Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review of Tempation Triggers by Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle

Temptation Triggers, by Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle

Temptation Triggers is an anthology of seven short, erotic stories by the fabulous writing duo, Brenda and Steve. The cover starts the steamy anticipation early, and with each new story, this duo keeps the reader hooked and wanting more - and they don’t fail to deliver! Each story is unique, with one thing tying them all together: sinful pleasures of the flesh.

Steal My Love
A fast flowing read, “Steal My Love” keeps you guessing what is going to happen; thoroughly enjoyable and highly sensuous. The skill of the writing drew me in so much that I even found my head tilting to the side as sultry Katherine flirts her way in to the life of the steel-framed Sean. The chemistry between the two crackles, and you find yourself hoping that her initial intent will be swayed, at least long enough for a hot and heavy encounter. A delightfully touching tale.

Hotel Savannah
“Hotel Savannah” is a wonderfully styled piece, written in diary form, which allows the reader to really get to know the main character. It’s refreshing to read a well-written, diary-style story, and each new ‘day’ sets the scene perfectly. The build up to the erotic is a gentle climb, and tastefully done, very suited to the era it is set in. This story focuses on the romanticism of the typical gentleman, and it is easy to fall for this man of whom the leading lady writes. With each date the characters have, the reader is pulled further in to the tale, and I found myself forgetting this was a story, not something I was dreaming, the visuals are so comforting. As the end of the tale drew near, I almost felt regret that it was over, but it is such a beautiful ending that the reader is left sated.

Break Up Pudding
Another era-piece, this starts as a lovely tale of a young couple in love, set to be married. A little impatient for the pleasure to be found on their wedding night, Lily and Theo steal what time they can for a bit of tasty fun. Not everything is how they seem, however, and soon there’s a heartbreaking twist.
Very well written, this piece could move a soft-hearted reader to tears; tragically beautiful.

Gnat and FLO
The shortest story in this delightful mix, Gnat and FLO is a wonderfully clever tidbit. The interaction between We-Gnat and FLO brings a smile to the face, and the tale holds a subtle sense of the erotic with a sneaky twist. Perfect for a read when you only have a moment, and need something to brighten the day!

Patty Melt
A mystery from the beginning; the unknown promising a thrill all its own, “Patty Melt” offers a wickedly humorous twist on what starts as a creepy stalker tale. A sexy risk turns in to a fun ride, and the reader is taken along with Patty, as she tries to find out who the mystery man is. A little cute, very naughty, and highly enjoyable.

The narrative at the start of this story sets an interesting scene, and promises another wildly fun story. How could it not be, with a carnival involved?
Another fast-paced story, the mysteries that lie behind each curtain keeps the reader enthralled, and almost reaching out to brush the curtains aside to see what lies inside. Each room contains acts a little more curious than the last, building up until Josh and Dena indulge in the full intimacy that is the Erotic Tent. But, as in life, there is a catch. A delicious tale of fun and sexy surprises.

Grandma finds her G-Spot
I must be honest, the title of this one had me a little hesitant, but a good read is a good read, and so far, none of the stories have failed to entertain.
This story starts off sweet enough, and with something all of us can relate to some time in our lives, no matter our age: routine. The sexual naivety of Harriet gave me a bit of a giggle, and made it even more of an interesting read, as she explores a new world of sexuality, a world she didn’t expect to discover. This is skillfully written, and I felt as if I were exploring the new world along with Harriet. It’s a touching moment when Harriet and Fred are finally able to open up about their desires, and rekindle their passion, their romance.
This is definitely a good example of why we should be open with our partners about sexual desires. It’s best to enjoy life as much as we can for as long as we can. What’s life without the joy?

The overall imagery during each of these stories paints extremely clear pictures, and every page weaves a magic slightly different from the last. Brenda and Steve have explored several styles of writing, and they worked wonders every time. Their versatility is a true delight.
Although each of these short stories is wonderful in their own way, Hotel Savannah stands out for personal touches, and is a beautifully woven tale of erotic romanticism. However, if it’s a wicked sense of erotic humor you’re after, Patty Melt is the way to go. These two tales stand out as my personal favorites, with Grandma finds her G-Spot is a surprisingly close second.
I highly anticipate reading more from this clever writing duo!