Sunday, March 17, 2013


I must apologise for missing Author Chat Friday this week. Personal reasons prevented Liz from participating this week, and through no fault of hers, there was not enough time to organise something in the window of attention I have lately due to pregnancy brain. 
So instead, I shall post a belated little rant, inspired by a sad thing that is happening to many authors recently: Ebook returns. Need I say how frustrating it is for an author and publisher to see numerous returns on books? I think not. Especially when all of the circumstances I've heard about are from the smaller publishers/Indie authors who don't charge an arm and a leg for their DIGITAL content. People, these books are only a few dollars, and quite a few are available through Amazon's lending program. The authors work extremely hard to get these stories out there to you, the public, and by buying then returning these ebooks, you're robbing these authors of hard earned money. How would you feel if you sold a hand-crafted piece of art work, only for it to be returned? Ok, yes, you can then resell that exact thing. It's a bit harder with digital content. So please, just like those pirating sites are stealing money from the authors, so is returning books without genuine reason. Even so, it is only a few dollars, and if you didn't like it, odds are someone you know would, so gift it! 
Please stop robbing these small amounts from the authors who work so hard to create this content.