Thursday, July 18, 2013

Author Chat Friday with Karenna Colcroft

When I See You Smile

Folks who know me and my writing know that usually I have a new book release at least once a month. Back in June, I had two. The first one, I blogged about here last month. The second one released June 28, two days before my birthday, so I wanted to share. 

When I See You Smile is part of MLR Press’s Mixed Tape anthology series of stories based on songs from the 1980s and 1990s. I chose a song that meant a lot to me in those days, but then needed a plot to go with it. Fortunately, MLR’s editor goddess Kris Jacen had, not too long before, issued a challenge for scenes with musicians. I decided the scene I wrote in response to that challenge would be a good place to start for my Mixed Tape series.

This story marks my first attempt at an actual BDSM romance, as opposed to a story with characters who dabble a bit into Dominance and submission. Hopefully readers enjoy it and like rocker Kieran West and his lover/submissive Deacon Shea as much as I do. Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt, and you can find the book at

Although rocker Kieran West is openly gay, only a handful of people know about his relationship with his lover--and submissive--Deacon Shea. Although he knows the BDSM part of their relationship must remain a secret, Kieran wants the world to know that he and Deke are in love, and he wants to make Deke a permanent part of his life.

Hands reached up from the front row, and he grinned down at the little beauties who would 
probably kill for a night in his bed. That was the biggest rush. They didn’t only want his music. They wanted him. When he’d first started out, he’d been stunned at how many women had not only begged but practically ordered him to fuck them. A tiny brush with fame consisting of a suck job in a darkened hall, or a fast, hard fuck against the wall in an alley after he exited the stage door. 

He’d taken full advantage in the early years. Before Deacon had entered his life. 

Seeing those hands, hearing the cries of, “Kieran! Yes, yes, Kieran!” from the audience, turned him on so goddamn much he could barely finish the last song. He wouldn’t be choosing a woman, though. Deke was waiting for him backstage. And that knowledge spiked Kieran’s arousal so much he could have come on the spot. Deacon’s perfect mouth 
and tight little ass had filled more of Kieran’s dreams and fantasies than any ever had. And the reality, having those lush lips around his cock or seeing Deke’s hands cuffed above his head, his ass cheeks turning red as Kieran flogged him, was better than any fantasy. 

He finished the song and called out to the crowd. “Thank you—” 

He glanced at his guitarist, who mouthed, “Philly.”

“Thank you, Philadelphia!” Kieran raised his guitar above his head, and the crowd’s cheers grew deafening. “You guys are awesome! Keep partying!” 

They yelled for an encore. For more Kieran West. For a moment, Kieran was ready to give it to them. He could do this all fucking night. They would stay. They would do anything for Kieran West.

The guitarist shook his head and tapped his wrist. Time to go. The song they’d just done had been an encore. Kieran had forgotten. 

Hazy from the afterglow—playing and singing was almost as good as sex—Kieran waved to the crowd, blew a kiss which elicited more screams, and hurried backstage.

He handed his guitar to someone. He didn’t see who, and it didn’t matter. His crew would take good care of the instrument. And Deke was standing right in front of him, waiting to take care of a completely different instrument.

Kieran threw his arms around the man and dragged him backward. “Fuck me.”

“Kieran, man, people want to talk to you,” Deke protested, though he didn’t try to stop him. He’d learned not to mess with Kieran when he was in this kind of shape. Kieran had trained him well. He hadn’t used the word which would have signaled Deacon that it was time to submit, but Deke knew who was in charge here. Especially after a concert.

“Fuck ’em.” Kieran stopped long enough to nip at his lover’s earlobe. Deke whimpered but didn’t make any louder sound. “Scratch that. Fuck you. Fuck me. Don’t goddamn care. Just fuck.”

Deke laughed and took control of their movement. Kieran allowed it because he knew what 
waited at the end of their little trip. Deacon pulled Kieran through an open door and slammed it closed. A second later, a dim bulb lit above them. “Scoped this out before the show. I know how you get.”

“Oh?” He loved the way Deke always thought ahead. On fire now, Kieran yanked down the zipper on his tight jeans and shoved them to his thighs. He was naked and hard beneath them. Underwear just got in the way. “And how is that?”

“Horny as hell.” 

Deke dropped to his knees and engulfed Kieran’s raging cock with his warm, wet mouth. Kieran threw his head back and tried not to scream. He was so fucking hard, and the sensations from Deke’s lips and tongue had him at the edge within seconds. So much pleasure, such intense feelings running through over his skin. So goddamn hot seeing Deke on his knees, taking whatever Kieran wanted to give him and giving everything back. Such a good boy. 

“Going to come,” he grunted.

Deke looked up at him and grinned around Kieran’s shaft. And that was all it took. The sight of the man he loved so happy about sucking his dick was better than a million fans. 

Kieran exploded, and now it was Deacon’s name being screamed. Deacon made him feel better than any concert, any award. Anything in the fucking universe.

It was Deacon. Only him.