Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...

Tianna Xander

Duncan didn't know what to do. He was torn between taking her in his arms and
leaving her be. She had been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours or so. His
mother, always one to think of everything, fished Lara's rental car keys from her bag
and sent Donnal and Ian out in search of her car. They had found it, in the middle of
nowhere with an empty tank and a broken petrol gauge. It was no wonder that he and
Jamie had found her nearly frozen to death in the woods. If he wasn't mistaken, his
mother had already called and given the clerk at the rental company a scathing lecture.
He would have done worse but thought better of it and let his mother have her way.
Sometimes letting his mother have her way was the wisest choice.
Closing his eyes, he thanked everything that was holy that he and Jamie had
followed the two turtle doves they had seen in the woods. Had they not, the beautiful
lass in his arms would have certainly died last night. If she had, Jamie and he never
would have found the one woman who could be their mate.
He rocked Lara in his arms as she continued to sob against his shoulder. "Dinnae
cry, lass. I won't hurt ye. I promise." He pulled her close. It surprised him that she
allowed it, considering his state of undress that upset her so. "I only wish tae please ye."
"That's..." she paused to hiccup. "That's what Mike said, the jerk." She shuddered in
his arms. "He-he hurt me. I-I can't..." She began to sob.
"I cannae help what other men hae done, lass. I can only promise ye that I willnae do
the same." He pressed a kiss against her temple. "Let me show you, lass."
She shook her head. "It'll hurt and I'll only disappoint you anyway. I-I'm frigid."
"You're what!" Duncan had never heard anything so ridiculous in his life. "Dinnae
be ridiculous. I've seen women who didn't like men and though ye may hae had a bad
experience with some selfish oaf, I can smell your arousal from here."
"I don't stink!"
"I never said ye had a bad odor, lass." Duncan shook his head with a chuckle. "On
the contrary. I love the way ye smell like sweet summer honey." He closed his eyes and
took a deep breath for emphasis. "Ye smell like no other woman and I cannae wait tae
taste ye." Duncan heard her breathing grow shallow as he described her scent. It almost
made him want to smile, but he knew she would think he was laughing at her, so he
He leaned closer, knowing his breath brushed her ear when she shivered. "Let me
please ye, lass. If I fail, ye can order me from your room and I'll leave." He would leave
now if she told him to go, but he didn't want to give her that weapon just yet.

"I don't know if I can." She continued to sob onto his shoulder. "I don't know you. It would be so wrong."
"Why would it be wrong, lass? Because ye think that others would judge ye?" Why did humans always set such ridiculous limits on themselves?
She nodded. "People judge others all of the time. Why should this time be any different?"
"Because, lass," He stroked her hair, willing her to relax, "you're here in my home, with my people and we don't judge people by who their bed partners are. We judge them by the actions that matter. Would ye help a child in danger or would ye walk away? Would ye feed a starving man or would ye leave him hungry?" He pulled her closer in his embrace and rocked her. "Those are the actions that matter. Who ye sleep
with is of no concern tae anyone but yourself."
As gently as he knew how, he lifted her chin and pressed his lips against hers. He
had to taste her. He needed it as much as she needed comfort. Her scent drove him
near the edge and his need to taste her was so great, he was going mad with it.
Her lips were the softest silk and she tasted just like she smelled, like sweet summer
honey. Warm and soft, she pressed against him, her arms snaking around his neck,
pulling him closer. Her breasts pressed against his bare chest, her nipples like little
pebbles, pressing into his flesh.
His cock grew harder than it ever had before. It pressed upward toward his navel,
reaching inexorably toward the woman in his arms. It was as though the thing had a
mind of its own and reached for the beautiful lass in his arms. His cock throbbed, his
balls aching with the need for release. Still, he wouldn’t press her. She must make the
decision on her own. The choice to mate must always be her choice. What he wanted
meant nothing compared to her needs.
Duncan moved his hand down her back, over the indentation at her hips and up her
side to cup her breast. He swallowed her gasp of pleasure as his thumb brushed her
hard nipple, stroking over the taut flesh.
"I can smell your thick woman's cream as it seeps from your channel tae soak your
silky thighs. Can ye feel it, Lara? Can ye feel the juices escaping from deep within you,
soaking the sheets?" He chuckled when she would have pulled away and he held her in
place. "This is where ye belong, lass. Here in my arms, in Jamie's arms, with your body
telling ye what you're doing is right."
He lowered his head to suckle one diamond-hard nub into his mouth. "This is where
ye belong, lass," he said against her breast. "This is where ye were meant tae be.
That's why we followed the strange turtledoves into the woods. That's why we found ye,
sitting on that log so near the end of your life that only one of our kind could hae brought
ye back from the brink of death."
With a long, low moan, Lara threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him
closer. Duncan was happy to oblige. He wanted this woman more than he had ever
wanted a woman in his life. What was more, he wanted to sleep with the lass. He didn't
want her just for sex, to rut on her and leave like he had done with women so many
times before. He actually wanted to sleep with this woman. To wake up at her side, his
body wrapped around hers, protecting her even as they slept.
What was it about her that changed the way he thought about women? Was it her
intoxicating scent or the way she made him feel when he looked at her, smelled her or
touched her? The word mate danced through his mind every time he gazed upon Lara,
every time he inhaled her unique scent. Never in his life had he ever felt this way for any
woman. He had never wanted to grab one and hold her close to him, protecting her for
eternity as he did with the lass currently occupying his arms. This woman was different.
She was the one Jamie and he would call mate, providing that she would allow it.
Slowly, Duncan moved lower, sliding his tongue over her silky flesh, tasting the flesh
of the woman whose scent had tantalized him from even before the moment his gaze
first fell upon her. His tongue traveled still lower, finding the indentation of her navel, the
curve of her hip. He groaned when his nose brushed the soft hair at the juncture of her
thighs. Her scent, stronger there, nearly made his eyes cross she smelled so sweet, so
Quick as a wink, he snaked his tongue out, delving between her nether lips to lap up
her woman's essence. He closed his eyes at her exquisite taste. This is what he had
waited centuries for. This is why he'd lived lifetimes alone with only the company of his
best friend, Jamie. This lass, this beautiful, brave and tough woman, was everything
he'd ever dared to dream of having with him, with them.
Encouraged by her gasp of pleasure and the way Lara threw her head back and
groaned, Duncan settled her back on the bed, her legs spread wide, resting on his
shoulders. This is what he'd waited for, this is what he'd dreamed of for so many longs
centuries and now that she was his, he would show her just how much he wanted her,
how he and Jamie would worship her like the goddess she so obviously was to them


