Thursday, August 8, 2013

Author Chat Friday with Phoenix Johnson

No, I'm not back yet, unfortunately, but it shouldn't be much longer before I do return to The Naughty Pages. 
Our beautiful view a couple months back sitting at The Spit
Sitting here pre-scheduling posts from other authors, I was unsure what to write about for this Author Chat. So, looking out the window over the computer for one of the last times before we move, I've decided to write about how much we take things for granted. 
For almost 3 years we've had (mostly) beautiful blue skies and tall palm trees outside of our windows. Although it's the same sky that will be over us once we move, it feels different. The air feels different. For those nigh-on 3 years, we've taken it all for granted; our drives along the water, the peaceful quiet at The Spit*, the beauty of lights over the canals at night. It's all just been there for us to take in. But not for much longer. Oh, we'll be able to drive down for the day here and there, maybe even spend the weekend in a hotel to be able to catch those lights over the water again, but it's not the same as living so close. 
So I'm taking this time to remind you all that things are fleeting; nothing lasts. So if there is a beautiful spot you like to relax in, take as many opportunities to do as such as you can. Take plenty of photos. And take the time to take in all that is around you. The world is constantly changing, and we don't know how long anything will last anymore. So make the most of everything and everyone around you while you can. Visit and talk to friends and family, share some laughs and memories, and capture those moments. There may always be a tomorrow; but why wait? Enjoy life now!

*For those unfamiliar with The Gold Coast, The Spit is an iconic area, great for viewing Southport across canals, or surfing out to sea.