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Promo Monday with Cassandre Dayne's Staged Whispers

This week, I welcome Cassandre Dayne back to The Naughty Pages to talk about her upcoming release for Naughty Nights Press: Staged Whispers! Ms Dayne is known for her steamy writing, and I expect that this will be no disappointment, either. So, without further ado, take it away, Cassandre!!

What happens when something from your past is so horrible you simply can’t face the ugly demon living inside of you? That’s the premise for Staged Whispers, my upcoming m/m/m release with Naughty Nights Press. I think we all hide from something in our past. We try and avoid conflict often in our present day lives so imagine if we held a dark secret close to our heart and mind? Some people have difficulty coping and their have a break in their personality, sometimes resulting in multiple personality disorders. But what if there was more going on, something so dark and evil no one had any idea what to do with the ugly being?
Are there creatures that go bump in the night? In my mind there are. I believe in ghosts and goblins, beings who can’t quite let go of the life they once had. There are countless stories about people who honestly see and communicate with spirits. Many people can also guide spirits, enabling them to take the passage to the other side. These people are Empathic, able to see into human minds as well. Then there is a lot of unknown with what the mind can do. Hmmm… Curious yet?
In Staged Whispers, I bring all the above into a story involving the frailty of heart. Can love conquer all? Perhaps and then sometimes it’s the killing force. I hope you enjoy a tiny taste.


When secrets and tragedy threaten to destroy three lives, will the friends and lovers learn to face their personal demons or succumb to the horror of tragedy?
Cole Dumont, Dylan Wyler and Brandon Foster were old chums who decided just out of college to open Forever Green Lawn. Their business catering to the wealthiest families in Fort Lauderdale, their pristine reputation afforded them every indulgence. Unable to disclose their gay lifestyle, they sequestered their dark desires, sharing passion as well as their lives. Terrified to admit their needs, they all hid behind a mask. The reasons were too damning to admit – at least for one of the men.
When a horrifying accident nearly claimed Dylan’s life, Cole and Brandon were given a last request, one they were unable to refuse. As Dylan’s mysterious past finally became known, a series of mysteries dragged them all into a private hell. The truth was far too damning.

No matter where you run or how you try to get away from me, you never will. One day you will learn what you did to me, what you forced me into. One day you’ll suffer as I have and then you’ll understand what it means to be damned. Just like you should be. You’re the monster… You’re the murderer… If you’re a smart man you’ll do the world some damn good. Fucking kill yourself.

Opening his eyes slowy, Dylan Wyler remained unmoving, fear racing through him. He was no longer certain whether or not what he was hearing was real or scattered whispers from one of the same nightmares he’d been having for the past few months. Why had the horrid visions come back? He’d been asking the question over and over again and there were no real answers. There was nothing traumatic going on in his life,
yet he was unable to sleep for fear of seeing him. Him. The thought alone made Dylan cringe.
My God, he was losing his mind. He had to be. The nauseating headache wasn’t helping. Every time he had one of his vivid nightmares, he was left terrified and his head nearly splitting in two. Turning over, Dylan groaned, every muscle in his body aching. Dylan quickly realized he was soaked in his own sweat, another regular occurrence. Resigned he wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep, he threw back the covers and studied the celing for a few minutes. Finally crawling out of bed, he padded toward the set of French doors and glared at the illuminated sky. Maybe the full moon had something to do with his wretched dream. Snorting, he opened the door and inhaled the wafting night scents as he walked out onto the deck. Nothing in nature could have this kind of effect on him.
As he walked down the set of stairs, he thought about the ugly words. Monster. Murderer. Perhaps he was indeed nothing more than a terrible person, a monster deserving some form of punishment. Dylan stood by the pool, honing in on the way the moonlight shimmered off the water, and reflected on his life. He had everything he’d ever wanted from an incredible home, a fabulous company he was part owner of, and two men in his life who shared everything with him including being lovers. By all rights he should be one esctatic man. Instead, he was miserable.
Dylan turned to look at the darkened house before stripping off his damp clothes and tossing them across a chair. Maybe a dip into the pool would soothe his aching body, help his frazzled mind. Slipping into the cool water, he managed to swim a few laps before surfacing at the other end of the pool. His heart was racing and the headache was making his eyes water. Dylan closed his eyes and laid his head on his arms, praying to God for some kind of relief from the pain in his head and the ache in his heart.
A few seconds later he heard the sound of a splash and couldn’t help but smile. The moment a hand brushed across his neck and down his spine, Dylan exhaled. He knew instantly which man from the house was touching him. “Cole.”
Cole Dumont leaned over, kissing Dylan’s shoulder as he wrapped one arm around Dylan’s waist, pulling him back against his chest. “I thought I heard someone outside splashing around.”
“You’re a terrible liar,” Dylan whispered, taking comfort in the large man’s arms. There was something special he shared with the sexy black man, more than he did with their other housemate. For some reason Dylan simpy felt safe around Cole. They remained quiet for a few minutes and tension eased from Dylan’s body.
“Another nightmare?” Cole turned Dylan around slowly. He cupped the side of Dylan’s face, his thumb sliding back and forth across Dylan’s mouth.
“It’s okay. I just couldn’t sleep.”
“Now who’s the liar?”
The growl in Cole’s voice gave Dylan a smile. Somehow Cole always had been able to see through him, understanding his subtle mood swings. Cole never pushed him to say or admit his ragged emotions, something Dylan was grateful for. Lately, Dylan knew the swings were increasing, bordering on opposites ends of the spectrum. “Seriously, I’m just stressed about work.”
“Hmm… You have been working too many hours.” Shifting back, Cole seemed to be studying Dylan in the dim lighting. “And you’re not eating.”
“I haven’t been hungry.” Palming Cole’s chest, Dylan kneaded the hunk’s muscles and instantly his cock throbbed. As the muscle slid against Cole’s leg, he grinned mischievously. “Evidently my body parts are working.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed
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Oh this does look wickedly enticing! Now, don't forget that comments are always welcome! Stay tuned for the release of Staged Whispers at the end of the month.
As always, Cassandre, was a pleasure having you here on The Naughty Pages ;)