Monday, April 22, 2013

Promo Monday with Karenna Colcroft

And so the lady returns with her latest hot release, Beta Block, which she talked about on Friday on her first Author Chat. 

Unlikely Heroine

People often look for romance heroines who are strong, confident women who have their stuff together and can handle their own lives. Sometimes they look for heroines who are weak and shy and need the hero to “save” them, though fortunately that type of heroine seems to be less common. Nothing against
them, mind you; they just aren’t my thing.

When you say “heroine” most people might not think of someone like Brianna Wright, the heroine of my latest heterosexual paranormal novel Beta Block. Brianna—whose name is Candace at the beginning of the story—was introduced in my M/M paranormal novel Try the Tofu (MLR Press July 2012). She fled her original werewolf pack in New Mexico when a strange wolf came to the territory, abused Brianna, and turned her pack against her. The Anax, ruler of all werewolves in the United States, sent Brianna to Boston, where she found a home in the Boston North Pack.

Brianna is scared. Suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from repeated abuse beginning in her childhood, she has learned to manipulate those around her to keep herself safe. In Boston, she hopes to find a new life with people who don’t know the worse side of her, but it isn’t easy to shake her habits. Fortunately, she has found her true mate in Carlos Garza, Beta of the neighboring City Pack, and although she doesn’t believe she deserves someone as amazing as Carlos, she’s willing to try to be the mate he should have.

That isn’t to say Brianna isn’t strong. She has to be to have lived through everything that’s been done to her. She is flawed and believes she’s weak. But she’s still a heroine.

Beta Block is available from Passion in Print Press. You can find out more about Karenna Colcroft and her books on her websiteon Facebook 
or follow her on Twitter @KarennaColcroft.

One commenter on this post will win a PDF copy of Beta Block. To whet your appetite, here’s a blurb and
short excerpt:

Candace Wright is new to the Boston North Pack and to Boston in general. Stalked by rogue werewolf Saul Hughes, who victimized her in her previous pack, Candace just wants to start a new life, beginning with a new name, Brianna. The moment City Pack Beta Carlos Garza meets Candace/Brianna, he knows he has found his mate. But can he help her overcome the demons of her past and escape from the control Saul Hughes still has over her?

The ringing of his phone finally pulled him out of bed at nine. As soon as he saw Brianna’s number on the display, he started smiling again. He had dreamed about her all night, including some dreams which had him hoping they would move their relationship along a little faster than they had been.

“Good morning.” He lay back on the bed with the phone.

“Good morning.”

Her tone, flirtatious and a little seductive, sent a thrill of desire through him. “Doing okay this morning?”

“Yeah. Trey’s awake, and Tobias did something with the pack.” She paused. “I feel like I’m actually part of the pack now.”

“I hoped that would be the case.” He was relieved. Having a stronger bond with Tobias would help her feel more comfortable in the pack. It would also help protect her from Saul.

“I’m sorry I didn’t—crap. Apologizing again.” She started to say something else and cut herself off too quickly for Carlos to figure out what it was. “And now I’m trying to apologize for apologizing. I think you might have a point about me saying sorry too often. I wanted to call you last night, but I felt kind of weird. Not about calling you.”

“Building a bond can do that.” Her aborted apology and subsequent babbling were adorable. If she’d been with him, he wouldn’t have been able to help hugging her.

The thought of holding her body against his did nothing to decrease his desire. “Yeah, I talked to Suzannah and she said it was normal. Anyway, I wanted to call this morning because…well, because I missed talking to you yesterday.”

“So did I.” He didn’t want to admit how much.

“The other night, we talked about having another date. I’d really like to see you today, Carlos, if you aren’t busy.” She paused. Sensing that she wasn’t finished, he waited instead of answering. She took an audible breath and said, “Today and tonight. I think—I don’t want to wait anymore.”

His heart raced. She didn’t have to say it right out. He knew exactly what she meant. Tonight she would truly become his mate. She wanted him. She was ready to be his, and for him to be hers.


  1. Love the excerpt. Sounds like an intriguing storyline. I do love my werewolves! :D

  2. A new to me author! This sounds like a good book and I prefer strong heroines. Can't wait to start this series.

  3. Miss G, can't beat a sexy werewolf indeed!
    Susan, Karenna is fantastic, definitely worth checking her out. Good luck! :)