Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Taster

Inspiration for Arabella:
Rachelle Lefevre
This week, I'm giving you a taste of The Coven, a vampire VS warlock novel I'm working on that has a slight Underworld vibe to it... To check out other tastes, follow this link.

Raising her head once more, she looked at Silas through heavy eyelids. His eyes were now hard chips of dark ice as he moved his hands around her body and down to grasp her ass. He gently, yet firmly, guided her hips and an erotic shock jolted through her, making her cry out.
“I thought I said I was in control.”
“What can I say, I’ve waited this long. I can’t wait much longer, my Queen.” The gruffness of his voice aroused her even more.
“Slow, my King. Slow and steady and we will both be rewarded royally for our patience.”
He growled in answer but didn’t stop shifting her hips, just reduced the pace. Arabella sighed in sheer pleasure, letting her head drop back once more. She raised her hips just enough to take control, swaying gently in alternating circles and thrusting motions. Reaching around behind, she lightly toyed with his balls, a grin of wicked delight spreading across her face as Silas bit his lip and grunted, throwing his head back. His exposed neck was enticing, and she felt the itch as her fangs slid down past her lips. She ran her hands up his chest and lowered her head to lick the hot skin stretching across his throat. His moans tickled her tongue and echoed through her own chest as she sprawled across his torso, her hips still rotating and grinding as the pressure built.

Inspiration for Silas: Matt Bomer
Arabella forced her fangs to retract, not wanting to puncture his skin. As soon as they had receded, however, she clamped her teeth on his shoulder, laying claim to what was hers. Silas slapped her ass cheek in response, as he staked his own claim on her. The sting and resulting heat in her backside only heightened her arousal. Releasing her hold, she licked the bite mark, already a deep purple. She kissed him deeply, and he returned it passionately, almost hungrily. His grip on her hips tightened just as the tingling in her toes began to creep up her long, lean legs. Arabella allowed Silas to control things now, holding herself just high enough so he could thrust from beneath her. Throwing her head back, she cupped her own breasts, holding them high and tight together as she tweaked her nipples. 

They weren't supposed to get steamy just yet. Oh well. They'd been separated for years, I'm not about to deny them!