Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue Fire - Domination by Cassandre Dayne

I have waited months for this particular release, ever since getting hooked by Red Fire – Surrender. Red Fire was the book responsible for making me a fan of m/m BDSM. Ever since then I have been anxious to get my hands on this hot read. I must say Ms Dayne did not disappoint!

Red Fire focused on building the bond between Detective Jax and the mysterious Russian vampire Aleks. It was steamy, and addictive. Blue Fire sees the bond deepen as Aleks introduces Jax to the misunderstood relationship that is Master and slave, while around them the city is being torn apart by unknown monsters and politicians seeking to shut down clubs catering to those who live the BDSM lifestyle. 

The BDSM elements are highly erotic and deliciously dark, while details of the attacks and vicious murders are gruesomely eerie.  It is an oddly titillating combination of sexy and scary that wouldn’t allow me to put it down. I think it is a good sign when you’re gleefully swearing at the author in your head because the book is too damn good to put down, and Blue Fire is one of those books that hooks in to the mind and won’t let go. The only bad thing is that I now have to wait for Yellow Fire – Acceptance. This was the perfect follow up to Red Fire, and I eagerly anticipate the final instalment.
Blue Fire is available now, check out the Naughty Nights Press page and click on the cover to be taken to Amazon to buy your own copy!