Sunday, March 17, 2013

Promo Monday with Angelica Dawson's Writing Exploits

Angelica Dawson has two titles with Naughty Nights Press. She is one of four authors contributing to the third Campus Sexploits Anthology. Her solo credit, and the story that still fills her writing time, is Blue Moon House, a BDSM house run by vampires. They require absolute obedience and absolute secrecy. The first book features Julia, who is trying to convince the other vampires of the house to agree to her Master's request to keep her and turn her into a vampire.

The vampires of Blue Moon House are typical: they drink blood and are vulnerable to fire, but they have a few tweaks as well. They can stand the sun for short periods, but are harmed by long exposure. They also have a mysterious element in their saliva that acts as a potent aphrodisiac. You want to be bitten by these bad boys (and girls). 

After writing Blue Moon House and meeting all the vampires, Angelica took on the mission of writing a story for each one. Teasers of these are featured on her blog on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To get a sample of her writing, she has offered the following excerpt, but you can also read flash fiction weekly on her blog, particularly Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 


Pressing Julia’s face to the bed, Sophia’s hand came down hard, making Julia wince at the stinging. Then there was burning as Sophia’s teeth broke the skin of Julia’s left buttock. Another spank and another bite.

“Tell me you are prepared,” Sophia demanded.

“I-I am,” Julia stammered. Harry had instructed her to take extra iron and over-hydrate in anticipation of being fed upon this weekend. She expected Sophia wouldn’t be the only one to bite her. All these bites were quick though, small blood loss. Julia was sure the purpose was to put Sophia’s saliva into the wounds. It had an aphrodisiac effect, making Julia start to sway her hips as she became hotter and wetter. Sophia indulged her, fingers stirring her pussy only to stop and spank her again for several minutes, long enough for the edge of pleasure to recede into pain. Then Sophia would bite again and start fondling.

The spanking was followed by a more thorough fucking, and then by a flogging. Most recently Sophia had used a wand, vibrating Julia to orgasm. Julia was covered in sweat, shuddering. Her legs collapsed, and Sophia’s hands alone kept her from falling down. She replaced the wand with a new toy, a rabbit, held inside her by a harness. Sophia turned on the settings and held Julia’s legs as the toy began to rotate and vibrate. When Julia clenched and the toy jarred, slowing its turning, Sophia’s eyebrows raised. However, as soon as Julia relaxed at all the straps pulled it back in. Julia bit her tongue, pulled against the ropes on her arms, screamed freely, but the toy didn’t budge, didn’t cease. After a while, Sophia turned up the setting.

Sophia’s blue eyes filled Julia’s swimming vision. Her last command had been to look at her. Her throat was hoarse from screaming in pleasure, in pain; her chest was heaving with the effort of her vaginal contractions, pulling her diaphragm, her thighs; all of her was consumed by the continued climax. Julia whimpered, licking her lips, her mouth dry.

“There you are,” Sophia murmured and the grinding suddenly stopped.

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