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On The Seventh Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

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Jade Thomas stood watching the swans in the late morning sun and smiled. “One, two, three…” Counting seven she couldn’t help but think about The Twelve Days of Christmas, which had always been her favorite Christmas carol. She could almost hear the voluptuous soprano belting out ‘seven swans a swimming’ as she stood on the stage in a vibrant costume. Chuckling, Jade tugged out the gilded invitation and pressed the tip of her finger across the lettering. Re-reading it for the fifth time this morning, another series of shivers trickled down her spine burrowing deep within her pussy. Damn, she was turned on as hell.

Prepare yourself for seven sinful nights of pleasure
Board the seventy-seven train at seven PM sharp
Don’t be late or there will be seven full punishments awaiting you
Shhh…only Santa knows the secrets

Every part of her body tingled in anticipation of the sultry surprise. Dane used to always give her tricks and treats, dragging her to unknown spots to engage in moments of raw passion. But that was before he enjoyed spending the holidays with Barbie doll number one or four. Sighing, Jade was determined not to fall into the pit of hell again. As she walked closer to the shoreline she breathed in the crisp air and remained standing still for a few minutes simply enjoying the playful swans as they orchestrated their delicate dance.
Glancing at her watch she licked her lips and darted a quick glance around at her surroundings before casually sliding her hand down the length of her neck to the swell of her breasts. Feeling like the naughty vixen she’d always wanted to be she eased her finger inside her “v” neck sweater and under her lacy bra, flicking the tip back and forth across her nipple until it became rock hard. “Mmmm…you better be ready for me, sexy man.” Her voice nothing more than a breathless whisper she pinched the tender bud in between her fingers until the dichotomy of pain and pleasure until her honey trickled into her already damp thong.
Jade clenched her buttocks and imagined Dane taking her hard and fast just like he used to. A single moan escaped past her pursed lips and as she stood and planned exactly what to take for the trip she realized she had no idea what to expect. Were they going somewhere hot or cold? Would they be skiing or swimming in the Caribbean? Then again perhaps they’d just be locked behind closed doors for seven days. Somehow the thought sent a wave of excitement surging through her body.
Time was wasting away and she had a few snazzy little treats to purchase for herself and packing to do before… “Shit!” Scampering up the hill she raced to her car giggling the entire way like a schoolgirl. 

