Friday, August 9, 2013

Guess who's back?! With a review, to boot!

That's right, our internet is finally connected at the new place! While these posts have been going up as scheduled, I've been resting, as per doctor's orders, and so am returning with a review of Cree Walker's awesome new release through Naughty Nights Press; Maple Lane Manor. I am giving it 4 stars!

This was my first novel by Cree. I’ve read blogs by her, but never ventured into her stories, though I always meant to. When I got the chance to review this, I jumped at the chance, especially since I had some time coming up to dedicate to it.
Maple Lane Manor is a fantastic introduction to Cree Walker’s writing. Full of humour, heat and emotion, it kept flowing. It has been a while that a new (to me) author has captured my attention quite like this. I even found myself staying up one night late to keep reading it. I just couldn’t put it down.
There were a couple small niggles, but no story is perfect. And when I say small, I mean small. I honestly am having trouble trying to remember them, and it was only one day ago that I finished it. The one that does stick is the speed with which it ended; it did come up pretty quickly and left me with that empty, awesome-book-now-finished feeling. However it was still satisfying.
The characters were fantastic. Stacy I hated with passion and I was filled with glee every time she was thwarted. Maple of course was endearing, feisty and reminded me a little of myself. Derek gave me incredibly wicked thoughts. And then there were the retired supernaturals. What can I say, they all had the usual family traits, and all loveable in their own frustrating way. However I believe Walter and Batman stood out for me. They were just the epitome of family for Maple. Grumpy old man and his bird, perfectly grumpy and protective.
The writing in first person initially threw me off, but then it’s not something that’s all that common anymore. Once I got used to it, it drew me into the story even more.
I finished this story hungry for more, yet satisfied, like when you’ve had a deliciously filling meal and your stomach is full, although your tastebuds cry for more. Definitely has me hooked for more of Ms Walker’s writing, and one I will be coming back to read again and again!

Fantastic read for those who want that familial feeling of mixed emotions, protectiveness and humour. 

Maple Lane Manor can be bought in all the usual places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, but most importantly, directly through Naughty Nights Press! It is also available in paperback.