Saturday, March 10, 2012

Publishers are there to help authors, not to be walked over by them...

I know I don't normally post on a weekend, but with this new post, after a lot of things I've seen going on lately, I had to jump online, flouting my tongue at the stupid internet charges, and share this. 
Publishers invest a lot of time and money in to each work they accept, editing, making up the cover, promoting it and then selling it. Hours upon hours are put in to the work once the author sends it in. They have the right to decide the best way to get their money back on the work and if you don't agree, then don't sign the contract. And always read it through properly before you do sign it, to do otherwise is just moronic. To then complain about it all is just childish and makes you look foolish to everyone. 
For those who want to get more of an idea what I'm talking about, I direct you to The Mistress Journals
I have said all I will on the matter, or I could be here for hours. Unfortunately, I don't think your attention would last that long, plus I have a sooky little girl who hasn't had enough sleep, so I shall end it at that. I just wish that more people treated each other with respect, and stopped expecting things, and stop throwing tantrums when we don't get what we want. It's life. Not everything is handed to us, and there are other people to consider. So be considerate and don't think that you are entitled to everything you want. There are those who are more deserving, and more qualified. Accept this fact, and bow to those who know what they are doing, let them do their jobs. And you'll find yourself more at peace, instead of at war. 


  1. I am guilty myself of complaining about my publisher. Of course mine is about the lack of royalty checks...

  2. Yes, but from what I understand about your publisher from what you've said to me, they aren't doing their best to get your work out there, either, so that's understandable, honey!