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On the Third Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to me...

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"Something must be done," Claudette declared setting a tea cup down in front of her
sister, Marie.

"Mon dieu, I think she was watching that show where those people have to eat rats or
something on an island to win a million dollars. Then there was no noise at all after nine.
A young woman like that. Non, is very wrong," Marie agreed, clucking her tongue.

"And he is not much better," Delphine added, setting her cane on the back of her chair as
she set the plate of beignets down next to the tea pot. "He was up at six this morning to
help Jackie in 304 with her clogged drain and we all know that she keeps throwing things
down there on purpose. He's too nice to tell her no and she takes advantage."

Claudette pulled the small pink satin bag from the pocket of her white robe. Inside, she
gathered a small pinch of silver powder and dusted it over two of the beignets. She and
her sisters murmured soft and low, not in their native French but in an older language,
preternatural and known only to a select few.

Instantly, once the dust hit the warm dough it dissipated with a brief wisp of sweet
scented air, leaving behind no sign that the beignets had been altered in any way at all.
Their effect would be known only to those who consumed them.

Marie smiled. "I've seen them talking to each other in the hall. Our darling Francois
makes no secret of his interest whenever he looks at her. It's been years since my dear
Jacques has passed but I remember he used to look at me the same way," she added

Claudette and Delphine both nodded in agreement. "But she gives him no encouragement
though you can see the attraction for him there in her eyes as well so he does nothing,"
Claudette said in a frustrated huff.

Marie sighed. "It is sad. I have spoken to her a few times and there was someone who
treated her very badly, a man not worthy of such a sweet woman. I think she is now
afraid to trust another man."

"So we are not interfering. We are just giving them a small n-" Claudette stopped when
she heard a sound outside the apartment. "That is her. She is leaving for work." She
placed one of the 'special' beignets on a Kleenex and pulled open the door. "Lara, ma
chere. Good morning!"

The young red haired woman turned her head briefly and gave Claudette a small smile
before locking her door and adjusting her black handbag. "Morning, Claudette. How is
your foot today?" She glanced down at the old woman's right foot.

Claudette eased her weight to her left as the pained foot spasmed in response. "Getting
better. Here. Have one of these before you go. Got them fresh from Arnaud's." She
handed Lara the beignet.

She took a bite and her eyes closed in pleasure. She licked a dusting of the powdered
sweetness off her lips and gave Claudette a wide smile. "God, that is sinfully good. I
think I'm going to have to pass by Arnaud's after work and pick up a box."

"Perhaps you could share one with dear Francois the next time you see him?" Claudette
teased, watching Lara's cheeks go pink.

Lara narrowed her eyes and pointed at her. "You French don't do subtle, do you?" Her
smile was good natured.

"What a waste of time," Claudette insisted, waving her hand, dismissing the sentiment

Lara shook her head and let out a soft laugh. She cocked her head and called out to Marie
and Delphine in greeting behind Claudette. She touched the older woman's shoulder. "I
have to get to work but I'll pick up some things for you at the store on my way back, if
you need anything but only if you promise to go back inside and stay off that foot."

Claudette agreed, pleased with herself and what she knew now was going to come to
pass. It would only take a matter of time.


What was wrong with her? She couldn't get the blasted man off her mind. Francois.
Just saying his name, silently in her mind got her squirming in her chair behind her
receptionist desk in the medical office. The thought of him had her throbbing between
her legs more strongly than usual. So much so that she was even contemplating taking
a bathroom break so that she could slide her fingers into her damp panties and rub her
soaked folds until she came.

That only sent her mind into a fantasy of having Francois do it instead.


Perhaps it was time to say yes. He wanted her. She could see it there in his gaze every
time he looked at her and she had certainly fantasized about the gorgeous handyman
since she'd first laid eyes on him when she had first moved in a few months ago.

But then she would remember David. The lying, cheating bastard she had left behind in

What proof did she have that Francois would be any different? She was convinced she
would never trust another man as long as she lived.

But lately… He made her laugh, was sexy as hell with his unruly brown hair and green
eyes and tall, muscular body, made so by hard work rather than a life spent in the gym.
She found herself actually seeking him out in the halls and her body seemed to shiver
with anticipation whenever she was in his presence.

Maybe Claudette was right. Lara was still a young woman. Only twenty seven. That
would make for a whole lot of years of lonely celibacy if she was to keep pushing
Francois away.

So after work, when she spotted him coming up the stairs, she did something insane for
her and this time she asked him out.