The world spun around her and Lara gasped. She was drowning in a sea of
sensation as Duncan's mouth took her to the edge of some great precipice only to bring
her back time and again. She could feel some elusive...thing, waiting for her to reach
that edge and tumble over into the awesome abyss that lay beyond.
She moaned, her head thrashing on the pillow as his tongue swirled over and around
her clit, circling the little nub before he suckled it into his mouth. She screamed her
frustration when he stopped to thrust his long tongue into her channel to lap up the
endless amount of cream that kept flowing from inside her.

What was this thing he kept her from? Was she finally nearing an orgasm? If so, Duncan was the only man who had ever brought her so close to this point of ecstasy. A strange, tingling heat filled her body, moving up from her toes. It was as though someone had covered her with a warm blanket that filled her with sensation. Her body quivered with tension as he finally began suckling her clit again. Every muscle in her body tightened to the point of pain as she strained toward that elusive explosion that she could feel so close.
Her eyes flew open for a split second as she felt someone cup her breast and a warm mouth settled over her right nipple. Jamie stared down at her with his gray-green eyes and she knew then it was too late to do anything but allow these two men to do what they wanted, what she wanted. What, at this moment in time, she needed more than air to breathe. Nothing could make her change her mind now. Her body needed, no demanded, that she be finally allowed to feel what lay beyond that precipice. What lay beyond the boundaries of that great abyss of which she could feel herself teetering on
the edge. Lara couldn't stop herself from pressing her sex harder against Duncan's face
as he thrust two fingers inside her. He pressed them upward as her body continued to quiver and quake with need. 
She fisted one hand in Jamie's hair, pulling him closer, willing him to suckle her
harder as Duncan continued his oral assault on her nether flesh. This is what she had
been waiting for. This was what she had wanted all this time with the other two men in
her life. This...thing the other men had failed to give her after months of dating, months
of getting to know each other was so simple, so easy with these two men she'd just met.
With one last glance into those wonderful green eyes, Lara threw her head back and
screamed. It was as though her mind splintered into a million shards of light before it
slowly brought itself together again.
Afterward, she lay on the bed panting, her body quivering with exhaustion. Duncan
moved up and over her. He kissed her with the taste of her essence still upon his lips.
Jamie leaned over with a growl. "My turn, Duncan. Now that you've drank your fill, it's
my turn."
"I-I don't know that I can take anymore." Lara panted as she tossed her head on the
pillow. "I've never felt like this before. No one has ever--."
"Then ye were never with real men, lass," Jamie whispered against her lips. "A real
man would hae seen tae your pleasure before seeking his own as Duncan has just
shown ye." He moved lower, pressed his lips against her still-pulsing flesh and gave
a long lick before lifting his head once again. “And no one else has ever deserved
your time. They weren’t worthy of your beautiful eyes turning toward their worthless
existence.” Jamie rested her thighs over his shoulders, obviously intent on repeating
Duncan’s earlier performance.
“Please, Jamie. I can’t take any more. Not now.” Perhaps not ever. Lara wasn’t
certain how many times she could go through that amazing and wonderful sensation
before her heart gave out. Right now, it beat in her chest as though it would burst. “Oh, lass,” Jamie said with a grin as he stared down into her most private parts. He blew warm air over her thighs and lowered his head. “Ye can take it and ye will.” Lara had every intention of stopping him until Duncan slid his hands slowly over her breasts and began to pluck at her nipples, rolling the hardened nubs between his
thumbs and forefingers. Her entire body stiffened as liquid heat filled her middle. It was as though a bolt of electric heat raced from the tips of her breasts and zinged through her body rushing straight to her clit as Jamie continued to suckle upon it. She shrieked
as Jamie’s tongue circled her already sensitive clit.
Duncan lowered his head and feasted at her breasts, suckling and laving them one after the other. Lara couldn’t take it anymore. She never knew such pleasure could exist before today.
Never in her life had she dreamed there were such forms of gratification. She wasn’t
certain she could take it the feel of their hands and mouths moving over her flesh. She
wanted their bare skin pressed tightly against hers and she didn’t want to wait another
moment to feel it.
The more their hands and mouths skimmed over her flesh, the more she shook, the
