Thursday, June 28, 2012

Naughty Nights Press turns 1 YEAR OLD! Celebrate with prizes!

Naughty Nights Blog Hop
Yes, that's right. Naughty Nights Press, dream-child of Gina Kincade, result of all her hardwork, as well as that of all of us, is celebrating the first anniversary! And to celebrate, we're doing a blog hop, with lots of prizes to give away! The Naughty Nights Press blog itself has 13 prizes including (US residents only) the grand prize of a Kindle Touch with 2 NNP ebooks (backlisted from Amazon), and 12 runner up prizes of randomly chosen (backlisted) NNP ebooks! Then each individual blog has their own prizes. I only have 1 prize, to give to 3 lucky readers!
Some of you may remember last year The Naughty Pages hosted The 12 Days of Naughty Giveaways. It was an exhausting event to put together but it was a blast, with 14 writers, including myself, participating with a short story each (there was an intro and closing post, on top of one for each day). To thank those writers, I made the short stories in to an anthology, which was kept private. Until now. With permission of the other 13 writers I am pleased to give away 3 copies to lucky readers at the end of this blog hop!

So what do you have to do to win a copy? Good question! Well I'm going to tell you!
I currently have a short story, Joanna's Rush, in a free anthology called Postcards of Passion through Naughty Nights Press. It involved a Demi-God known as The Lover, who brings love back to those who have given up for whatever reason. I'm wanting to write an anthology about a few of his "cases", but I would like to hear from you, the reader, what you would like to read. Maybe you have a friend who has lost the hope for love. Or maybe your Auntie? Leave some ideas about the characters who have lost the will to look for love, and I will pick the best three ideas! Not only will the three winners end up with a copy of the Christmas Anthology from the Giveaways last year, you will also have your character (with a name of your choice OR your own!) appear in The Lover's Lovers when it's finished! Double incentive to enter. What's not to love?
Just leave your name, email address and your idea in a comment below, and once the hop is over, I will announce and notify the winners! Oh, and don't forget to hop on over to the Naughty Nights Press blog to enter the main contest to win one of the many prizes mentioned above, and check out the many other blogs participating. You might or might not win on The Naughty Pages, but there are plenty of contests to enter! Best of luck to you all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAUGHTY NIGHTS PRESS!! May this be the first of MANY successful years!


  1. I would love to hear about a war-torn soldier who have lost the will to go on and finds "the someone" to show him the way.

  2. Hmm. I like characters who have had a rough time, whether it be a bad relationship, scars from there past, lost love, etc. My favorite types are men who either lost there love and cant move on, even when the perfect woman for him is standing right there, or a woman who was hurt by her high school sweetheart and left town, later returning and them both getting a second chance. I also like books where families intervene, and cause trouble, try to break the couple up. I have this one book, ive read it a hundred times, a rich man falls in love with a poor woman. His mother doesnt approve of her and doesnt think shes good enough. And shes really pissed when she finds out shes pregnant. The mother set her up with theft and adulty, ran her out of town. The hero wouldnt listen to the woman and let her go. Years later she returns when her aunt dies to get rid of the house, and runs into the hero. The woman as a secret life. She a widower and very rich. She came back to ruin the hero and his mother and to take away his company. Things really get interesting when he finds out who she is, who she was married to and that she has a kid. Such a good story! One of my favorites! lol Hope this helps! ;) Thank you for sharing, for the fun hop, and awesome giveaway!

  3. Oh both those ideas are brilliant! I most certainly will be taking them in to serious consideration. Good luck! (Seeing as how there is only just over a day left and you're the only commenters, you might not need it!) Thank you, ladies!

  4. I actually have a friend who has given up totally on love. Her first husband left her for his girlfriend the day after my friend has a surprise birthday party for him. She didn't know he had a woman on the side, it was a total shock to her. Then after several years she met a guy who treated her like a queen until they were married 6 months. That's when his true narsassitic (sp?) personallity came out. They are still married only because she said she's given up too much trying to make it work to walk away now. I would really like for her to have a better life even if it's only in fiction!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Oh Susan, that is so sad for your friend. I can definitely write that for her and for you!
    And with that, I think the time is almost up. There are only a few hours left.

    1. Thank you so much! That's just awesome!

  6. I hope I'm in time to enter :)

    My sister is a romantic at heart, she was in a relationship awhile back and it just did not work, she was the one doing all the giving and nothing on his part. She has not given up on love and is still searching but I know she is afraid.

    So I would love read something in that regards to opening up your heart and not be afraid to trust someone new.


  7. Still a few hours left, Eva. I'll leave this up for about another 3 hours.
    That is definitely an interesting one; someone who hasn't given up, just needs reminding. Beautiful idea! This is going to be tough to choose!

  8. Ok everyone, since there was only one extra comment you ALL get a copy of The 12 Days of Naughty Giveaways: The Anthology! I'll send you all your copy momentarily! Congratulations and thank you for helping The Phoenix celebrate NNP's first birthday!