Monday, February 18, 2013

Promo Monday with Alysha Ellis Submitting to Him

My latest release from Total-E-Bound is part of the Sharing the Billionaire Anthology.  Imagine a man with uncountable wealth.  He can afford every pleasure his heart desires. The pleasure he loves most is his wife, and he wants to show another man just how special she is.

'Submitting to Him' by Alysha Ellis

Elise loves her husband. He shares her with a handsome, dominating stranger.

Billionaire Blair Cowdery and his wife Elise travel the world seeking new pleasures. On the island of Santorini their status ensures they get the personal attention of their hotel’s handsome young manager, Nick Zervelos.
Blair’s pleasure is to share his beautiful wife with someone who appreciates her special gifts. Nick’s masterful nature makes it plain he is such a man. Blair soon discovers he and Nick share an interest in bondage and rope play.
Together Blair and Nick show Elise the pleasure of submission and the freedom that comes from being bound.
The two men work together, orchestrating a series of heated sexual encounters. They take Elise to a new space, pushing her limits. They teach her that in losing herself she will discover her true identity.
By the time the game of dominance and submission is played out, Blair, Nick and Elise are bound with ties too strong to resist.

Well, doesn't that just sound sexy and devine?!