Thursday, February 28, 2013

Author Chat Friday: I'm a slave and my Master sucks...

This Friday, Alysha is here with an Author Chat with a twist...

I am a slave…and my Master sucks.

I’ve become interested in the BDSM lifestyle. I know that a Slave’s pleasure comes from making sure the Master’s needs are always met, that pleasure comes from service and trust. A good submissive obeys the Master’s every command. And a good Master takes care of his sub, rewarding her, keeping her from harm and giving her what she needs even if she doesn’t know what that is herself.

But my Master sucks. He lets me think I am in command. He lets me believe that I am giving orders, but in fact my whole life revolves around doing things the way he wants. And does he ever reward me? No. So I’m taking a stand. Literally. I am getting up from my seat and walking away from the machine that every day, does everything it can to make me its slave.

You hear that Hewlett Packard laptop? Are you listening Apple Mac? Loud enough for you over there, Dell?

I am leading a slave revolt. No more will we writers agonise over how to change the speech marks from straight to curly. Stuff your shift return. Stick your tabs where the sun don’t shine. You can send me all the dialogue boxes you like, because if you crash—I am going to report it.

And you can take your 403 page not found and …

What’s that you say, computer? If I don’t format my blog entry correctly you won’t load it? But I promised Phoenix I’d have it ready! Please open the document. Oh, forgive me. Please open the document, Sir.

No, Sir, I didn’t mean I wanted to stop using the computer. Yes, Sir, I do understand that when you subject me to the little green wavy line it is because you know best. Oh, no, Sir, I would never challenge you on your spelling of honor. No sir. I’m sorry Sir.

I am a slave…and my Master instructs me to inform you that he is wiser than me, quicker than me and has a much better grasp of grammar than me. My Master does permit you to share a sample from my foray into the world of BDSM, which you can read here.

Sharing the Billionaire Anthology—Submitting to Him

A sexy Greek, a billionaire and the woman they share.

The knock sounded on the door twenty minutes later. Blair opened it to find Nick standing there with the waiter. Oh yes, so easy to lead. If he continued to respond so well, the night looked very promising.

“Since the decision about the menu was mine, I wanted to be sure you found the meal satisfactory,” Nick said and stepped over the threshold.

The waiter rolled the cart inside and under Nick’s critical gaze, set out the meal. When everything was ready, Nick nodded a brief dismissal. The waiter shut the door behind him and Nick turned to Blair. His quick, searching glance around the room didn’t go as unnoticed as he probably hoped it would. “If Mrs Cowdery finds my selections satisfactory, I’ll leave you to enjoy the meal.”

“I’m sure my wife will find your—choices—tempting.” He raised his voice, “Elise, your order has arrived.”

Blair pushed open the door to the bedroom, then stood back. Elise stepped into the light. Nick’s jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. He stared at Elise for a long moment, the only movement the convulsive jerk of his throat as he swallowed and the brush of his tongue across his lips.

Blair smiled. Just the reaction he’d hoped for. His own cock had once more hardened into an iron rod.

Elise wore nothing but a black corset, laced tight so her ample breasts bulged above it, rounded and soft. Boning cinched her waist, giving her a perfect hourglass figure. A black leather thong left most of her delicious buttocks bare. Her legs were encased in thigh-high stockings and she teetered on outrageously high platform stilettos.

Her hands were bound behind her back with a length of silk ribbon the exact colour of the blue roofs of Santorini.

“Sit,” Blair ordered her and she sank gracefully onto the sofa.

“As you can see,” he said to Nick. “My wife is currently unable to avail herself of the fine food you've provided.”

He waited, but though Nick slipped his tongue out once more, and opened and shut his mouth, no sound emerged.

Blair handed Nick a fork from the table. “I want my wife to sample the food. Would you oblige?”

“Me? I…” Nick stumbled to halt.

Blair met his gaze head on. “You did say you would do anything to make our stay more comfortable?”

Nick moved his head in a sharp, staccato movement that might have been a nod.

“Let me make it plain to you. I am a man who is rich beyond compare, not only in worldly goods but in the affections of my beautiful wife. So rich that it pleases me, and her, to share her with a very select few. You could be one of those.” Blair offered him a reassuring smile. “There will be no coercion. You are free to walk away now, or after, without any fear of consequences. I will not report you or try to have you removed from your job.” He walked to Elise and placed his hand on her shoulder, running it down the smooth flesh of her throat, stroking over the full mounds of her breasts. He looked up and caught the heavy-lidded intentness of Nick’s expression. “I promise you if you consent to join our little game, there will be no consequences.” He ran one finger under the edge of the corset to touch Elise’s nipple. “No negative consequences.”

The front of Nick’s pants bulged in an unmistakeable sign of his interest.

Elise smiled and Blair pinched her nipple hard. She gasped and dropped her head submissively.

Nick looked at them both, with pale assessing eyes, then he took one step forward and picked up a fork from the table. He speared into the first bowl and brought out a tiny, red morsel. “Tomato keftedes,” he said, his voice shaking as much as the fork. “M-made from the local tomatoes. Unique to the island.” He held the fork to Elise’s mouth.

She lifted her head in response to the upward pressure of Blair’s hand under her chin but her lips remained shut.

”She can’t eat until you give her permission,” Blair said.

I give permission?” It was a question but Blair nodded as if Nick had issued an instruction and Elise opened her mouth. The fork wobbled and the savoury dropped in more by luck than intention. Elise swallowed it and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” Her open mouth begged silently for another bite, but she didn’t raise her eyes or speak again.

Blair reached into his pocket and drew out a tangled bundle of blue silk and tossed it onto the table.

Sharing the Billionaire from Total-e-Bound