Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Hook March 13

Once again, I will be posting a hook from Wolf Smitten. Last week, it was from Once Bitten Twice Shy, book two in the trilogy. This week I'll post from Leader of The Pack, the final book. Next week, I'll be back to The Wolf In The Neighborhood... To check out other authors participating, check out the list here. This link even includes my guest of last week, Lilly VanHorn! That's right, our joint Hook last week enticed her to become a part of the ever-growing fun!

“You know It doesn’t like when you’re upset. We’ll stay if you need to talk.” He knelt before her and put his hand on her knee.

This time her smile was genuine, although only small. “It’s fine. He wouldn’t be able to sit for long.” Derek ducked his head in shame; although Krissy had no problem referring to the Wolf as another male presence, he wasn’t able to because he didn’t want to share Krissy with another male, even if it was part of him. He knew he shouldn’t be jealous of the Wolf but he wasn’t ready to share. In truth, he didn’t know if he ever would be which was one of the reasons, the main reason, that he was almost ready to say yes to the ‘cure’.

“I have the radio with me if you need us to come back. Don’t hesitate to use it.” He stared her down until she nodded in agreement.

“I’ll be alright, I promise. I might go for a little walk soon but I need to concentrate on this novel. Just go, do what you need to do.” He didn’t move so she leaned towards him, cupping his face with her warm hands. As she looked in his eyes, he knew it was both of them she was speaking to. “If you come back before you are ready today I will kick you out of camp. Go figure out what you want to do.”


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  2. Hmmm, jealous of your alter ego...

  3. interesting. wonder how it'll work out between him and his wolf side and her. thanks for sharing.

  4. Very intriguing. Weird being jealous of another part of yourself. Great hook. 😀

  5. Hmm, I've never thought about one of a werewolf's forms being jealous of the other form. It's as if he considers the wolf side to be different from himself even though they are combined into the same being. My own weres don't think/feel that way, so I find it quite interesting. Equally as interesting to me is the fact that she seems so comfortable with the situation. Nice hook.

  6. Thank you, every one. Derek, despite all the years he's been a were, still can't fully accept that side of himself. He's suppressed it for so long that he finds it so odd that Krissy accepts them both. What can I say, she can kick arse but she's also a softy.
    I like doing things slightly different ;)

  7. Great conflict you have going here.

  8. His jealously comes across as well as her emotions. Good hook, great writing! Nicely done. :)