Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Taster - Jeannie's Cowboys

Courtesy of Flickr user masterdesigner
This week, now that I'm back, I'm going to take a hot scene from my first attempt at m/f/m erotic romance, Jeannie's Cowboys. I'm about to add some more to it, and try to push it over the 10k word mark, but for now, enjoy...

Her heart soared at the admission of returned attraction. Now she had to take the next step to bring her hot dreams into reality. “Chris is a good looking guy, too, you know. I know guys don’t notice each other, but you’re both very attractive.” She fought to keep her voice steady and casual, but found herself rushing as she voiced her dreams. “In fact, I’ve had some interesting dreams of you both. At the same time.” The thought of the dreams made her warm all over, and she was sure that her panties would be soaked.

The silence from Tyler had her biting her lip with worry, concerned she had offended the man she had been enamored with for quite a few years. “At the same time, you say?” he finally asked, his voice slightly husky. “In a particular location?” They were at the door to his little apartment and the look in his eyes when she finally dared to glance up told her that he was far from offended. She shook her head, excited to think that he was interested in fulfilling the dreams that plagued her almost every night. “Well then, maybe you should come tell us both some more about these dreams and see what we can do about them.”

He opened the door and motioned for her to enter first, although he made sure she had to brush against him as she walked past. She breathed in the smell of salt and horse and a soft moan escaped her lips. It was a smell that she had always loved, the musky tang wreaking havoc on her sense of self control. Jeannie couldn’t hear the shower running but movement in the bedroom made her realize that Chris would be getting dressed.

A sudden urge grabbed hold of her, and with a wicked glance back at Tyler, she strode into the bedroom, not bothering to knock. Chris, only wearing a towel, turned around to face her, surprised but excited by the intrusion. He held the towel closed, which disappointed her, but the rash urge that had taken hold of her moments earlier had yet to relinquish its control. Jeannie quickly closed the distance between them and she could see the growing attraction in his eyes. She grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down to her level, and boldly kissed him. He barely hesitated and his kiss back was deep, hot and passionate.

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