Monday, August 27, 2012

Update Monday

Well due to my super distracted week last week, I was unable to book in a Promo Monday, so instead, today is UPDATE Monday!
Where to begin.. How about with why I was so distracted last week: We had the weekend (plus half the week) kid-free, so planned on doing a picnic lunch on Monday up in the mountains. Unfortunately, as we drove out of the parking lot after buying a picnic set and blanket, we got side swiped by a ute. Panel damage! So spent a lot of the week getting insurance quotes and getting the info off to the other guy's work insurance. Add to that viewing a house for when we move, AND two major essays for uni due, and I was super distracted! Had to get time extensions for both units, one until yesterday, the other for today (both were due Friday), but thankfully only needed a 1 day extension on one of them, and those units are now finished! On to the fun units as of today!
So what am I doing this study period? Introduction to Writing (I've peeked ahead at the essays, and I am so excited about them!) and Engaging Media (also excited, but not as much as my writing ones!!), for which I have set up a blog as part of the assessment. If you're interested in getting an idea of just what I am doing, then head on over to Engaging Media in SP3 2012. I know, not the most creative name, but you will start seeing creative ideas flowing as the unit progresses!
So for now, that is all. Hopefully back with Promo Mondays next week. Have a good one, everyone!