Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday

Courtesy of Flickr User BLACKDEAMON ...By Elika
He was blindfolded, and had been undressed, washed and covered in a heavy velvet cloak. Unseen hands guided him through hallways, around corners and down steep steps. He smelled oil burning, and heard steps echoing against stone. As he was led deeper, he began to sweat under the cloak. Eventually he was brought to a stop as he heard the click of a door being opened, and a sudden breeze threatened to expose his nakedness underneath the robe. He was led into a room, where the unseen hands removed the cloak. A cool wind kissed his slick skin, sending chills through him. His blindfold was removed and he took in the scene before him. The dark room was lit with at least a dozen candles. Tapestries were hanging on the wall. A large canopied bed sat on a raised section of floor. But it was the lounge that drew his attention. Two naked women were lying there, kissing and teasing each other. His arousal was immediate, and he found it hard to swallow as his mouth went dry. This was the last thing he expected when he was kidnapped. The women beckoned to him to join them. He was home!

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