“Fuck! I’m going to be late. Damn it!” Hissing, Jade couldn’t believe she’d allowed so much of the day to go by languishing in the what if’s and pampering her every whim. This wasn’t like her. She was the organized one and the girl who always was early to
everything. Her tardiness had to be nerves. Swallowing hard she shoved the rest of her clothes into the suitcase and fought to get the bag zipped without having the contents burst free. It was the middle of winter for Christ’s sake and she had no idea where the hell he was taking her. Slapping her hands down on the dense material she shook her head. Dear God she was acting like a child. Nibbling on her bottom lip she swept the room with her eyes and recounted the things she was taking with her.
Stopping at her favorite sexy lingerie store on the way back to the house, she’d purchased way too many teddies and undies but somehow she couldn’t help herself. Jade had even whipped out her credit card and purchased a slinky scarlet dress that hugged every curve of her hourglass figure perfectly. Dear God Dane would think so? Given his affinity for bottled blonds with huge boobs she couldn’t be sure. Self doubt flashed through the back of her mind and as she stole a glance into the mirror, her haunted reflection reminded her again just how difficult the past few years had been. Pointing at the mirror she tossed her long red hair over her shoulders with a heated level of defiance, grabbed her things and struggled for the door.
As she tossed everything into the car she wondered what he could have in store for her. After all, what did he really know about her secret desires? Even after all the years of being married to one another he still thought of her as a sweet, little thing when in truth she wanted all things kinky. Having a ménage or even more, a heavy slice of BDSM and voyeurism turned her the hell on but Dane knew little of what she hungered for. Perhaps that’s why she’d collected a drawer full of sex toys and used them nightly.
Driving like a bat out of hell to the train station she kept gazing at the dashboard clock. Somehow the pumping disco music didn’t help her nerves any and as she screeched into the parking lot of the station she groaned. It was two minutes until seven. There was nothing like toting almost a hundred pounds of what might be useless shit buried in the dark confines of her bag as she literally ran into the station. Bells were ringing before she made it to the entrance indicating seven on the nose and she could almost swear to God Dane was following behind her, admonishing her behavior.
Her invitation came with specific instructions including the ticket for train seventy-seven. As she stood glancing around the perimeter of the station she had to turn in a full circle twice before she found the sign pointing in the right direction. Going through security took a full ten minutes and she just knew she was going to miss the train. When he finally finished groping her she hissed and took off half running half walking given her heavy load down the expansive hallway. By the time she made it to the gate she was panting. Jade sucked in her breath seeing the fact the train was ready to leave the station. “Wait! Please…wait!”
The attendant glared at her as she made her way to the gate. “You’re late.”
“I know that.” Holding out her ticket she pleaded silently with the woman, hoping her holiday wasn’t going to be thwarted by her tardiness.
The woman seemed to scrutinize Jade’s ticket for an extended period of time. When she finally looked up she wore more than just a mischievous smile.
Shivering, Jade knew she was in on the rouse. Oh boy. “Okay?” Why did her voice have to squeak?
“I was told to give you this.” Handing Jade a box she grinned as her eyes twinkled.
The box was white, the ribbon bright red and the card attached trimmed in gold. There was no doubt the adventure was beginning. “Thank you.”
“Last car, suite fourteen. The Porter will help you with your bags.”
“Thank you,” Jade breathed as she watched the large black man approach and she had to force herself to keep her mouth closed. The man was exactly what she’d pictured as the perfect third in a sexy threesome involving more than just kinky sex.
He tipped his hat and grabbed her bags. “I’m Adonis. I’ll help you with everything you need.”
Hearing the husky timbre in his voice Jade had to resist dropping to her knees and wrapping her hands around what she knew would be the thickest cock she’d ever touched. Stealing a gaze confirmed her suspicions. The bulge between his legs was huge. And he wasn’t turned on, or was he? Gulping, she followed aimlessly behind him imagining his naked body over hers as he thrust his shaft deep into her pussy. A bead of sweat trickled down the side of her face and as she brushed it away she inhaled his musk and almost lost her cool. Everything about the man was exactly as she imagined. Perfect.
“Here you are, Miss. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need including towels, sheet, alcohol and some additional sinful treats as requested but if you find there’s anything else you long for, please press the button and everything you desire will be fulfilled.” Adonis set down her bags, blazed a long trail down the length of her body and stepped closer, crowding her space.
