer of erotica and/or romance. 

"What does your mother think?"
There are a number of reasons why this question is a drag. Not every person knows their mother for one thing; you can't be sure the author hasn't lost their mother, or that they're in contact with their mother. 
Aside from that, this is a question that suggests writing certain genres is shameful. Many authors have open relationships with their mothers, and so their mother might fully support their son or daughter in the genre they write; or maybe it's a sore spot between author and mother. This is another question that, although is natural to be curious about, is one best left unasked. It's personal, and only between the author and their family. 

"Where do the ideas come from?"
I've been asked this in a few blog interviews, which I don't mind. But when you're asked by every fan you come across, it can quickly become a hated question. 
Ideas come from many places. Maybe the author sees something on the news and the mind goes in to overdrive, spinning out possible story lines to follow or lead up to that event. Or maybe an odd conversation with a friend or fan sparks a story. Let me list two different examples for where some of my ideas have come from.
The Wolf in the Neighborhood, for example. I was lying in bed, trying to drift off to sleep but my mind just wouldn't pipe down. A random scene (the opening scene, in fact) popped in to my head vividly; I could feel the satin dressing gown, the heat of the sun and the cool breeze. It started writing itself in my mind so I flipped over to my stomach, grabbed my phone and started typing away in Drafts. That little snippet, probably only about 150 words, sparked the entire story, which then sparked the two sequels.
Acapello's Lady is one that I always share for a laugh. I was dancing around to Zumba with guilty pleasure song Cotton Eyed Joe on repeat, blasting away. The idea began to tease me. After the zumba session, the song still on repeat, I jumped in to the cold shower and the idea started forming in to something solid. Allowing it to form a bit more, I hopped out, straight to the computer and started writing. I always shake my head and grin at how random that one came about! 
So while a newbie like myself might be happy sharing a story or two about how some of our ideas come about, not all authors like hearing that question. Sometimes the ideas just come out of thin air; there isn't an interesting story behind everything we write. So just keep it in mind next time. Just because we write interesting stories, doesn't mean we have something interesting behind them. 

And so ends another episode of "Questions authors don't like." To see what other questions I've discussed so far, you can view the previous blog posts here and here. For the next two Fridays, I have two new guests, Karenna Colcroft and Kharisma Rhayne will be joining the roster due to busier schedules of Liz and Delena. These two ladies are quite lovely and very interesting, so I hope you're looking forward to see what topics these saucy ladies come up with! 

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Promo Monday with Donna Gallagher and Pippa's Fantasy

Sydney-born Donna Gallagher decided at an early age that life needed be tackled head on. 
Leaving home at 15 she supported herself through her teen years.  In her twenties she married a professional sportsman, her love of sport -- especially rugby league -- probably overriding her good sense.

The seven-year marriage was an adventure. There were the emotional ups and downs of having a husband with a public profile in a sometimes glamorous but always high-pressure field. There were always interesting characters to meet and observe and even the opportunity to live for a time in the UK. Eventually Donna returned home a single woman, but she never lost her passion for watching sport, as well as the people in and around it.

Now happily re-married and with three sons Donna loves coffee mornings with her female friends, sorting through problems from the personal to the international. But she's on even footing with the keenest man when it comes to watching and talking rugby league.

Donna considers herself something of a black sheep in a family of high achievers. Her brother has a doctorate in mathematics and her sister is a well-known sports journalist.

An avid reader, especially of romance, Donna finally found she couldn't stop the characters residing in her imagination from spilling onto paper. Naturally rugby league is the backdrop to her League of Love Series, published through UK publisher Total-E-Bound, spicy tales of hunky heroes and spunky heroines overcoming adversity to eventually find true love.

Book four in the League of Love series

What’s a girl to do when her fantasy is within reach? Grab it with both hands, of course— then try to live with the consequences.

He was her childhood crush, her fantasy man. Pippa spent her teenage years surrounded by players from the Sydney Jets rugby league team, the fit and muscular bodies that made up the team her father used to coach an ever-present part of her formative years. But he is the only one of that group of high-profile men who has ever caught her interest. From the moment Pippa first set eyes on the handsome future star, he owned her heart. Mitchell ‘the Rookie’ Harris sauntered into her life and nothing has been the same since.

