Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...

Joseph Chastain

Sara waited inside the little room. She had never been so nervous in her life. What if something went wrong? What if she hurt the one she did it to? What if she embarrassed herself?
The old lady opened the door, with the white fluid running all over her face. Sara gasped to see that site. The old lady looked at her with sympathy.
"Don't worry child," The old lady said "It's not as hard as you think."
"But I'm scared I won't do it right, this is my first time" Sara replied.
"All you have to do is squeeze and pull, nothing to it. I have some gloves too, if you want protection."
Sara did not know if she wanted protection or not. What she did know is she had never been so nervous in her life. Her she was, about to do something she'd wanted to do for her entire life. What if it was painful? She thought of all that white fluid and how gross it looked. Would that stuff get on her? She wondered if it was too late to back out.
"By the way," the old lady said "my name is Lydia."
"Sara. I'm so scared."
"Everyone is scared their first time. But it gets easier. It's quite enjoyable to everyone involved. You'll love it, it's my favorite thing in the world."
"Will it hurt?"
"It all depends on the individual one you do it to, my dear"
Sara went into the room as Lydia waited. Lydia wondered if poor Sara was going to be good at it, unlike the other 6 girls that Lydia had brought in. Lydia was tired of doing all the work herself, and the man she worked for had a terrible temper.
After a little while, Sara came bursting out of the room. Lydia looked at her. She too was covered in the white stuff.
"That was amazing!" Sara exclaimed.
"I told you, from the looks of you, you were good at it."
"I never thought it was that exciting, how often do I do this?"
"As often as you like."
"Well I'll be here every day."
"Great. Never thought milking a cow would be exciting, did you?"

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  1. Never saw that coming! Unexpected teat--um, treat. :O

  2. Nice twist at the end. I thought something more devious was going to take place with the maids milking. Had a nice laugh at the end.