Sunday, December 25, 2011


Rhonda Wingo

I have to admit up front that this quest had me quite upset. I had promised several really close friends some of these cookies for Christmas. But upon trying to hunt up the recipes I found that like many things in my home, they had found there way into a black hole. But I tore into every nook and cranny that I knew, and still no luck. The longer I searched the more upset I got. After all these recipes were family recipes that had been in the family for years. They had sweet memories attached to them and even had some recipes of things that I made, that were unique to me only. Something I had planned to share with my children and grandchildren. Also, I had once thought of writing a cookbook with family memories and some of my writings as well. What better way to share family memories, than through food and pictures?

Being that I come from a family of the Deep South, and there is a lot of history in them, I thought I might touch upon some of the history of the family as well; what little I knew, and from documents that I still have and also plan to pass on. We no longer have a connection other than through memories having been forced to sell my Grandma's home several years ago. So now I am about to embark on even more new traditions and even a new place to call home. But that is another part of the story, which will, I am sure continue in another chapter.

Well I got myself so worked up over this I decided the only way to solve the cookie recipe situation is to just sit down, shut up and take a nap. No sense wasting any more time being upset and pulling my hair out. So that is what I did, and like many things when you go to sleep with something on your mind....well, needless to say I dreamt of the cookie recipe and I could almost see it written on the paper in my mind. Some of the ingredients came to me in the amount I needed them, unfortunately in the wrong order. But then in my dream state it told me to look on my computer, that even if all the recipes weren’t there surely that one would be. So several hours later I woke up to find that I had a potential solution to the Cookies Quest. So I shook the cobwebs out of my head and much, calmer I searched (with the search option) for my cookie recipe. Low and behold I found a treasure.

Not only did I find my recipe I also found 20 pages of a cookbook I had started writing. As I read down the pages, at the end of a lot of the family recipes was a remembrance of something special that happened in my life. It was like some little moment in time frozen and on the screen in front of me. What amazed me even more was the introduction I wrote and each little thing was written with such care and love. It brought me to tears as I read it, and I wondered how I could have ever stopped writing this. I am not saying that it was that well written or that I am bragging in any way, because I have never seen myself as a writer, even though I sometimes have managed to touch others with my words. It still doesn't make me a writer, but here on the pages was a bit of magic that I really need to get back to.

So the Quest for the Christmas Cookies Recipe may have opened another door, a place for me to share. At least a 5-generation collection of a family, to be passed along through more generations and maybe even to other people as well. I don't know what will come out of this moment but some how I feel another door opened up to me. Maybe this is a start of something new through looking back over time. But I can feel the pictures of each of the items that will be described, and pictures of the past that will come out of the woodwork, and connections becoming stronger. What better time of year to look back but still look forward to the future and all the magic that it holds. What better time of year to embrace the good things you had in life, even with the sad, and to go forth in life knowing yourself a bit more.

So from EVERYONE who participated in the giveaways in one way or another, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS, A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BE SAFE!!