The problem for Pippa becomes twofold when she meets Rook again after years apart. Now there is the moral dilemma that, as she is signing on as physiotherapist for the Jets team in a few days, she is fully aware of the ‘no fraternisation’ rule. But then there’s the reality that her heartthrob of so many years and dreams has no clue who she is, doesn’t recognise her as the young girl whose heart he crushed years before when he refused her naïve advances. He wants her, and this could be her only chance to finally get Rook out of her system once and for all.

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It wasn’t long before Pippa didn’t have time for nerves, as the treatment room was filled with masculine bodies. The smell of liniment was strong in the air as the players were rubbed and strapped in readiness for the battle ahead. Pippa had a team of student physios to assist her as well as the usual strappers, and was busy giving advice and supervising proceedings, not really paying attention to the half- naked bodies that lay on the massage tables around the room, just the individual muscles and tendons that needed attention.

Pippa noticed one of her trainees was a little overawed and was not massaging professionally enough. She quickly moved the girl aside, and got to work warming and loosening up the player’s tight muscles—time was limited and all the players needed to be seen. The minute her hands made contact with skin, she realised her mistake. The electric charge that sped up her arm left no doubt as to who was face down on the table and her body’s reaction to him was instantaneous. 


Pippa hesitated slightly and looked up, only to be scorched to her core by Rook’s silver eyes, as he lifted his head from the table and turned towards her. Pippa hurried to finish Rook’s massage. Her body was on fire. She tried to ignore the feel of his muscles beneath her fingers as she massaged up his well- toned calf over his hamstrings, then his lower back, fighting the ever-present urge to grab hold of his gorgeous behind.

“Sit up, Rook, and I’ll strap your ankles,” a flustered Pippa managed to croak out.

Rook slowly rolled over onto his back. It was impossible to not notice the bulge in his Speedos, as his erection strained hard against the tight material of the swimwear he wore under his playing shorts.

Pippa’s mouth went dry at the sight of his arousal. She casually dropped the towel that she had been drying her hands on over his lap, hoping to prevent any further embarrassment for Rook, and set to work strapping tape around his ankles. Strapping would give extra support and stability to the joints throughout the punishing game. When she had finished, the tape securely fastened, she finally looked up. Rook was staring at her, the hunger showing in his eyes so apparent it made her heart skip a beat.

The room was full of people, the noise levels high, and yet for Pippa, there was no one else but Rook.

Just Rook…and desire.

It was as if they had been sucked into a different dimension. The room’s sounds and smells were muted, distant. They must have held eye contact for an eternity. Just as Pippa was about to confess to Rook her reason for deceiving him— that he was her fantasy man and always would be, but that she had worried that he would again refuse her advances if he had known her true identity—Brodie summoned the team to come together for warm-up.

Pippa watched Rook drag his gaze from her. She put her hand on his arm, trying to stop him from leaving before she could make her confession, but he just shook off her touch.

Rook walked away.

Rejected her again.

Would she never learn? Pippa slumped back to her knees, trying to pull her emotions back under control.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Author Friday with Alysha Ellis

This week, Alysha is going with something a little different, which I find quite exciting. She's decided to share with us a short story, Passion's Wings. So here we go...

Passion’s Wings

Seraphina gave a last reassuring pat to the tower of powdered curls on her head, subtly adjusted the placement of her jewelled mask, smoothed the gathered heaviness of her white satin and velvet gown, wriggled her shoulders to settle the weight of the angel wings on them and stepped forward into the ballroom.
The tall vision in white and silver, breasts round and blushing, trembling on the edge of the low cut neckline, the long line of leg covered by the voluminous swathes of her dress but hinted at by the sensuous swing of her skirts as she moved, piqued even the jaded appetites of eighteenth century France.

