Monday, August 20, 2012

Promo Monday is Addicted to Ana Hart!

Sorry that this week is a little late, the man and I went for a little drive and ended up in a minor crash. No one was hurt, thankfully, and we were in the right so all damage will be paid for by the other insurance company. Anyway today I'm thrilled to welcome Ana Hart with her newest wonder, Addicted!

Ana Hart has done it again!
First she gave us Reborn; book one in the “One Powerful
Addiction” series that tells the story of Daniel Webb in this
paranormal erotic romance.

Just Released
Addicted is the second book in the series and continues to
follow Daniel Webb on his mysterious path.

All Daniel Webb wants is to be a normal guy, but honestly, that
doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon in between him being addicted to a
supernatural power beyond his control, keeping his girlfriend Alyssa Drega happy, and dealing
with the everyday responsibilities of being a college student. Oh, yeah, and now his nightmares
are trying to kill him. And they're not the only ones. When a mysterious assailant attacks Daniel
in the woods outside of town and ends up getting to Alyssa in the process, things get real
personal real quick and more questions than answers are dumped onto Daniel's already full
plate. Now the clock is ticking while something truly dark is stirring in the sleepy town of Stone
Hills, Arkansas, and it's all Daniel can do to figure out how to survive the weekend. And keep
Alyssa safe in the process.

Purchase Addicted from the following estores:
NNP eStore
Amazon UK
About the Author:
Ana Hart is a writer of erotica and romance and an Internet celebrity wannabe. Born and
raised in the southern United States, Ana currently resides in Conway, Arkansas with her very
supportive boyfriend. When not writing, Ana can often be found talking into a camera on
YouTube, lurking on Facebook or Twitter, or just running searches for herself on Google.