Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hump Day Hook Special

This week, I'm doing something different. I'm posting not only a hook from my own work, Once Bitten Twice Shy (sequel to The Wolf In The Neighborhood), I'm also posting a hook from Valkyrie Slumbering by  Lilly VanHorn. So you get double the fun, and double the authors! I do hope you enjoy, and don't forget to check out the other authors participating in Hump Day Hook!

Once Bitten Twice Shy:

Derek awoke the next morning in a haze, the previous night patches of blurred color and thumping noise. A vivid dream had woken him, a dream of old times in England with Aubree. He had dreamt of one of the many times they had gone on a pub crawl, to come stumbling home in the early hours of the morning and land in bed, hot and heavy. They would always wrestle over who was on top, but she would always win. The dream left him with such intense feelings, he swore he could still feel Aubree riding him. As his eyes fluttered open, shock rippled through him, to be swiftly replaced by the fury of the Wolf at the sense of betrayal. It wasn’t just a dream; she had taken advantage of his deep slumber to satisfy her own needs at his expense.
“Oh my god!” A loud exclamation by the door chased away the last of the cobwebs and shock. Krissy was standing in the door frame, the look on her face matching his own feeling of shock and betrayal. A roar exploded from within as the Wolf fought to break free and take its revenge upon this despicable female daring to take her own pleasure from this flesh promised to his Alpha female.

Valkyrie Slumbering:

Grím straightens and closes my fingers tight around the few precious coins I hold. “Well then, I have two horses. Ye may ride with me,” he says as he bows his head low, his long lashes sweeping dramatically.
It is just as likely that he wants someone to warm his furs at night as it is that he truly wants to assist me. And Odin help me, that thought isn’t at all unpleasant. But distractions are dangerous. Regardless, horseless and nearly copperless as I am, I am in no position to refuse him. “I couldn’t impose upon you,” I insist, not wanting to seem too easy.
“Nonsense. We half-elves should stick together,” he insists.
For several moments I stare deep into his startling blue eyes, searching for something in their depths. All I see is honesty and mirth. Deep down, I realize, I’m not ready to let him out of my sight. Finally, I ask in a guarded tone, “What would you require in return?”

Steamy nights in ancient Iceland, a search for vengeance, and creatures from Midgard complicating the whole matter. Rich in Viking lore, this fantasy novella will appeal to those who enjoy romance, fantasy, and erotica.

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