Music played, but the gloriously costumed creatures in the Versailles inspired
mirrored room were more intent on dalliance than dance. Every person there was a member of the aristocracy and knew perfectly well the behaviours expected of polite society. They also knew at this ball, masked, private and known to only a select few, those behaviours had been put aside.

Marriages, made for reasons that had nothing to do with love or attraction, were forgotten. Random couplings were part of the entertainment, where costume, if one chose to wear it, and the anonymity of masks, gave license to behave in a way that would shock the bourgeois citizens of Paris.

From out of the crowd, a man, taller even than Seraphina, gorgeously clad in a silver-laced frock coat, and silver breeches, clocked stockings on his shapely calves, his shoes diamond buckled and sporting red heels, stepped in front of her and bowed low. “An angel has graced our festivities.” He looked up from where his lips caressed the hand she offered. Behind the mask, his eyes, as intensely blue as her own twinkled with amusement at a secret Seraphina could not guess. “How delicious an irony.”

Seraphina raised shapely brows. “Irony, sir? How so?”

He hesitated for a moment, then spoke. “Why, only that in this den of iniquity it is surprising to see one who represents such purity.” He tucked Seraphina’s arm in his. As logical as his words were, Seraphina had the impression he had not told her what he really meant.

With no more than a glance he brought a footman to his side and procured tw 
glasses of champagne. The first sip exploded in her mouth. “Oh, I am drinking stars!”

His shapely lips curved. “This is a new experience for you, Madam?”

“Yes. Oh Yes.”

“It is refreshing to see someone express enjoyment. Ennui is very much the style here.”

Seraphina glanced around. Her eyes glittered. “There is so much to see, so much I want to experience and I have such a short time.”

“Ah. A jealous husband perhaps? If your time is limited, let us make the best use of it.”

He walked with her through the curtains at one end of the ballroom, into an alcove where lounges lined the walls. The true nature of the evening’s entertainment was revealed. A Dresden shepherdess lay on her back, her flounced and ruffled petticoats frothing around the head and shoulders of the harlequin who knelt between her thighs. His head bobbed as he kissed and licked, an erotic dance choreographed to the musical score of the moans and sighs of the shepherdess.

Seraphina gasped, but she leaned forward, her eyes widening as she took it al 
in. Her companion looked not at the scene in front of him, but at the angel by his side. He stroked her cheek. “So warm. You blush, my angel. Can it be that you are not so
worldly wise after all?”

Through tightened throat, Seraphina gasped out. “No. I haven’t... I wanted to see... but I didn’t know...”

His arm, where her hand rested, tightened against his side, pulling her in close. “Do you want to leave? Does it offend you?”

Seraphina slowly shook her head. “No. I want to...” She turned to look at him, put her hand to her breasts. “It makes me feel, fluttery, warm...”

The man slid his finger under her chin, lifted it and lowered his lips to hers. His mouth moved softly, subtly, until her lips opened under his and his tongue moved and mated with hers. Again she tasted stars. Sensation fizzled and popped where his tongue stroked and explored. Hers moved shyly and his arms tightened around her. She was surrounded by his scent and taste, warm, honey sweet. Its depth and intensity weakened her muscles until she clung to him as her only support.

Long, long moments later he pulled back and looked at her, his breathing heavy, his eyes under the mask hooded, the wide black pupils almost obscuring the celestial blue. “You are divine, my angel.”

He bent his head again and this time Seraphina heard the music of the spheres, its clear perfection sweeping her into a new realm. Her lover moved, forcing her backwards. She prepared to sink onto one of the vacant couches. “No.” His deep voice whispered in her ear. “We do not make sport for lesser beings.” He took her hand and led her out, up a staircase and into a private boudoir. He turned the key in the lock. Flames danced in his eyes as he stepped forward and unbuttoned his coat. “Turn around.” His voice commanded, left no room for hesitation. Seraphina did as she was told.