He looked at her with a beat of momentary surprise and then his delectable looking lips
curved in a wide smile and his eyes lit with unmistakable lust as he agreed.

Claudette and her two sisters were beside themselves with glee and demanded to know
every detail of their first date though Lara balked at sharing too many details about their
first kiss, saying only that it was very nice.

Nice. God, that didn't even come close to what pleasure he inspired in her with that
mouth. He'd taken her face in his hands at the end of that first night, gently, as if she
was the most delicate, precious thing and his lips brushed hers at first before she stepped
closer and touched his chest with a sigh. He deepened the kiss then. A coaxing pressure
and her mouth was opening and his tongue was sliding in, exploring and… oh God.

She'd finished of the night reliving that kiss with a vibrator deep in her pussy and his face
and smell in her mind.


A month later and it now became a question of when. She kept holding him off. Hot
kisses, straining bodies and then I can't. Not yet. In her mind was still the fear that it
would be the same as it had been with David at the end. Selfish, unfulfilling.

She kept telling herself it wouldn't be. One kiss from Francois had done to her what an
entire night with David never had.

One look from those green eyes and she became a wet, quivering mess of need.

She knew there was only one way to know if her fantasies would live up to the reality,
one way to banish David fully from her mind.

After a night spent at a restaurant then a long walk in the warm summer air, Francois

walked with her back to her door.

"Would you like to come in?" Lara asked him.

He stopped. Those eyes regarded her seriously, with the unmistakable glint of hope and
passion. "Are you sure?"

She nodded slowly. Lara turned briefly only long enough to unlock the door then took his
hand and led him inside.

Nervous now, she locked the door, more to give herself something to do before she could
bear to look at him again. What if it was no different? What if it was her? What if she
was the one with the problem? That was what David had said at the end when she could
no longer respond to him in bed.

Francois's mouth came to the back of her head, kissing her hair. "It's all right, ma chere.
We'll go as slow as you like. I know you are nervous. I know what that merde did to

Lara reached back to cup his face. "I want only you tonight. I want to see only you, think
of only you."

"Oh you will," his voice promised, low and smooth in her ear. His hands came around to
her stomach, then up to her ribs.

Lara moaned in anticipation, exhaling when his hands cupped her breasts over the white
dress she wore. Her nipples tightened to hard points and she knew he could feel them..

"I love how your body responds to me," he murmured, rasping the palms of his hands
over her sensitized nipples. "Take down the top of her dress. I want to feel your skin."

She eased the straps down, her need for his touch overriding any sense of modesty.

"Yes, ma chere. Just like that."

At the feel of his hands on her bare skin, Lara sighed, her entire body arching back
against him.

She could feel the unmistakable thick bulge of his cock against the black pants he wore
and she rocked her hips against it, making him swear softly.

He left her breasts for a moment and took her hips in his hands, pulling her back against
his bulge, shifting back and forth against her. "Soon," he promised, his voice a low groan
of need now.

His hand moved back to her stomach where he bunched her dress in his hand. "Take it


Lara almost obliged but changed her mind at the last minute. "You do it."

He gave a soft chuckle and eased back to pull the dress down and off of her in one swift

She moved to step out of her red heels but he shook his head.

"No. Keep them on."

The mental image of him fucking her with the heels on made her pussy grow slicker.

"Mon dieu, but you're ass is so delectable," he said, running his hand over one cheek than
the other, making her shiver. "You would drive me crazy watching how your ass would
sway in your jeans, your skirts."

"Mmm, love seeing you in jeans too," she admitted.

His fingers moved back to the front of her body and for a split second she tensed when
she realized his intent. Francois ran his tongue along the curve of her earlobe. "Anything
you don't want me to do, just say the words. You want this?" His fingers teased just over
her pubic bone.

"Yes," she replied. Her voice catching.

"Then you do it, cherie. You put my hand where you want it."

Lara closed her eyes, mortified. "I can't." The idea of asking for what she wanted, to so
blatantly own what she wanted… as if her needs mattered…

"Yes you can. Nothing you want is wrong, Lara. Anything you want me to do to you, for
you, with you, I will do because your pleasure is my pleasure. I want to touch your pussy,
eat your pussy, fuck your pussy but more than that, I want you to want me to do all those
things. Do you know how long I've wanted this? Tell me you've dreamt of this too. Of my
fingers inside of you, my mouth, my cock…all of it inside of you. Tell me."

