Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snippet of The Wolf in the Neighborhood, Book One of the Wolf Smitten series

Reaching up to run her hands through his hair, she smiled through heavy lids, feeling sleepy now she’d had her fun. A rumble in her stomach reminded her that neither of them had eaten lunch, so with a sigh, she sat up.
“While you were sleeping, I ducked down to the store and bought some ingredients; I thought we could make pizza for dinner, but I think it might just be welcome as lunch. Just let me have a quick shower, you’re free to join me, and then we can get to it.”
His own stomach growled in response so they both got up and she led the way to the shower. The hot water felt wonderful as it beat against her back, and Derek took it upon himself to lather up her front. She turned around, and as the water washed the soap away, he came in close; it seemed he hadn’t quite had his fill of her. Lifting her right leg so her foot rested on the side of the tub, she leaned back in to him. His left hand caressed her breasts as his right hand travelled down to stroke her clit once more.
Krissy was glad that she had a non-slip mat as Derek’s right foot joined hers, she felt him slide in once again and moaned. He gave her the loofa, before grabbing her hand and moving it down to rub it against her clit, providing a different texture and putting himself in control. The water sluiced over her hot skin as he gently thrust from behind; she’d always wanted to try shower sex, and finally a dream was coming true. She had thrills never before felt as water ran in rivulets between her breasts and he moved her hand with the sponge in slow circles, offering a new type of friction.
She thought that the hot ride only a few minutes ago had worn her out; she didn’t expect to be up for a second round so soon, but the wonders of  a new experience rapidly had her gasping for more and Derek took it as permission to start pumping faster. The soap gave him ease of movement and she relished the power he was able to put behind his thrusts. Krissy pushed back in to him, lifting her right leg higher; standing on tiptoes, she moved it over his, opening herself up even more to him. Her eyes closed, embracing the moment, she felt his left arm snake around her, letting her lean in to him further.
Moments later, as he started breathing harshly and thrusting faster, tingling started in her toes, swiftly moving up her legs and once again they both started moaning as waves of pleasure washed over them again; less intense than the first time, but they were still racked with a strong sense of satisfaction.
Derek took the loofa back, stepping away to get back to washing Krissy’s body, this time with slower, heavier strokes. The second orgasm had exhausted their sexual tension for now, so they focused on washing each other down. She turned to face him, washing the soap from her back, and leaned up to wrap her arms around his neck, planting a tender kiss, staking her claim gently this time. As he moved her damp hair away from her face, she studied his face; unless she’d seen it for herself, she never would have guessed that something dark lurked deep within this man.


  1. Oh hello sailor....*Fans self*I must admit you have a way with words!

  2. :) Thanks honey. Really having fun writing this, and now that it has a title, it's even better! It actually seems REAL, if you know what I mean.

  3. You might want to consider a name change for "Derek". Mary Janice Davidson has a werewolf book called "Derek's Bane". While there is no monopoly on the use of the name "Derek" in a wolf book, it may draw unnecessary negative criticism. Just a thought. CK

  4. Huh didn't realise. Derek's the only name that I feel suits him... I'll have a think though, thanks for that :)