He unlaced her dress, discarding the attached wings. He pushed the gown off her shoulders, running his hands slowly across the smooth skin of her back, lingering on her shoulder blades long enough to make Seraphina stiffen in trepidation. He murmured, “I wonder.” But before Seraphina could ask him what he wondered, he pushed the dress and all its petticoats down past her hips and turned her for another kiss, hotter and more arousing than the last. He lowered her onto the bed, stripped off his own clothing and came down onto one knee beside her. He ran a long finger over her rosy, aroused nipples. “But how delightful, my dear. No underwear at all.”

Seraphina felt her face heat. “I didn’t know about underwear.”

He laughed. “I dare say you didn’t. Some information is hard to come by isn’t it?”

Her brow wrinkled. His words seemed to hint at knowledge he couldn’t have, but before she could think more, he kissed her again and all thought flew from her head.

His hands slid over her body, leaving a trail of sparks in their wake. Her skin tingled and heated, making her twitch and squirm with a fever of desire for something she couldn’t name or describe but knew she needed more than she had ever needed anything.

His warm, moist mouth dropped to her nipples, sucking and licking. A trail of fire flashed its way to the hollow place between her legs. She groaned and let them fall open. His hand cupped her, and he slid one finger along the hot moist crease until in slid into the slick velvet grip of her pussy, his thumb caressing the hard little nub of her clit.

She stiffened, then a delicious languor spread through her, making every muscle melt into a warm, receptive puddle. His thumb rotated, faster and faster, whirling her tighter again until she arched and screamed as wave after wave of sensation pulsed through her. She was still quaking when he slid down the bed until his mouth replaced his thumb. His tongue flickered and he sucked her clit in the hot recesses of his mouth. His teeth scraped it lightly.

His fingers slid backwards and forwards inside her vagina, spreading the moisture, stretching and preparing her. Her head twisted from side to side as the coil wound up once more, pulling her toward yet another shattering climax.

This time when she opened her eyes, his heavy cock was lodged at the entrance to her vagina. He leaned on his elbows, his hands cupping her head. She focused on his face, his eyes, still covered by the mask, locked on hers. His beautiful mouth moved. “Are you ready?”

She nodded and he took her with one swift thrust. She tensed at the short sharp pain, then gave herself up to the startling, wonderful thickness of his cock filling the void.

His powerful shoulders shuddered and a sigh of ecstasy escaped his lips. “So many firsts for you tonight, my angel.”

And then he didn’t say another word. His hips flexed, driving his cock in and out with frantic need, the smooth, controlled lover buried beneath the wild flow of desire. He took Seraphina with him, higher and higher until they stood at the edge of the precipice and hurtled off together, flying into an unknown sky where light burst in iridescent rainbows around them.

When long moments later consciousness returned, Seraphina turned her dazed eyes upon him. He slumped beside her but under the pressure of her gaze he turned and pressed a gentle kiss upon her lips. “So beautiful, my angel.”

She lay there in a haze of satisfaction and love until far way, in some other room, a clock chimed. She idly counted the bells, ticking them off in her mind. When they got to four, she held her breath, waiting for the next, the chime that must follow if they were to add up to twelve. Silence. Horror hit her. She had been supposed to leave at midnight. If it had been one, even two o’clock, she might have made it back without being caught, but four!

She leapt out of bed, grabbed her dress and fled. As she bolted from the room her lover raised himself up on his elbow, gave a faint smile and whispered, “Au revoir, my angel.”

Her flight occupied all of her thoughts. She raced past startled ball guests, out into the darkened grounds. She dragged her real wings and robe out from under the bushes where she’d hidden them, transformed herself and hurtled skywards, all the time praying, “Don’t let them catch me.”

Her prayers were wasted. When she reached the Pearly Gates, a trio of warrior angels waited, arms folded, faces grim. One stepped forward and grasped her arm. “You have been on earth.”

Seraphina braced herself. She had been caught, she would be punished, but she would not let them break her spirit. The experience she had was worth anything they could do to her. She straightened her spine and stared at them.

“This is not the first time you have left heaven, is it?” The warrior’s voice was accusatory.

