Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belated Hump Day Hook

I must apologise that this is a little late, but Hump Day got rather hectic this week, with grocery shopping and trying to sort out our internet since it was running slower than a snail. But I'm here putting up the Hook now, so I hope you enjoy! With The Wolf in the Neighborhood released on the 15th, I thought I'd post a little Hook from it, get some interest going for this, my debut novella!
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“I’m certainly not complaining about the wakeup call. I just don’t want it to be some kind of obligation after last night, or – well, you know – before.”
“Let’s not talk about that right now. I just want to get as much of you as I can.” She leaned in for another deep kiss before he could say another word, grinding her hips as she did so. His moan in her mouth told her he was happy to forget about everything that wasn’t her on top of him.
His hands moved around to her back, holding her close, barely giving her the space to move back one last time. “So when is this sheet going to be removed from between us? We can’t give in to ecstasy with it still covering your waist.”
“You’re the one sitting on me, so I guess it’s up to you,” Derek replied, all sass and cheek.

The Wolf in the Neighborhood, Book One of Wolf Smitten, is a paranormal erotic romance novella, woven with suspense. It is available at the following places:
Naughty Nights Press eStore (available in ePub, Kindle and PDF formats)
and coming soon to Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore (if it isn't there already)

Many places, most (if not all) formats, and no excuses :p Plenty of places to choose from, and reviews are welcome!


  1. I need this! All cheek and sassy hotness!!

  2. Well it's going well so far, it seems! Just got my first Silver Star on All Romance eBooks, so for those buying it, thank you very much, this debutante author appreciates every bit of support!

  3. I like the sound of this, I will check it out! Great hook, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, everyone! I had fun writing this one, and I'm so proud to see it out and about!

  5. Ooooh..nice! I esp. love the moan in the mouth.

  6. Thanks, Colette. I hadn't considered myself an erotic writer, but this novella took it upon itself to make me on haha!