Friday, June 1, 2012

So my first week of University is gone already and I must say that, despite dreading Humanities and Sociology, I have actually found both subject very interesting. They cross paths and it is in my Sociology unit that I have found an excellent source of research for my Humanities essay. Both of these units should also help my writing, in that they'll help me delve deeper in to interactions between people and groups, societies, and how those interactions are the way they way due to the age, gender, culture, class etc of the people/groups to whom they belong. This should lead to some very interesting experimenting with the relationships between my characters!

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So with that in mind, I am delighted to say that the short story "Grammy's Last Gift" that I wrote for a competition (that I was unable to enter due to it being only open to US residents, I just wrote the short for fun) a few months back is now slowly unfolding to become The Coven; a paranormal thriller with a hint of Underworld and the underlying cruel tones of humanity. The Coven is going to be a harsh, gritty tale of a Vampire Queen's struggle to accept her role while keeping her coven protected from a threatening enemy. I won't give away too many details just yet, as The Coven is still in early stages of being written. But I promise a thrilling read completely different to the lighter paranormal writing that will be released in the form of Wolf in the Neighborhood and the rest of the Wolf Smitten trilogy.

Please stay tuned as I continue my studies for my degree as well as promoting fellow authors every week and the occasional review. That's right, I am still doing reviews, just fewer of them and they will take longer now as well. My next review will be in a couple weeks or so, of Hell's Angel by Kim Faulks, who has been on The Naughty Pages before with her Fire and Ice Series. From time to time I will provide an update of my studies and writing progress so The Phoenix won't be far at all. For now, I hope you all enjoy your weekend, as I enjoy mine, spending time getting to know Arabella, Silas and even Baylock more as I delve in to The Coven...