Friday, February 8, 2013

Author Chat Friday with Phoenix Johnson

So once again I am a little late, and I do apologise. Yesterday was a pretty silly day, and then by the time I had a chance to post, I had no idea just what to write. So I slept on it, and I think I have an idea now. Of course, the way my mind works I'll probably start of talking about topic A and then end up talking about a dream I had last month on a Tuesday night... If I do go off on a tangent, please do bare with me; I plead pregnancy brain! (For those who don't know, my partner and I are expecting our second child in August. So I will probably be a little silly with posts for a while, and with moving to a bigger place in a couple months, things will be a bit hectic. But I won't forget about The Naughty Pages, I promise.)

Alright, what was I saying... Oh, that's right. What my author chat today is about. The annoying and silly questions authors get asked. Knowing as many other authors as I do, I can tell you, there have been some real doozies! 

"Will your book be in print?"
Now, in itself, it doesn't annoy me. My first one has only come to ebook, but I'm hoping it's popular enough the publisher finds it worthwhile putting the trilogy in to print. We'll see further down the road. I know, however, that other authors quite probably get frustrated by this. Ebooks are becoming more popular than print, yet there are so many people still asking for print. I love that, personally. I'll always prefer hard copy to digital as a reader. However, the digital copy means that stories that are short, yet don't necessarily belong in an anthology can now stand on their own and be read, and loved, by readers like stories are meant to be. Unfortunately, with so many readers still preferring print, many authors will be asked this question A LOT, and more than likely get quite frustrated by it. 

"What happens in the next one?"
I have had a few people try to pry the plot out of me for Once Bitten Twice Shy (book two of Wolf Smitten), but I've been able to laugh it off. If you want to know, you have to sit patiently and wait. I know, it's frustrating to wait so desperately for a sequel. I have done plenty of waiting for "the next book" myself, so believe me, I know. And it's not just the reader waiting; often, the book may already be written, but it needs to go to an editor. Editors have many other books to edit, so they can't drop everything just to get one particular one published. Besides, the wait makes it all the sweeter, doesn't it? 
Back to the question, though. Many readers might try to claim they know what the next book in a series is about. It's the same with movies. Goodness knows how many false trailers for movie sequels I've seen. The Fast in the Furious series is a great example. The sixth movie is only just about to come out, yet there are already false trailers for a seventh on youtube, using clips from movies not even in the FF series! It's really a bit idiotic, in my opinion. There isn't even a promise that there will be a seventh. Seriously, fans, just calm down and continue with your actual lives, please. Leave that up to the writers. 

"Being an author must be so awesome, you get to stay at home all day!"
Ok, I haven't been asked this, but I know it's an assumption many people have. One I intend to correct. No, this is not always the case. I have a few friends who work 60+ hours a week in a "normal" job, then come home and still manage to write a few thousand words before crashing in to bed, to start it all again tomorrow. One in particular, I still just shake my head at the amount that she does every day. Wow. (You know who you are, lady!)
Myself? Ok, yes. I stay at home all day. But I'm not kicking back doing nothing until inspiration hits. I study full time. I have a 3-almost-4-year-old with another on the way. I proof-read. I have a place to keep clean (thank you so much to my fantastic man for helping with that!), and food to cook (again, thank you for helping most nights, babe!). Then, when I can squeeze some brain power after studying and proof-reading, THEN I might be able to get some words written down for the next one. Very few authors are able to sit at home all day to focus on writing. Most of us have full time jobs we need to keep to support the family and keep our backsides in a house with power so we can type away at our computers. Or, in my case, study so that I can get a great job. Point being, it's not an easy ride like so many people assume. Life does get in the way quite often. So unless it's someone like J K Rowling (who would still have public appearances and all that famous person stuff), then don't assume they sit at home all day doing next to nothing. 

Well, I think 3 questions is enough for this week. I might have some more for next time. It's a month away, so we'll just see now, won't we? 
Next time you go to ask an author a question, stop and think for a minute. Make sure it's not a question that could make you look like an arse. The author will thank you for it!