Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Universe or paranoia?

Have you ever been sitting there, doing whatever it is you do during the day (for me, it's battle with Alana over whether more of my story will get written today or not. Alana being my muse), when you get this thought that something bad is going to happen? Something specific, that has happened before? If you do get this, does it ever actually come to pass? And if it does come to pass, do you think it is the Universe warning you of something that is about to happen... Or do you think that the Universe thinks that this thing is what you want since your mind is so consumed by it?

I've often wondered this myself, having experienced such phenomenon. Sometimes it's been specific, sometimes it's just a general feeling of bad. For example the day my grandfather passed away. I was in high school, it was a normal day. I went to school, took my classes, talked and joked with my friends and hugged my boyfriend. But that afternoon, with a few hours left of the school day, I had this sudden crappy feeling that something was wrong. I couldn't explain it. In my paranoia, I thought that it was something to do with my relationship with my boyfriend. After school when we were all lining up for the bus (I was on the last bus of the day since my hometown is on the way to the bus depot) I kept expecting my parents to pull up and give me a lift home (which they never did, as my father worked until 5-6pm, depending on the slashing job of the day. Paddock slashing, that is). 

No matter what I did I could not shake this feeling. 

Of course, I arrived home to bad news. I didn't cry, I didn't go in to shock (at least not right away). I just accepted it as a lost piece in the puzzle. Eight and a half years later I'm still not over his passing, but that's something for another time and a psychologist's appointment. The point is... 

Some psychics are frauds. But does that really mean that we don't have that sixth sense that tells us something is wrong? Or that something is just right? I think that all of us have that sense within us. Some call it a gut instinct, some call it intuition. Some of us get the feeling more than others, some get it clearer than others. I believe we are all born with this instinct, this sense of what is, even when we can't actually know it yet, but over time, due to environmental factors (ie belief systems, parents, kids at school, teachers etc) we let it fade, we ignore it until we only have a fraction of what we used to have. 

With practise, we can gain this sense back, but not all of us can claim it all back. Nor do all of us want to claim it back. That is all up to the individual, of course. 

But do you ever just wander How did I know that? Is it the Universe telling us? Or is it the Universe giving us what It thinks we want?


  1. Yes, I have had that kind of thing happen to me all my life...and it does come to pass about 98% of the time. It is a gift that humanity has been given and yes most of us ignore it and eventually it seems to disappear...an interesting article...thank you..:D

  2. I've got that kind of feeling at the moment, have had it for a few days about something specific, thus this post. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

  3. I've had that sense but it does not happen when I feel it. Sometimes it's in the past or is happening in the future.

  4. That still counts and is more than what a lot of people experience :) count yourself a lucky one, Pablo!