Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review of Kim Faulks' Hells Angel, first book in the No Angel series

When I think Kim Faulks, I think of dark, gritty writing of the paranormal, and Hells Angel did not disappoint. I was quickly drawn in by an intricate plot, dark scenes lit with flickering fluro signs and strong characters eager for their own salvation.

Kellah, a demon, is a badass chick, eager to get back to Hell, to her home. Detective Hunter has lost almost everything and is determined to make what seems to be a last stand by taking down Kellah for the criminal scum she is, without realising just how dangerous his fixation is. The heat of hate between these two is thick, and intoxicating. Other minor characters still stay with me, long after they’re gone because even they play their own part in shaping the story.

The darkness in Hunter’s past that ruined a fine detective are is slowly revealed and explicit, highly emotional and devastating. Every step along the sorry tale unravelled the story with a surprising event and jaw-dropping bombshell. Ms Faulks knows just how to keep her audience hooked and every book she writes, she expands on that skill. I thrilled in the first three books of her Fire and Ice series but Hells Angel takes the cake. This is her best so far, and I, for one, will be awaiting, eagerly, for all coming books from this fantastic author! Never put that pen down, Kim, all your hard work is clear and the finished product is wonderful!