Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Taster

My first Thursday Taster, so I'm jumping in head first, straight into something hot! This is from a WIP of a short story I've started, trying to get back to the sultry pull of erotica. To read more Thursday Tasters, follow this link and you'll find several more authors to enjoy.

Katia continued to follow Antonio as he led her down the hallway to a room at the very back of the building. She was incredibly eager to get inside and let this strange, Spanish cowboy ravish her, all the while knowing it was actually her husband. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door to a room lavishly furnished in keeping with the Western style. The four poster bed was glorious, but it was the hall table that caught her eye. It was sturdy, and it was close. That was all she wanted.
As soon as the door was closed, she pushed Antonio’s back to it, pressing against him and picking up where they’d left off downstairs. Their kiss was deep and hot, no longer slow and soft as desire was unleashed. He cupped her breasts through the dress and Katia moaned. Antonio then grabbed hold of the clips keeping the dress together and slowly unclasped each one until the dress was open and it could slide down to the floor, leaving her standing in only panties, stockings and her heeled boots. She loved his hands on her hips, now pushing her gently and turning her until it was her back against the wall.
Holding tightly on to Antonio’s shoulders, as his own hands gripped her ass cheeks, she allowed him to lift her higher, wrapping her legs around his waist. He carried her to the hall table and she was glad that there weren’t any knick knacks on it.
“You must have been reading my mind,” she panted as Antonio nibbled on her neck, his only response a throaty rumble that sent desire pulsing through her. “Who needs a bed when there’s a sturdy table closer?”
“I couldn’t agree more,” he growled, his voice husky with lust.

As he resumed nibbling her neck and earlobe, Katia unbuckled Antonio’s belt and tugged at his waistband. He moved back enough so she could slide his pants and boxers past his hips, gravity taking care of the rest and he kicked them to the side. The clang-thud of the buckle hitting the wooden floor made her flinch; surely that would give away what was happening in this room. The warmth of his erection pressing on the other side of her panties saw her cares fly out the window, however. All she could hear was heavy breathing from both of them as they kissed and ran their hands over each other, teasing.