Monday, December 12, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...

Robin Badillo

Nikki Frost snuggled under a heavy hand-made quilt as her sleigh made its way through the blinding snow leading up the trail to the Claus castle. Although a frigid night, not even a blizzard could put a damper on the vivid memory of the beach where she’d bathed in the silvery light of the Caribbean moon.
Warm flutters of excitement skittered across her stomach.
Only Kristopher Claus could have caressed her the way the lustful moon did that last night, adoring every inch of her bare skin. He’d held her so tenderly, giving her everything a woman needed to feel satisfied and complete. Everything, that was, except the requited pledge of his love.
The words had been on the tip of his tongue, so close she’d almost tasted them. His eyes confirmed her suspicions, undressing her with every glance, devouring her each time he gazed upon her through those hungry, hooded orbs.
If only their perfect evening hadn’t been interrupted, she would have known for sure. But it had been, and for good reason. His father, St. Nicholas had taken ill, and naturally, Kristopher rushed home along with the rest of the family.
Three months had passed and everything had changed, including the weather. The roads, now only accessible by the fleet of sleighs generously provided by the Claus family, aided the entire village as they scrambled to make sure Santa had nothing to worry about.
Unfortunately for Nikki, Kristopher was left to do most of the work his father normally would have done, leaving little time for her.
She treasured the time spent in the tropics, but Nikki also savored the weeks just before Christmas when the North Pole transformed into a winter wonderland and the spirit of the season revived the entire village.
Hot chocolate replaced frozen Daiquiris and gingerbread cookies replaced fresh tropical fruit platters and fish. Only the stars remained the same, sparkling bright in the endless night sky.
September to January was the peak Christmas season and as a fifth generation employee, Nikki loved her job as much as she loved her North Pole home.
Employed as one of the Claus family accountants could be a bit tedious, but the perks were worth it, especially the tanned Adonis who had rocked her world all summer on his family’s private Caribbean island.
Heir to the throne, Kristopher Claus, with his spiky blond hair, broad shoulders and rippling muscles in all the right places was about as gorgeous as a man could be without being airbrushed and slathered all over GQ magazine. Seeing him as a centerfold in Playgirl would have been even more to her liking.
As the sleigh glided along the Castle’s drive, Nikki wondered what Kristopher would say after so many weeks apart. Would he finally declare his love?
She sighed aloud, nestling into the faux-furred seat as she remembered how his huge hands gently cupped her face as they made love. Had it been as special for him as it was for her? She never had the chance to ask, but since Kristopher begged her to attend the Christmas party, she had a feeling she was about to find out.
When the sleigh pulled up in front of the castle steps, Nikki held her breath. Feeling like a princess in the strapless, white, mini-dress covered in shimmering crystal beads, she hoped Kristopher would be pleased.
As she reached the top of the stairs Kristopher stood stoically, looking like the Nutcracker Prince himself. His eyes widened and the crooked grin that spread across his handsome face set Nikki’s heart ablaze.
“I hoped you would come early,” he whispered in her ear, greeting her along with the handful of other guests in front of her. “Meet me in the library in ten minutes. I have something for you.”
Nikki’s heart raced as she entered the ballroom. Her stomach twisted in anxious knots and she made a beeline for the open bar. A couple of stiff drinks would settle her nerves for sure.
Just as she finished her second shot of bourbon, Nikki caught a glimpse of Kristopher making his way through the ballroom headed straight for the library.
Trying not to trip all over herself, she hurried behind him.
The instant she entered the room, Kristopher slammed the door shut behind her, locked it then yanked her into his arms, kissing her without even saying hello.
Warm velvety sweeps of his tongue sent shivers spiraling down her spine and heat pooled between her thighs.
“I must have you,” he growled in her ear.
Nikki’s knees weakened. She’d thought of nothing else for weeks. “Kristopher Claus, don’t you always get what you want?”
Kristopher nudged her back, gazing down at her, his eyes at half-mast. “I’m not talking about a summer tryst, Nikki.”
Nikki reached for the edge of the mahogany desk they’d backed up against. “Then have me.”
Without another word, Kristopher lifted her up and placed her on the desk. He  trailed his lips across her bare shoulders and Nikki’s fingers spayed through his hair, encouraging him to venture lower.
He pushed up the short hem of her beaded dress, slid his fingers under the waistband of her thong and tore it away. Kneeling before her, his mouth assailed her heated fleshy folds.
Nikki shrieked, writhing in ecstasy as his tongue swirled and probed deeper within her. Her nipples instantly hardened and she pressed on the back of his head, forcing him to devour every drop of her sweet offering.
“I—I’ve,” she struggled to speak. “I’ve missed this,” she managed between heavy pants.
Kristopher abandoned his task and gazed up at her, his chiseled jaw flexed taut and a look of sheer determination filled in his eyes.
