Sunday, September 23, 2012

Promo Monday with Gemma Parkes

This week I'm pleased to welcome back Gemma Parkes! This time, she's here to talk about her latest book Park 'N Ride!

Hi Phoenix
Thank you for having me over today. Quite a lot has been going on since the last time l visited your blog. I have been busy writing short stories for anthology requests and l am also towards the end of a new novella which is shaping up really well! August saw the release of an anthology of my own work, four short stories about outdoors sex, in particular ‘dogging’ that wonderful art of sex in cars surrounded by an audience! The book is entitled ‘Park ‘N Ride’ and it is available to purchase from Amazon kindle, Yellow Silk Dreams and Smashwords.

‘Good Doggy’ tells the story of a couple’s first encounter with the dogging scene. The vision thrills them so much that they can hardly contain their excitement and decide to join in with a few moves of their own!
‘Naked Moon’ Natalie’s life is mundane and unfulfilling. When a new neighbour moves in next door, he takes her deep into the forest and shows her something that will change her life forever.
‘Good Doggy Two’ revisits the sexy couple for the first story and sees them wanting to push the boundaries as far as they can to achieve ultimate thrills. Dancing naked and having sex with an audience will always bring drive some people towards sexual release. But it’s better with three!
‘The Midnight Gathering’ Amber and Danny are getting down to a little outdoors love in the dark when they are disturbed by strange noises. Taking Amber back to the safety of the car, Danny decides to investigate alone and is amazed and excited by what he finds.
Excerpt: (warning, sexual content)
“Hand me the oil.” said one, looking towards the man who held the items. The oil was brought forward and the one who had spoken stepped into the ring and began to coat the woman’s body with it as she danced. Danny heard her groan as her body was handled with sweeping, oily fingers. Her breasts began to glisten and many of the men murmured their approval.
The track on the CD changed to a slow rhythmic beat.
“It is time!” spoke the man with the oil.
Suddenly the woman dropped to her knees, leaning forward onto her hands and tipping back her head so that her hair cascaded further down her to the base of her glowing spine. There were cheers as the oil man began to undress himself. Soon he was as naked as she and he proceeded to cover his own body with the glistening liquid. Then kneeling behind her he took his cock in his hand and pressed backwards and forwards against her waiting sex. She opened her legs wider in invitation and the man entered her as the crowd whooped and several of them clapped sporadically.
The woman’s cries began to echo around the woodland as the oiled man took her furiously, pounding into her in time with the music. Her head remained tilted back and Danny could see her blood red mouth parted and her eyes wild with excitement. He thought she looked a little like a wild, wanton creature of the night, begging to be tamed.
Soon she began tossing her head from side to side. Danny stroked his excited cock through his jeans. He had never seen anything like this before and from his viewpoint behind the bush he could see the woman’s body so clearly. Her beautiful breasts jiggled with the movement and her ass jutted upwards to meet the steady pounding from the man behind her. As she tossed her head, her hair flicked back and forth some of it sticking to her oily skin. The rest of the men stood closely by watching with
intense lust.
With a sharp shout the man inside her was sated. Slowly he withdrew his spent cock to more cheers from the baying men. Danny’s breath came in short, noisy pants as he saw the woman’s gaping sex left wide and open, glistening with the wetness from her own body and the seed from her lover.
The show, however, was not over yet. Danny watched as two other’s now took their places, both had removed their clothes and they set about taking the woman with fevered passion. She seemed as eager as them to continue the session as one entered her from behind and another took her mouth.

Thank you for having me over today Phoenix, I’ve had a wonderful time!

You're most welcome, Gemma. I must say, that was one hot excerpt! *fans self*


  1. Thank you for having me over today! I had a great time!

  2. Ah we Brits just love the dogging scene, I have read the Good Doggy stories and they are really good…… After the excerpt I think I will have to find out what Danny gets up to at the midnight gathering, I bet it’s not taking his pooch for a walk!