Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busy Times Ahead!

So Christmas is over for another year, and my mind has come home from the holidays that it went on, leaving me behind. As such, I have been able to get back in to writing Once Bitten Twice Shy, Book Two of my paranormal erotic novella trilogy, Wolf Smitten. I'm sitting at almost a third of the way through, and will be aiming to finish this and getting to edits by mid January. Once that is done, I shall be moving on to the third book, The Leader of The Pack. Since I shall be taking a few months off from reviews, I hope to have both of them finished and ready to submit by the time the final draft of The Wolf In The Neighborhood is due. That's right, I am thrilled to announce that the first in the trilogy was accepted by Naughty Nights Press! I was so excited to get the acceptance email.
On to other work, though. In 2012 I also am going to continue writing Acapello's Lady, which will be submitted to Secret Cravings Publishing. I am so excited to see where this one leads.
A new story has also presented itself; The Crypt. It first presented itself as a short entry for a competition on The Crypt, a wonderful blog by Julez Morbius. Entries had to be a maximum of 500 words and be about the picture of the crypt. Although the entry didn't win me a copy of his debut novel, Star Search , but it did beg me to continue it's sordid tale. And so I shall be starting on it once Wolf Smitten is done, and I have my mind a bit more freed.
I also plan on writing a number of short stories for different anthologies, but I'll have a think about them more before I say too much.
So stick around. The Phoenix has much more planned, and is set to soar in the writing world!


  1. That set of goals should keep you off the streets and out of trouble. Good luck Casey-Lyne, I'll be cheering you on ;-)

  2. Great outlook for you. I wish you all the success you desrve.

  3. Thanks Eden! That's the plan teehee.
    Honey, don't I know it! Several time's I've been on a blog, and gone to like it before realising there isn't a button for it!
    Thanks Pablo. I have all the NNP family to thank for my determination and renewed passion for writing!!