Sliding her off the desk, he flipped her around, unfastened his pants and valiantly entered from behind with an invigorated thrust.
Electrifying currents zapped through her and Nikki came the instant he invaded her. She pulsed around his hardened shaft, each plunge causing her body to shudder and quake.
Nikki reached back, latched onto the belt loops on his slacks and tugged, prompting him to delve deeper. “Harder,” she begged through gritted teeth.
“I need to see your eyes,” he hissed. Kristopher withdrew, turned her around then abruptly lifted her back onto the desk. “I’ve waited weeks for this.”
“I thought you’d forgotten.”
His lips brushed against hers. “Never,” he breathed into her mouth. His burning kiss consumed her.
Easing himself inside, Kristopher clasped his hands around her backside. Securing her around his waist, he began a slow and tender grind.
Nikki locked her ankles behind him and held on tight.
Each plunge filled her depths more than the last, conquering her completely. He scraped against her throbbing walls, sending shockwaves of delight thrashing across her body.
She clenched her eyes tight. Is this real?
“Look at me,” Kristopher whispered.
Nikki did as he asked and gazed up into his shimmering orbs.
“Marry me?” he asked as his pace reached a breathtaking canter.
Nikki gasped, struggling to hold on. “What?” Had she heard him right?
Kristopher bit his bottom lip, quickening his pace. “I love you,” he growled, grinding even deeper.
Her mind reeling, Nikki fought to catch her breath as her body succumbed to his will, bursting open with one orgasmic wave after another.
He pulsed inside her, joining her explosion with his own.
“Yes,” she cried. “Oh, God, yes!”
Kristopher drew her close and she trembled in his embrace. She buried her face in the curve of his neck and inhaled his unmistakable masculine scent.
A gentle nudge of her chin, encouraged her to look him in the eye.
“Was that ‘yes’ a passionate outburst, or did you just say you would marry me?”
Nikki swallowed hard, her mind whirling with shock. “Both.”
Kristopher grinned, fastened his pants and reached into his pocket. “I had planned to ask over the summer, but…well…considering who I am, a proposal is better suited for Christmas anyway.”
Nikki looked down at the ring he offered. The diamond stone sparkled in the flickering light of the chandelier overhead. “This isn’t what I expected.”
His brow pinched. “What did you expect?”
She shook her head. “I’d hoped you would tell me how you feel.”
His smile returned and he kissed her hand. “So now you know.”
Nikki examined the delicate yet peculiar etching inside the stone. “A partridge in a pear tree?” She looked up at him as uncertainty tugged at her heart. “Is a partridge romantic?”
Kristopher’s cheeks reddened. “My father gave it to my mother in honor of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It’s a family tradition.”
Nikki’s heart raced at the thought of his family? She’d never imagined herself as a Claus, yet there she was, standing in the arms of the coveted prince himself. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Oh, it’s happening all right.”
She swallowed hard and bit her bottom lip. “Your parents are really okay with this?”
“The only way my parents could be happier would be for us to marry on Christmas Eve, as they did.”
Nikki shook her head in disbelief. “Another Mrs. Claus, huh?”
Kristopher hugged her tight. “Another beautiful Mrs. Claus.”
She could hear his heart booming inside his chest, but Nikki bristled, suddenly overcome with panic. “Oh, I didn’t bring a gift for you.”
Kristopher offered a devilish grin. “I rather enjoyed the gift you gave me on the desk, but all I’ve ever wanted for Christmas is you.”
Nikki giggled as another realization surfaced. “So this means that someday I’ll actually be married to—”
“Ho, ho, ho,” he interrupted with a hardy laugh. “Yes, someday you’ll be married to Santa Claus.”
With that, Kristopher leaned her back and kissed her.


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  3. What is the best way to get on to Santa's Naughty List? Why getting the elves to party before making those toys!

    Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingling all the way!
    Oh what fun it is to ride Santa in his sleigh! <^_^>
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  4. How to get on the naughty list????? Making sure the St. Andrew's cross isn't empty.

  5. Delicious tale! Not sure if I qualify but I'd say the best way to get on Santa's Naughty list would be perhaps to engage in a little touchy feely under the table in a posh restaurant. (smiles)

  6. Hi Robin,
    Great post and excerpt.

  7. Oops forgot to answer the question. That's what I get trying to multi-task (write, watch tv and view blogs).
    Naughty list: Do something really baaaad with hubby. Gets me in trouble every time.

  8. I must say, some fantastic answers so far! E. Jamie, I don't see why other authors participating shouldn't qualify, it's really up to the author of the day to decide I think :)

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    Slightly sweet and incredibly spicy little story!

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    Getting onto Santa's naughty list?... While wearing only a thong and sucking on a candycane... Tell Santa that if he wants to get his "North Pole" polished, he will have to ask his elves as you are too busy licking the candy instead (all the while, licking in long exaggerated licks :P )

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