Sunday, June 3, 2012

Promo Monday with Eden Connor's Soft Sounds of Pleasure

Here we go, the second Eden with her lovely book Soft Sounds of Pleasure!

Soft Sounds of Pleasure
Silver Publishing (link:
products_id/839/) , June 9, 2012 (available for pre-order now)
202 pages
ISBN: 9781614953838
Contemporary M/F Erotic Romance

Lila Walker has batted lead-off in Colton De Marco's fantasies for years, and now that he's
stumbled upon her sunbathing in the nude, he decides to take his best swing.
Coping with her ogre-in-law, her inability to collect her late husband's life insurance, and the
knowledge the entire town’s counting the days she wears widow's weeds,
Lila decides some between-the-sheets batting practice is just the distraction she needs--even if
their sexy scrimmage won’t last the summer.
But is she missing Colton's signals that he's in it to win it?
And can Colton knock it out of the park with the attractive widow before his thirteen-year-old
nephew’s foul attitude gets him thrown out of the game?

Pete Walker's taste in land was every bit as good as his taste in women, Colton judged as he
stepped off the driveway onto the steps leading around back.
The first thing he noticed was the wheelchair ramp built over the steps. That was new
since the last time he'd towed a vehicle away from the Walker's. He realized he hadn't been
to their back door since Pete's accident. The last car he'd towed from here had been their son
Charlie's Jeep. That had been almost two years back; the day after Charlie had pitched for the
high school baseball team, winning the state championship, then shocked the whole town by
turning down his scholarship to the state university in favor of joining the Marines.
If possible, the sight of the ramp, the solid, sloping reminder of Pete's misfortune, made
him feel worse about his stubbornly lingering chubby. But thoughts of his sad, silent nephew
made him trudge to the top anyway, the guilt he felt over the lust he nurtured for Lila unable to
trump his need to put a smile on that kid's face.
He was almost to the back door when he stopped dead in his tracks. His conscience began
screaming for him to turn around. Shrieking at him, in fact, to get the hell off this deck and go
back to his truck.
But his legs were suddenly as rigid as his dick.
He could hear the thousand tiny devils begin sharpening their blades.
Because his abruptly short-circuited brain was sending the message to his already primed
cock that Lila Walker was lying in the sun on her very private deck, wearing nothing but an
oversized pair of sunglasses and a coat of coconut-scented oil.
He might go straight to hell in a big ball of fire, but Colton couldn't help staring at her.

If Pete himself had rolled out on the deck at this very moment, Colton still might not have been
able to move. Not before taking in her full breasts, tipped in dark rose, their color something
he'd wondered about for so long. Not before noting with approval the half-dollar size of her rosy
areolas, his fingers clenching at the sight of the big, surprisingly lengthy tips. He let his gaze
linger in the deep cleft between her breasts, a spot that would cuddle his cock even better than
he'd always imagined. She probably thought her full breasts were too heavy, but Colton thought
them perfect. He doubted even his large palm could completely capture one.
He took another look at her sexy belly button, noting with some dim part of his brain that
it was still a repository for her sweat. A tiny white scar beneath the sexy indent hadn't been there
the last time he'd laid eyes on her midriff.
Her hips might be slightly wider than they had been that day by the side of the road, and
her belly was a bit rounder, but she looked even better now, he thought with approval. There was
nothing to stop a man from really pounding out his lust on this particular body.
And, saving the best for last, since the devil was likely choosing Colton's permanent pain
palace at this exact moment, he raked his gaze over her pussy. Her heels were at either edge of
the wide chaise, giving him a glorious view of her feminine lips, which were edged in a deeper
rose than even her nipples, like an orchid he'd seen in some flower shop window recently. And
he was still going to have to wonder whether or not she was a natural blond, since her gorgeous,
gleaming pussy was waxed as bare as the day she'd been born.
His fantasies hadn't done her justice. Not even close.
Damn her, he thought as he studied her folds, feeling his jaw clench and a coil of tension
begin in his lower back. He was no longer some horny teenager, but once again, Lila Walker
had him on the verge of coming in his jeans. Because unless he was sadly mistaken, it appeared
Lila had masturbated before falling asleep. Her pussy was still open and the lips surrounding
her enticing entrance were slightly swollen, her bare flesh gleaming with juices that had his
mouth watering to taste them. He could see the wetness staining the cushion beneath her a darker
shade of green. Apparently, she'd given herself one hell of an orgasm before nodding off in the
sun. Must have been recently, too, he realized. He fancied he even saw her clit throb. She was
practically still creaming.
And she still belonged to another man, one he liked and respected. One she loved. Guilt-
sharpened shame flayed him as Colton realized with horror that he'd crossed the deck towards
her without meaning to. Turning his back on her bare form was one of the hardest things he'd
ever done, but Colton quietly spun around, praying to God she didn't wake. Lila had the right
to masturbate on her own deck, and she probably had to, since Pete's accident had left him
paralyzed from the neck down. But he'd had no right to see the proof.
The sound of a neighbor cranking his lawn-tractor might as well have been the jet
engines firing up on the rocket-ship he'd ride into Hell.
The voice she used in his fantasies when she begged him to fuck her stopped him dead in
his tracks before he'd taken two silent steps.
"Examined and rejected, how depressing. Tell me Colton, how old is the lucky lady that's

going to be the recipient of that most impressive bulge in your jeans?"


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