“Anything?” Her kitten-in-a-bowl-of-milk voice wasn’t lost on him. As he licked his lips she held her breath longing for him to kiss her. Where in the hell had this come from? It was the game - just the game.
“Absolutely anything. We aim to please on the Orient Express.”
“The Orient Express?” He had to be kidding.
“Yes indeed. I understand nothing but the best for the lady.” Adonis nodded and opened the door, turning once to smile.
Jade could barely wait until the door was closed. “Holy fuck.” Counting to ten she squealed like a little kid and gazed at every surface in the well-adorned stateroom. Dear God this was incredible. Eyeing the box on the bed she set down her purse before easing down next to it. Her hand shaky she pulled the ribbon carefully as if it was going to blow up in her face. When she finally maneuvered the lid off she peered inside. Another card was nestled smack in the middle of the bright pink tissue paper.
Exhaling slowly she opened the card and grinned, reading the instructions out loud. “Seven teasers to begin your night. Seven minutes to prepare for more. Seven ways to please your body. Use items one and two now and wait like a good little girl on the bed for your Masters to arrive. Tick. Tock. Masters?” Holy fuck she was in some kind of trouble. As she pulled back the tissue as gasped. The tiny, crimson sheer piece couldn’t be called anything but gauze and would cover little or nothing of her body and the second piece was a mask that would prevent her from seeing anything. Gulping hard, the realization Dane literally said seven minutes forced her into action. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Racing into the bathroom, Jade jerked off her clothing, almost tearing her dress in the process.
Jade laughed the entire time as she wrangled into the slip of material and stood for a brief second admiring the flimsy piece. She looked like a harlot and God if she
didn’t love the damn thing. Her rosy nipples somehow took on an almost iridescent glimmer and she was grateful she’d spend time shaving her pussy until she was bare. Licking her lips she took one more minute to admire the vixen hiding behind her rather kinky persona and knew she was ready for whatever the man dished up to serve her – hot or cold. Giggling, Jade snagged the mask and then placed the box on the small dresser. Oddly enough the other contents should terrify her but they didn’t. A flogger, two sets of handcuffs, edible body oil and an oversized vibrator completed the set of seven. Lordy, Lordy every nerve ending was on fire.
Plopping on the middle of the bed she gave herself a pep talk reminding the little nervous girl buried inside that her husband wouldn’t do anything too kinky. Damn it! The thought gave her a series of chuckles. Placing the mask over her eyes, the instant darkness was more than a bit unnerving.
Try as she might she couldn’t quite control her nerves but damn if she didn’t try. Lying down on the bed she waited as patiently as she could. But of course her nerves got the better or her and the one thing that calmed her was a shameless moment of masturbation. That wouldn’t be too bad, right? Opening her legs side she slid her hand down her stomach until her fingers found her hungry cunt. Swirling her fingers around her clit she moaned instantly as raging hunger raced through her body. Jade continued the actions until her tender flesh was swollen and aching.
“Mmm…” Sucking in her breath she darted her fingers deep into her pussy with her other hand. Now alternating between the two she flexed her fingers as she plunged them in and out while teasing her clit with the other. In and out she thrust, each move harder until she was tossing her head back and forth. She was so damn wet the wafting scent floated up to her nostrils making her even hornier. Her actions becoming more manic, a tidal wave of pleasure swept over her body as she panted, the climax racing from her toes. “Oh…yes…oh…”
Continuing her sinful actions she lifted her legs as she continued pumping until her cunt muscles gripped around the tight invasion. “Oooohhhhh!” Jerking up from the bed she came in wave after wave as her body convulsed, her heart raced. “Yyyyeeesss.”
Seconds later she fell back on the bed exhausted, trying to control her breathing.
“Very bad,” the dark voice chuckled.
“Sinful,” another growled.
Instantly alarmed and embarrassed Jade gasped and sat up and was instantly rewarded with being tossed onto her stomach. “What?”
“You’re very bad and you’re going to get what you deserve.” His deep husk was laced with a touch of danger.
And Jade was turned on as hell.
Crack! Pop!
Instantly flashes of pure anguish raced through her. “Ooohhh!” She hadn’t been spanked in years and instantly her pussy responded by trickling honey into the soft confines of the comforter. From what she could tell there were two mystery men in her room and the thought was a powerful aphrodisiac.
Whoosh! Crack! “Such a bad girl.” He rubbed his hand up from her calm along the inside of her thigh and up tracing a line up her crack. Patting her ass, he chuckled.
Every nerve ending stood on end as a series of electric jolts thrashed through her system. Jade panted and tried not to move as her hands were jerked up toward the top of the bed. The rattle of the handcuffs forced a moan from her lips. “I…oh…”
Pop! Slap!