“No.” Good, she sounded firm and in control. “I was curious. I needed to know what it was like.” She looked at their disapproving faces. “I could have done worse. I was tempted to go with the others when Lucifer led them away, but I stayed.” Her resolution wavered. “But I’ve always wondered what it would be like, so I’ve made a few short visits. And I bet I’m not the only one. Who does it hurt?”

The warrior angel glared at her. “It is against the rules and it is not up to you to decide what causes harm and what doesn’t.”

“Am I to be punished?” She hated the little girl fear she heard in her own voice. Whatever else, after tonight’s events, she was a woman. She cleared her throat and spoke firmly. “I don’t care what you do to me. Throw me out of heaven if you want.” She thought of her lover and smiled. “I’ll go happily.”

“No. You will remain here, where you will be re-educated under watchful guard to ensure you never escape again.

For the first time, Seraphina felt truly defeated. Watched constantly. Never to escape again. To never find her lover and never, ever have those moments of delight with a man she loved. The word made her blink away a tear. As absurd, as impossible as it was, in those few short hours she had fallen in love with a perfect, nameless, beautiful stranger she would never see again. Sorrow overcame her and she bowed her head.

The warrior continued to speak, chastising her and pronouncing her sentence. His words droned on, making little sense, not penetrating her pain. It was only as he reached the end of his speech that she heard what he was saying. “...senior archangel has appointed himself your warden. You will be under his constant care and constraint.”

Through the tears blurring her eyes, she saw the golden glow of an approaching archangel. These were the upper crust of Heaven’s denizens. An angel as low in the ranks as she was seldom, if ever, saw one. The warrior angels beside her fell silent. The archangel came nearer, stood before her, and still she didn’t look up.

The angel who held her, let go and said, “You will leave with your captor. Do as he bids you at all times.”

The archangel took a step forward.

Seraphina gasped. Poking out from under the glowing hem of the archangel’s robe was a silver shoe with diamond buckles and a red heel. She snapped her head upwards and met the amused and loving gaze of a pair of celestial blue eyes.

His hand closed about her elbow. “Come, my angel.”

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hump Day Hook 3 April

Another Wednesday rolls around and so too does another Hump Day Hook! Last time I managed to get on to the HDH, I posted from Leader of The Pack; this time around, I shall once again. 
To read Hooks from other participants, check out the list here.

Derek kept stealing worried glances at her as she clutched his torn, now bloody shirt to the gaping wound in her side. The blood flow appeared to have slowed, but Krissy’s skin was pale, covered in sweat. She wasn’t doing too well.

He swore and punched the throttle again, no longer caring about caution. Throwing the little hatchback around a street corner, he didn’t pause to think about the people fleeing out of his path.

“Holy shit!” Neal mumbled in the back seat. “I forgot how much of a crazy you were behind the wheel.” Derek glanced at him in the rear view mirror, letting out a slight chuckle at Neal’s white knuckled grip on the seats.

Krissy moaned in the passenger seat, sobering the mood.

“You don’t have a first aid kit in this tin can, do you?” Neal sombrely asked.

Keeping his eyes on the road, Derek reached over to the glove box, pulled out a white bag with a red cross on it and handed it to Neal who then sat back to inspect the contents. “You know what you’re doing?”

“Of course I do. I was supposed to be a doctor remember, until…” They both knew exactly what Neal meant; the party that had changed both of their lives. “I may spend most of my time as a wolf, but the knowledge is still up here,” he continued, tapping his head.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Promo Monday with Kameron Brook and Dirk Tylor

Today I have a very special promo as writing duo Kameron and Dirk join me on The Naughty Pages. So, let's take it away and find out more about these two delights. 

Hello, Dirk and Kam, and a very warm welcome to The Naughty Pages. I’m thrilled to have you here
today to discuss your writing.

(Kam) Thank you. We are happy to be here as well!!

~So tell me, what specifically do you write?

(Kam) Thank you. We are happy to be here as well!!

~So tell me, what specifically do you write?

(Kam) We write erotic short stories, which cater to a variety of readers – gay, lesbian, and straight.

~What type of writer are you; do you plot it out or, like myself, are you a pantser?