more she wanted them both no matter how wrong her mind insisted it was. “Please,”
she begged, knowing that they knew what she wanted from them. Still, she had to voice
it. “Make love to me.” She bucked as Jamie suckled her clit and thrust two fingers deep
inside her. The action didn’t help. It only made her need them more.
Duncan raised his head from her breast. “Which one?”
Lara shook her head. “I don’t care. One of you, both of you. It doesn’t matter to me. I
need one of you inside me before I go mad!”
With a chuckle, Duncan leaned over her and took her lips in an explosive kiss. A kiss
filled with so much need and passion, it took Lara by surprise. She had no idea that she
had the ability to make him react in such a way.
His tongue caressed every tooth, mapping the inside of her mouth while she returned
the favor. Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to
press the warmth of his naked body against hers.
Every breath that brushed her sensitive skin ratcheted her pleasure higher. Every
time Jamie exhaled on her nether flesh as he continued his oral assault caused
goosebumps to cover her flesh.
She wanted one or both inside her. At the moment, she didn’t care which. Jamie
thrust his fingers deep once again. The tension ratcheted higher and higher. The
sensation of their concerted efforts had her arching her back, her muscles growing rigid
as she reached for another orgasm.
With their mouths and hands driving her higher and higher, Lara had no choice but to
hang on as they carried her over still another precipice and into heaven itself. Throwing 
her head back, she screamed until she could no longer catch her breath until Jamie
released her clit from his mouth and withdrew his fingers from her clasping channel.
Weak as a newborn babe, Lara fell against the mattress, her breaths coming in
short, erratic gasps. She was certain that she’d died and gone to heaven, instead of
only getting a glimpse of it as she experienced the most profound and pleasurable
experience of her life.
She looked at the two men who moved to flank her and gave them a weak smile. She
still wanted them, needed them inside her, but she was too weak to lift a finger, let alone
“Ye needn’t speak, lass,” Duncan said with a smile just before he pressed a gentle
kiss to her lips. “We can read your mind. We know ye still want us and we know you’re
tired.” He brought her limp hand to his lips and kissed it. “We’ll continue this after you’ve
had a bit of a nap.” He wrapped his arm about her and pulled her close.
With a yawn, Lara rested her head on his arm and snuggled closer to Jamie who
kissed the tip of her nose. “Then you’d better take care of it when I wake up, or I’m not
going to be a happy camper.”

Tianna Xander's giveaway is her cute and sexy digital novel A Beary Merry Christmas, from which this short was adapted. A Beary Merry Christmas will be available to purchase as of 15th December from Xtasy Books.
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    Very hot little story, loved it!!!


  2. Well I suppose it depends on Santa's mood! :)
    Good luck today! Yesterday's winner will be chosen and notified shortly.

  3. Loved the story and want more. The best way to get on Santa's naughty list is...
    Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingling all the way!
    Oh what fun it is to ride Santa in his sleigh! <^_^>
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  4. I could feel her desperation of wanting both of them to go inside her but feeling exhausted. Good menge. I especially like the dialect with the dialogue.

  5. Wow...great story!!! Love my Scottish men.

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  9. What is the best way to get on to Santa's Naughty List? Feeding prunes to his reindeer prior to take-off time. :D

  10. I'm glad you all liked the short. This started out as a short story and blossomed into a holiday series that I will add to over the years. Every winter the two turtledoves will bring unlikely strangers together. I apologize for the length of my 'short', but unfortunately, I don't write shorts very often. They always tend to turn into longs. LOL

    I'll get with Casey and one of us will announce the winner soon. Again, thank you all for your kind comments and for those of you who don't win, you can pick up your copy of Beary Merry Xmas at www.extasybooks.com on December 15th.

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  11. I loved this story Tianna :D, sooo hot, and unbelievably visual in its description. There is something about a guy with a scottish accent, and a kilt (in my mind, they wore kilts lol) *grrrowwwwlll!*

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  12. I would like to congratulate Christine on winning the copy of Tianna's A Beary Merry Christmas! Thank you to everyone for your comments, feel free to hang around for the rest of the days and let the writers know if you liked their short stories each day!
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