Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review of Naughty Hot Shots: Oral Sex by Cassandre Dayne

Being no stranger to the straight forward writing of Ms Dayne, I was pleased that Oral Sex jumped right in, no nonsense and frilliness. I couldn’t help but grin, and I wasn’t even halfway through the first page! The banter and clear chemistry between Trevor, Bridget and Brice is truly that of close, modern young friends comfortable with their sexuality.
A truly wicked little taste, Oral Sex is hot for the whole story, a very scrumptious read when you only have a little break. Not only is it entertaining, but Ms Dayne even slides in tips and hints as Bridget helps Trevor research for his magazine article. I couldn’t help but giggle quite a few times. Personally, not being as bold as Bridget, I relished the wild side of this woman, enjoying how audacious and cheeky she is, wistfully wishing I was half as daring. Cassandre Dayne has a wonderful way of making the most outgoing, vivacious characters speak to the shyest of shy.
Simply mind-blowing, Oral Sex reminds me just why I love reviewing Cassandre’s writing. I’m always left sated, but wanting more. Well done, Ms Dayne, you’ve outshone yourself!