(Kam) For the most part, we simply think of an idea, type, and go. Rarely will we plan anything out. However, if there is a certain event one of us wants added to a section of a WIP, we will leave a note on the MS to insert it at a specific location.

~Why did you first take up the pen, so to speak?

(Kam) Dirk and I enjoyed sharing our fantasies with each other so much we decided to share them with our FB fans. After much positive feedback, we decided to submit. Dirk was first to get picked up. I followed close behind him a couple months later.
Delightful! No one better than your fans to decide if it's any good or not!

~Did you always know you would write? Or are you a newbie to the craft?

(Kam) I’ve always loved sharing my thoughts, feeling, and ideas with people. I’m glad that I was picked up, we both were. Because of it, many more people can enjoy our erotic minds and adventures.

~You write specific genres, do you find them enjoyable to read as well?

(Kam) If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write the genre. I believe you must like to read what you write. Don’t you agree? J
I absolutely do! You'll find my shelves stacked with paranormal goodies!

~As a writer, who is an idol of yours? ~Is it the same person for you as a reader? If not, who is your favourite author to read?

(Kam) There are many authors that I follow. They keep me motivated. Plus, they are just fun to read. Top ten favorite authors: Christine Feehan, Cheyenne McCray, James Patterson, Maggie Shayne, Lora Leigh, Pamela Palmer, JR Ward, Keri Authur, Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole, and Gena Showalter.
Some familiar names in there!

~Are there any shoutouts you’d like to make?

(Kam) I want to thank everyone who has read one or all our stories. It still amazes me anyone has picked one up and to know they have and enjoyed them, mind-boggling. For those who haven’t yet, give us a chance. I know you won’t be disappointed. We are like Lay’s potato chips ---addictive!
I do know what you mean. If it wasn't for the fans, we'd be writing entirely for ourselves. To write for both is always a pleasure.
Thank you both for your time, it was a pleasure getting to know you, and all the best for your writing!

Bio: Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, has decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburb neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame and unadventurous. A fact you shall read and learn about soon enough. 

Contact info:
Facebook Author page:
Goodreads' links:

Amazon Author Pages:

Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Sinfully Delicious” (Latest release)
Christine's been without a man for far too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, far too many of her dates are romantic non-starters -- in the worst way. But all it takes is one... and when the right man comes along, he's Sinfully Delicious.
Goodreads Link

Dreams Really Do Come True - Kam & Dirk
Angi didn't plan on sleeping with her co-worker. She was still getting over a failed relationship. However after a night of movies, and too much wine, Angi passed out and then the most vivid dreams occurred. When she woke, she didn't fight the spark brewing all night. Angi took the initiative and made her dreams come to life.

Buy From: [kindle]
Goodreads Link

Welcome to the Neighborhood - Kam & Dirk
Whit and Miguel are happy together, but when Meaghan moves in next door they decide they'd like to add a third to their household.

Buy From: [kindle] • [nook] • [changeling] • [ARe]
Goodreads Link

New Beginnings - Dirk & Kam
Eileen and Mitch have a happy marriage, but they've decided it's time to spice things up. Ashley and Travis seem like the perfect match.

Buy From: [kindle] • [nook] • [changeling] • [ARe]
Goodreads Link

Girls' Night Out - Kameron Brook
Emily's never been the daring type. Nor the kind of woman who does public displays of affection. But Neeka's order awakens the thrill-seeker hidden deep inside. For three long weeks, Emily has kept her crush on Neeka a secret. Tonight she's going to act out her fantasies and claim the woman of her dreams.

Buy From: [kindle] • [nook] • [changeling] • [ARe] • [kobo]
Goodreads Link

Voyeur - Dirk Tyler
After a long day at a business conference, Nate meets Jay over drinks. Then Brooke, Nate's wife, gives him a devilish idea. What happens next is beyond anything Nate could have imagined. Brooke's sexy, playful mind sets the stage for an encounter Nate and Jay will never forget.

Buy From: [kindle] • [nook] • [changeling] • [ARe]
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