Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Scarlet Dove by Beth Carter Review and Promo

I know I usually do these separately but I was so taken in by The Scarlet Dove that I finished it in one day so instead of sitting on the review for a week, I'm posting it so that it gets an extra couple days of exposure. You never know when the review might help someone decide to buy a book!
Miss Carter’s writing is new for me, so I started reading this with no expectations. I’ll admit I didn’t find out before-hand exactly what The Scarlett Dove was about, which actually was a nice change. It meant that I had no idea where the story was going and could fully enjoy each wave in the story.

Beth sure did her research before/during writing The Scarlett Dove; even if there wasn’t a note at the beginning stating as such, it shows in the detail of her writing. This is one author who wants her story to be believable, and clearly has done a lot of work to make that so; the effort is well worth it, and makes this such an enjoyable tale.

I haven’t read western style books since I was about 14 years old, if I remember correctly. I know that at the time I loved the romance of the horses and rough men of the land, though it seemed just a phase that I outgrew. Getting so absorbed in the triangle of Liza, Blue and Apollo reminded me just how much I used to love this sub-genre, with the added element of sex, which I can now appreciate properly. I cannot thank Beth enough for re-igniting the passion!

I’m a pretty quick reader when I get the time, a fact that I pride myself on. All the same, I was not expecting to have read half of this on the first day when I was taking my time to savour every word. Miss Carter, you have created a thoroughly wonderful story that had me so lost in the pages, I was almost completely oblivious to anything around me; although I have read many a wonderful book in which I have become enthralled, it has been quite some time since I have been quite that taken in. Being a stay at home mother, it is a welcome break to be able to totally lose myself in a book and this will become a special read for me. Keep up the fantastic work; I look forward to reading so much more!
Let’s meet Apollo Beck and Blue (Morgan) Hawke of The Scarlet Dove!

Apollo and Blue are cousins. Apollo is a Texas Ranger and Blue is his partner.  Blue is half Indian and has an ear forlanguages.  They are on a manhunt for anevil con man named Reynolds for their Captain, to settle a personalvendetta.  Their hunt brings them torescue Liza from Reynolds and his evil lady friend, Mrs. Violet.  Their journey brings them together in love asthey learn how to navigate in a relationship built for three.

Excerpt describing the men: 
“Andthen her eyes clashed with a man on horseback who was riding toward them on a broadbay roan. At first she thought that she’d never seen a more handsome man in herlife, big and brawny with honey-brown eyes and rich, thick lashes. His gazecollided with
hers,moved on, and then immediately came back to rake over her face before sizing upthe two people with her. When he looked back at her, she put every ounce ofpleading she could muster into her face.

Shesaw him say something to the man next to him, and Liza shifted her gaze. Thesecond man was also big and handsome, and without any doubt, he was Indian. Orat least part Indian. Though his skin was polished copper and his long obsidianhair was tied back, he looked at her through sky-blue eyes. He was dressedsimilar to his riding partner, in white man’s clothing, but all similarityceased there. There was a tempered wildness about him, bringing to mind achained lion. It made her shiver. She saw the first man talk, though she couldn’thear what he said, and the Indian shook his head. His gaze
lingeredon her, trapping her gaze with a heated intensity, until both men passed her.”


When Liza Trent decided to become a mail order bride outwest, she never thought her fiancĂ© would die before she arrived; sending her$500 in debt with the only way to pay off the money by auctioning off hervirginity against her will.  When she’srescued by two handsome men, she mistakenly thinks they’re assassins, and makesa pact with them: her body in unconditional surrender for their protection.

Only the two men, Apollo Beck and Blue Hawke, aren’tassassins.  They’re Texas Rangers sentafter a man who preys on women and their dangerous hunt has just brought Lizainto the line of fire.

As they navigate a relationship built between three people,Liza has the difficult decision before her: commit to loving two men or committo her burning desire to become a doctor…unless she’s found and taken forrevenge first.

Beth D. Carter can be found at www.bethdcarter.com

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  1. Wow, this book sounds really interesting, the cover looks beautiful too! I would love to be in with a chance to read it, thanks! parkes.gemma@gmail.com

  2. If Casey says she was lost in the pages - she was! She is the best book reviewer around. Unuh I see people nodding their heads.
    I haven't read a western romance in a long too and we're writing an western contemporary erotic romance! LOL I'd love a chance to win The Scarlett Dove. Beth will be visiting with us next month on our blog. If I win, maybe I can squeeze her book in my pile of TBR. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. long time too - geez I need to go to bed.

  4. *Blushes* I got teary-eyed, Brenda, thank you so much. This is definitely a must read, I just couldn't put it down! And those cowboys... Yummy!

  5. Oh, and with that mention of the western you and Steve are currently writing, you must let me know when it's done! *rubs hands with gleeful anticipation*

  6. I'd like to congratulate both you ladies for winning a copy of The Scarlet Dove. I hope you both enjoy it as much as I did!