Sunday, July 14, 2013

A bit of a disruption to our regular programming...

As you might already know, The Phoenix is about to move this week, and with setting up a new interenet connection, I'll be unable to get online to post blogs myself for the next few weeks. I've been able to pre-schedule a number of them, so for the most part posts will appear as per usual, however a few will be missing and I apologise now for those days. However I will be aiming to get back online as soon as possible to keep bringing you some interesting books and the thoughts of some of my fellow writers. 
I won't be sitting idle while I'm offline, of course. I have editing to do for a fellow author, as well as two of my own short stories, plus taking the time to be able to review a couple upcoming releases from Naughty Nights Press. So there will be plenty to share when I come back!
For those who haven't yet read The Wolf in the Neighborhood, now is a great time to do it, too. Well, anytime is a great time, really. Would love to hear what some more readers think of it, so don't forget, when you do get your copy, just about anywhere you buy it allows for reviews. 
That's enough for now, have some last few things to pack and clean, so I'll be back soon!
Stay Naughty but play it safe!