“No talking.” His continued flogging her ass and the back of her thighs and then leaned over her, pressing a series of kisses down the length of her spine. “Hot. Are you wet for us? Are you ready to fuck both of us?”
My God, they were really going to do this? Her heart thumped in her chest and while the question was on the table she certainly didn’t think they were going to allow her a choice. As he dragged his rough tongue across her heated skin she nearly melted into the comforter. Hearing the click of the shackles sent a thrill racing through her. For a few seconds the men licked and kissed her skin gently as she fell into a hazy slumber. Suddenly everything changed.
Jerking her body up on all fours the man behind her pressed her legs apart and then slid his finger down her pussy, finally sliding the tips just inside.
“Shit!” Instantly her muscles convulsed both from apprehension and raging hormones. A hand lifted her head and she felt what she knew had to be the tip of a cock being pressed against her lips. Darting her tongue out she licked around the head as the sounds of his moaning floated down to her. As the man behind her began thrusting his fingers deep inside her wet heat she shivered, wanting so much more.
“That’s it, suck me girl so I can slide my cock into your sweet pussy.” Pressing his shaft into her mouth he entwined his fingers in her hair, forcing her to take him down an inch at a time.
Relaxing her throat she clenched her tight jaw muscles around him and together the three found a perfect rhythm. For several seconds she was as close to rapture as she’d ever been but both were too hungry for the second course.
The man removed his shaft, positioning his body under hers and held her over his throbbing cock. “Can’t wait to be inside of you.”
Jade knew the man behind her was preparing for something else entirely. The second his slathered fingers found her dark hole she dropped her head and clawed the tender skin of the man beneath her. As he inserted his fingers, flexing them open, he drove them past the tight ring. Instantly her muscles clenched around him and she groaned as pain and pleasure mixed together. “Oooohhh…”
“She’s ready,” he said from behind her.
While she wasn’t entirely sure she was Jade licked her lips and the second both men impaled her, she dropped her head and moaned. “YYyeeesss…”
“So tight.”
“So wet.”
Together they worked in a delicious orchestration and she realized being sandwiched between two mysterious men was a slice of heaven. Harder and deeper they plunged until her entire body shook and an orgasm consumed her body. “I…oh… In the next seconds she heard their combined grunts as their bodies trembled. Jade sighed as the climax thrashed through her body. “Aaahhhh!” Tipping her head back she roared as echoes bounced in her ears.
First one and then the other exploded inside her and together they rode the wave, each relearning how to breathe.
Minutes later she was gently eased onto the soft sheets and Jade knew they were climbing off the bed. Sighing, she nuzzled into the comforter.
“Hello, my wife. Did you enjoy just the beginning?”
Hearing Dane’s voice brought a joy pulsing through her heart she hadn’t expected. “Yes.” When he removed the mask she blinked trying to focus.
Dane bent and brushed his lips across hers. “I’m been such a fool and I love you. Merry Christmas. Ready for more?”
Grinning, she licked her lips and stole a gaze at the two sexy men. Adonis was the first the nod, the stunning blond the second. What a delicious combination. Light, dark and darker. Giggling, Jade nodded. “As long as I get to take them with us.”
Tipping his head back Dane laughed and tugged a slip of paper from his jacket. “What are you doing?’
“Checking off the naughty list of what my wife is getting. That is if Santa allows.”
Jade thought about the song and somehow knew she’d never be able to sing the verses the same way again. Perhaps a little sinful pleasure would be on her Christmas list from now on. Being bad held an entirely new meaning.

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  1. The best way is to get on Santa naughty list is going to a swingers party with your significant other and having sex with other men right in front of him, never touching him and he can't touch anyone else only watching, hearing, moaning, wishing for relief from the torment. Your eyes are locked never taking it off each other, connected but not. All night he suffers until morning when he has learned his lesson is he granted a reprieve. He's in your body, thrusting, groaning, he's forgiven.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. How about be waiting up for santa in a nightie! Let him nibble on your cookies... christina_92 at

  3. Giving Santa all the naughty things on his Christmas wish list. Santa's secret desire to be dominated would be my pleasure to provide and I'm sure I'd top his naughty list just as I do every year! Shhhh, Mrs. Claus & I have devised an especially kinky night for Santa this year!

  4. Such a wicked naughty tale of seven swans swimming for the seventh day of Christmas. Well written. Congratulations.

  5. Wow that was some seriously hot writing... I'll never look at the Orient the same.way again!!! I wonder how thin the walls are.... Hmmmmm....

  6. Apologies for the late post, but Cassandre and I would love to announce that the winner of her hot holiday delight is Pablo Michaels! Merry Christmas, Pablo, I hope you enjoy!