"Yes," the word pushed out of her with a low moan as she took her hand and placed it
between her legs, pressed his fingers against the dripping folds of her pussy. "God yes,"
She sighed when he began to rub her clitoris slowly, then faster when she urged to him

Lara's hand smacked against the door and she came in a blinding, quick orgasm that stole
her breath. "Oh God…Oh my God. I never…that was fast." She pressed her forehead
against the door, trying to catch her breath.

"Better you than me, oui?" He asked, amusement in his voice.

She couldn't help the giggle that escaped her.

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Now, I want to see all of you." Francois turned her
around and kissed her mouth. "So beautiful," he whispered, making his way down her
body. Then he was getting on his knees and Lara couldn't breathe, watching him. He
parted her thighs and then looked up at her.

She licked her lips, her mouth dry in anticipation. Lara nodded.

His mouth was magic. Licking, sucking, teasing, thrusting with his tongue and his fingers
and Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! She gripped his hair, uncaring now of anything but the
need climbing inside of her. But on the knife edge of her orgasm he stopped.

"What?" she demanded and he smiled at her but his eyes were lit with such need of his
own Lara couldn't deny him when he said this time she would come with him inside of

"My bedroom is that way," she was about to point him in the direction but he kissed her

"We'll get there," he assured her. "For now..." He took a step back and reached into his
wallet and pulled out a condom.

It occurred to her then that she was completely naked, not counting her heels, and he was
still dressed. "This won't do," she said out loud as she stepped closer to him and helped
him peel off his clothing.

Christ he was beautiful clothed but even more so naked. His body was hard and smooth
but for a faint dusting of hair on his chest and the thick thatch of dark hair at the base of
his long, thick cock. She boldly told him she wanted to touch him take him in her mouth.
She saw his cock swell even harder at that but he slipped the condom on and shook his

"Afterwards. Now, I must get inside of you or die."

She smiled and pulled him closer. "We sure as hell don't want that."

He grinned at her and picked her up by her hips, propping her against the door as she let
out a gasp that turned into a moan of delicious satisfaction as every thick, inch of him slid
deep into her pussy.

"Oh God yes!" she sighed, arching her body as his thrusts set a measured pace, deep and
slow at first.

Francois gathered her in his arms and with his cock still buried hard in her pussy, he
finally moved them to the bedroom, sliding out of her only long enough to lay her down
before he slid home once again.

Lara clutched him close. So different, was the only thought she was capable in her haze of
pleasure. It blanketed around them like a cocoon of electricity as they moved together.

Her heels dug into his ass as he pumped faster, harder and Lara was moaning, screaming
his name because it was so fucking good. His hips snapped with purpose, kissing her,
fucking her and showing her that she was made to be loved by the right man.

As she came with a cry on her lips, she knew she had finally found him.

She should have known Claudette and her sisters would be right there the next morning
when she kissed Francois goodbye in the morning with a promise that he could spend the
night again.

The old woman smiled at her and behind her the other two women held identical self
satisfied smiles. "Why Francois, how nice to see you so early."

Lara blushed but rolled her eyes. "Good morning ladies. Oh, Francois, let's go to
Arnaud's after dinner for coffee. Their beignets are amazing!"

The old women seem to find that very funny.

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  1. The best way to get on Santa’s naughty list is… getting the elves drunk on eggnog before while making all those toys!
    Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingling all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride Santa in his sleigh! <^_^>
    Merry Christmas!
    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  2. To get onto Santa's naughty list... grab his suit, put it on, and tell him if he wants it back, he has to come and get it back himself :P

  3. oh, forgot my email addie :P

  4. So delectably romantic and sizzling with hot desire. I want some of that powder, Claudette sprinkled on the morning treats.

  5. I'd replace all the little elves and toymakers diagrams and instructions from trains, cars, dolls, etc. to those of the adult variety. Floggers, cuffs, plugs, vibrators. Maybe even a life size blow up doll for the guys! Then let Santa stuff them stockings!

  6. Real nice story.

    The books on my wishlist and on my e-reader should be enough too get me on the naughty list ;)

  7. Thanks Pablo! I want some of that powder too!

    @mnjcarter I adore that idea!!!

    @Uteh So glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Oh my this is a steamy read! I love it! I would love to read more. Lets see for Santas naughty list I could sit on his lap naked and tell him all the naughty things I want him to do to me. Number one would be giving me a spanking... LOL christina_92 at

  9. Thanks Christy! This one's a short story so that's all there is but I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Now for the winner! (drumroll) Mnjcarter, you've won a copy of my novella Baby, It's Cold Outside! I'll be e-mailing you a copy in an itty bitty! Thanks so much to everyone who enjoyed the story and commented!